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  1. brianj517

    BMW caught in a speed trap (PG-13)

    A lovely young lady was speeding along the back roads in her new BMW Z4 convertible, one afternoon when suddenly she hears a lod siren and looks up to see the flashing lights of a podunk county sheriff bearing down on her... Once pulled off safley on the shoulder, she looks in her mirror and...
  2. brianj517

    Hilton Head here I come!

    Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know that this will be my last post for a week or so... I'm off to sunny south carolina for a long overdue vacation in Hilton Head. Since the big "D" a few months back, I haven't had much time to do anything other than work to pay child support, bills and...
  3. brianj517

    What's the BEST Brisket Rub?

    I am considering smoking a full packer brisket this weekend just because I haven't done anything "beef" in a while. Here's my dilemna; Jeff's Naked Rib Rub has been my "go to" recipe whenever I do spare ribs or pork shoulders. I feel that the blend of flavor and spice is perfectly suited for...
  4. brianj517

    Sunday Spare Ribs

    OK Y'all, feast your eyes on what I did yesterday...
  5. brianj517

    Why can't I post pictures??

    Okay guys & gals, My idiot quotient must be awful high today. I can tell you that my frustration level has long ago redlined :evil: I took some awsome pics of the ribs I smoked yesterday and actually remembered to bring the camera to work with me so I could share them with the group. I've...
  6. brianj517

    Smoked Ham for the Holidays

    I would like to include a smoked ham in this years Thanksgiving feast to go with traditional turkey and sides already on the menu. Can anyone tell me their best way to prepare one? I need to know where to buy an uncooked ham, or should I use a pre-cooked? Rub and/or glaze? Cook times & temps...
  7. brianj517

    Great News!!

    I just saved a pile of money on my car insurance.... Just kidding... :P I just found out that my in laws are having a huge maple tree removed from their property next week and the wood is mine for the taking!!! :D :D :D My GOSM and my tummy are going to be VEEERRY Happy!!! Cheers, Brian
  8. brianj517

    Signature test

  9. brianj517

    American Elm wood

    I have some very well seasoned wood from an american elm tree that I had removed last fall. The split logs are great for camp fires and such, but I was wondering if it could be used in the smoker. I'd be interested in any opinions. Regards, Brian
  10. brianj517

    High Gas Prices!

    On the way home from work last night, I stopped at a local filling station and asked the clerk for five dollars worth of gas.... He promptly farted and handed me a receipt... :P Cheers, Brian
  11. brianj517

    Need help with a pork picnic shoulder!

    I promised a friend that I would provide approximately 20-30lbs of pulled pork for a party this Sunday. When I went to my local supplier yesterday I was informed that his weekly order was mixed up and that instead of the boston butts that I usually buy did'nt arrive and that all he had received...
  12. brianj517

    Home made chili powder

    Hi All, I've been away for awhile, and just returned from a vacation in Hilton Head. Man was it hot down there! Oh well, it sure beats working! I've missed my smoker and am all geared up to get her fired up and smokin'!!! While I was gone, I had an abundance of cayenne and habanero peppers...
  13. brianj517

    Whole Round Roast

    Hi all, Just returned from vacation in Hilton Head. Had an awsome time... BJ's wholesale club was out of pork shoulders yesterday, and there were only two briskets left that didn't appeal to me, so instead, I bought an eleven pound beef roast ( from the tip of the round, I think) and it is...
  14. brianj517

    Heading off to Hilton Head, SC.

    Hi All, The day after tomorrow, the family and I are taking off to spend a week at Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head, SC. It's my first vacation in quite awhile, and I can't wait to sample some good ol' southern cookin'! If any of you South Carolina natives have any dining recommendations that...
  15. brianj517

    Habanero ABT's...I must be insane!

    Okay...So call me crazy.... In earlier posts, you have all heard me refer to my garden, and especially to my variety of peppers. This year, just for giggles, I planted two habanero plants for the first time to see how they would do. I figured I'd use them for salsa, pickling, or in homemade bbq...
  16. brianj517

    Smoke roasted Lamb

    Hi All! This category was recently added at my request (Thank you, Jeff), so I figured that I should open the first thread... In some parts of the world, lamb/mutton is the main staple in barbecue. I read somewhere that in Australia, for example, Sheep farming is or was so common that sheep...
  17. brianj517

    Suggestion for new meat category

    Hi Jeff, Let me begin by saying that this forum is absolutely one of the best I've seen! The wealth of information available here and the obvious comraderie shared between members can only be described as truly inspirational. Just a suggestion here. I would like to see a separate category in...
  18. brianj517


    Hello All, I seem to remember hearing about an interesting recipe idea called turducken. It involves taking a de-boned turtkey, duck, and chicken, and stuffing one inside the other. It sounded like a real show-stopper, if done properly. Has anyone heard of this? It seems that it would be ideal...
  19. brianj517

    Pork Shoulder

    I have two gorgeous 8lb shoulders at home, ready to be coated with yellow mustard and rubbed down with a good dry rub. (I'm thinking of using the porkers rib rub from the website). I have experimented some with mop sauce by combining cider vinegar, sugar, salt & various spices, but I haven't...
  20. brianj517

    Banana Peppers stuffed with fajita grilles chicken & che

    The other night I tried an experiment that turned out pretty well... My smoker was all fired up to do some wings that I planned to take to work for lunch the next day, and while I was waiting I decided to pick a few banana peppers from the abundant supply in my garden, just to munch on. There...
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