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  1. smokey steve

    We all love butt

    Hey guys hope everyone is doing well this 4th of July eve....I am getting ready for tomorrow with a butt today I will post more pics as it all unfolds. Here she is getting upto temp before going on the smoker,,,,last night gave it the trio treatment....mustard,butt rub, and apple cidar /brown...
  2. smokey steve

    some chops

    Did some chops up for dinner tonight with some baked taters and veggies figured I would share some chop pics. Smoked with apple wood for close to 2 hrs and grilled for 10 min or so.
  3. smokey steve

    The Holy Grail

    Well just waking from my nap. 19 hours on the smoker and 2 hours in the oven.
  4. smokey steve


    Merry Christmas Ya'll Been smoking 9lb smithfield cured but uncooked ham since 10 this morning and its looking great :shock: I ordered some cherry and grape from the smoking meat store so thats what I decided on using :D I used a mustard slather and thin glaze of dark brown sugar, when it got...
  5. smokey steve


    Hey Ya'll, I used these this past thanksgiving and got plenty of compliments on my briskett. VERY GOOD stuff. Here goes: Briskett Rub 6 tbl Lawry's salt 1 tbl black pepper 1 tbl garlic powder 1 tbl paprika 1 tbl chili powder Briskett Mop 1/2 cp cider vinegar 1/4 cp olive oil 1/4 cp beer 3...
  6. smokey steve

    Turkey Day

    Hey Ya'll, I need a little advice on how to handle the load of Thanksgiving. Alright here goes, I dont have any problems with the smoking process but I usually only do 1 cut of meat at a time. This week I got 2 13lb packer briskets and a 7lb turkey breast. 1 of the briskets is for a teacher...
  7. smokey steve

    Best of the Best

    Is anyone going to be going to this event, I believe it starts on Nov 4th
  8. smokey steve

    Sirloin Tip Roast

    Hey all, hope everybodys day is going well I know mine will be once dinner time rolls around or if the brownies win today :D Anyway here is some pre smoked pix of this 5lb roast, I rubbed it with olive oil crushed black pepper and kosher salt and topped with bacon, gonna use apple and cherry...
  9. smokey steve

    What kind of smoke

    I was just curious what types of wood work best for smoking cheese?
  10. smokey steve

    looking for a ham glaze

    I bought a cured smithfield ham and am finishing up my smoke and was looking for a glaze.
  11. smokey steve

    Pork Butt

    7lb butt smoking since 9 am I will post some pics later
  12. smokey steve

    Brinkmann Smoke N Pit

    I have owned my bsnp for almost 2 years now and have had some problems with regulating temp. I always smoke good food but I was wondering if making these mods would help out any. Anyone have some pictures of baffles so I could get some ideas on what I need to make some mods to my smoker and do...
  13. smokey steve

    Mustard Sauce

    This is the sauce that my family cant get enough of. Here goes Part 1: 1 cp yellow mustard 1/2 cp sugar 1/4 cp packed brown sugar 1/4 cp water 3/4 cp apple cider vinegar 2 tbl chili powder 1 tsp white pepper 1 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp cayenne Part 2: 2 tbl butter 1 tbl soy sauce 1 tbl liquid...
  14. smokey steve


    Does anyone have a recipe for this awesome smoked portuguese sausage?
  15. smokey steve

    my first meatloaf

    Hi Ya'll, I am new here and just wanted to stop in and say hello and give you some pictures of my first smoked meatloaf. I never would have thought about smoking something like that. I decided to use Jeffs recipe and smoked it for 2 and a half hours at 250, pulled it out when meatloaf got to 160...
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