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  1. yodelhawk

    Can you use too much dry brine?

    Attempting to smoke my first piece of salmon. Found a recipe for a dry brine. Since I only have 2 small pieces I cut the recipe in half. Was still more than enough to cover the fish. So. Can you use too much of that stuff? It said to brine 24 hr. Sound about right? As I said, my first attempt...
  2. yodelhawk

    Butcher paper question

    Sorry... didn't know where to post this so please move if necessary. I'm wanting to try wrapping my next big ole hunk o meat in paper instead of plastic... er foil. What is the difference between pink, brown and white butcher paper? I have a big roll of white left over from many years ago when...
  3. yodelhawk

    Crispy Chicken Wings

    :emoji_angry: Only the second time on my Pit Boss and I goofed... BIG TIME! Got busy studying an article and time got away from me. Oh well... guess I'll remember to set a time next time, huh? Ramen to the rescue!
  4. yodelhawk

    4 Thermometers... 4 different temps

    First time firing up my new Pit Boss. Have 2 Butts on. I have 4 different thermometer probs in, only one is to the boss. All 4 are at different temps. At one time I had a 20℉ difference in the same Butt. SMH!!! Looking for recommendations on a multi prob unit that does not break the bank. Thx
  5. yodelhawk

    Back... After a long absence!

    Hi guys! Used to be a regular on here several years back aaaaand then life changed. Not gonna bore you with the details, but had not fired up the smoker in a very long time. Got a wild hair while at Wal-Mart the other day and, out of the blue, bought a pit boss Austin XL. Have to say, got a...
  6. yodelhawk

    Your best EATS in NYC

    Well all right, here we go... The wife talked me into going on a short trip to "NEW YORK CITY!!!" in the middle of may. Not being very fond of big cities I decided to make the best of this by planning a few great meals in this huge melting pot and started looking on-line. OMG !!! One could go...
  7. yodelhawk

    Smoking for a wedding...Man am I in trouble!

    Hi guys... I need a little help... ok a lot of help. One of my partners at work is getting married and asked me to smoke up some Q for the event. My problem is that the reception is going to be held at a national park and I need to cook everything at home and then re-heat on site. Questions...
  8. yodelhawk

    Help with eggs please

    Ok... Have a few hours and going to set up some eggs. Can anybody tell me what temp they are to be when I pull them off?
  9. yodelhawk

    Trip to Germany with "Foodview"

    Hi guys. I had the pleasure of going over to Germany for a couple of weeks to visit some family. While there I thought I would take a few pics of some of the great food that we were able to enjoy. Hope you like the "FoodView".
  10. yodelhawk

    found this on Montana's craigs list.

    Thought I'd share. I am not the seller. http://montana.craigslist.org/spo/1337144360.html
  11. yodelhawk

    Another ABT question

    OK guys... I have not made many of these. Can I prep them the day before and get them on the grill the day of the party. I agree that pre-smoking would not be a good idea but stuffing and wrpping should still be ok right??? Thanks for your help
  12. yodelhawk

    I forgot how to post a pic...

    Ok... I have tried a few times and I can't seem to remember how to post a pic. In the past I used photobucket but now I just can't seem to get it. Please HELP!!!!
  13. yodelhawk

    SSSSSSSSMOKI'N Q-view to come

    OK the party of the year is on Saturday and the smoker is going!!! I host a "Jimmie Buffett" party every year around this time and this one seems to be attracting quite the crowd. At last count we are looking at anywhere from 60 to 100 of my closest dearest friends. The menu includes: 4...
  14. yodelhawk

    pre-smoke ABT's

    yo... has anybody ever pre-smoked some abt's. Got a big party coming up on sat and have a LOT OF MEAT to smoke up. I was tinking of pre smoking about 30 ABT's and then finishing them off on the grill the day of the party. Any thoughts??? Thanks for your help.
  15. yodelhawk

    BBQ in Phoenix????

    Happy Easter to all. The wife and this little yokel from Montana are planning a little trip to AZ next month. Since we do not get to the big city very often and are nuts about good Q, I thought I would check to see if anybody out there in Phoenix could give me the name of their favorite pit...
  16. yodelhawk


  17. yodelhawk


  18. yodelhawk


    <a href="http://s389.photobucket.com/albums/o...nsHouse003.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/o...nsHouse003.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  19. yodelhawk

    test 1

  20. yodelhawk

    Birthday feast w/ qview

    We had a little get-together for our friends 40th. The menu: 2 Butts 1 Brisket 1 Fatty 1 Rack o Baby Backs 1 Turky Breast 6 Sausages 4 Beef Ribs (Not served/did not taste good) Cowboy Beans Homestyle Creamed Corn Apple Pie Birthday Cake Great Party and man what a feast. One guest actually took a...
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