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  1. buddy

    Yesterdays Smoke with an ABT stuffed fatty

    Good looking grub!
  2. buddy

    Horizontal barrel smoker with side firebox question

    I'm kind of going with peculiarMike's opinion. I have a pretty big trailer mounted smoker with a side mounted fire box , and I've smoked meat both ways. I'm not sure that there is a big difference with or without the water pan, but I use one anyway just in case. I just take a aluminum roasting...
  3. buddy

    Hello from Round Rock Texas

    Hey Lee , welcome to the forum!
  4. buddy

    Slosmoke in Wisconsin

    Hey SloSMOKE ,welcome!
  5. buddy

    Question about fatties from a noob

    I don't know about everyone else , but I don't have the tools to make my own sausage yet. Maybe one of these days. I understand they sell the stuff at Bass Pro Shop.
  6. buddy

    Couple new fatty types

    That sounds good. My personal favorite is the JD maple. Thats some pretty good sausage.
  7. buddy

    Weekend Smoke

    That looks delicious! Great job.
  8. buddy

    Think I Gotta Problem

    Smoke it! Make up a name for a holiday , take the day off , and have smoked ham and all the fixins with it. Invite your boss.
  9. buddy

    BAD "Q".. let this be a lesson to you!!

    Man i have done it to. Don't feel all alone. Even recently I smoked a brisket for my brother n law for his get together, and I bought it from sams. It was a choice grade whole brisket and the price was really cheap for choice , but I bought it anyway. I did everything the same as I always do ...
  10. buddy

    St. Louis Style in Ohio!!!

    Way to go MajorLee ! Looks great.
  11. buddy

    Spare rib slabs .99 a pound

    Thats a good price! You should jump all over that.
  12. buddy

    Spare Ribs - Has this happened to you?

    When I buy them from a store , I can find the membrane and peel it off. But I have found a BBQ joint close buy that will sell me uncooked spare ribs like they use , allready trimed St. Louis style , and I havent been able to find the membrane on those. I think its allredy been removed.
  13. buddy

    Newbie from Washington

    Hey Fishawn welcome to the forum.
  14. buddy

    Chickens, mushrooms & fatty

    Thats some goodlooking chow! Great job.
  15. buddy

    To Much Smoke

    Hey Reddog , I think you would be just fine doing it that way. I've done that before. Some say not to wrap a brisket because the bark comes out mushy , but I wrap mine after about 5 hours and they turn out great to me . After that your just using wood or whatever for a heat source.
  16. buddy

    Smokin Bologna

    Great looking meal you got there . I have had smoked bologna before but I've never smoked it myself.
  17. buddy

    My first FATTY smoke (w/ Q-VIEW)

    Good job on the fatty. That looks pretty good.
  18. buddy

    Breakfast for dinner???

    That looks like a good dinner to me. I hope you enjoyed it.
  19. buddy

    new to smoking

    Hey Reddog , welcome to the forum.
  20. buddy

    What happened to cooking with wood?

    Man I paid $245.00 for the last cord I bought.
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