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  1. handymanstan

    The Tailgate smoke Poll

    A suggestion to do a smoke at a game has come up there seems to be question so lets settle this.  Then we can decide how and when.
  2. handymanstan

    2016 Michigan get together Fattie contest at the way out ranch. (Fowlerville Michigan) July 23rd

    Hey everyone it that time of year again.  Scott @hillbillyrkstr is going to host the fattie contest get together this year. Everyone is welcome to join in.  There will be a lot of local talent there and I hope to see some SMF members come and represent the forum. If you are interested please...
  3. handymanstan

    February Michigan cheese smoke

    We are planning on a Cheese smoke on Sunday Feb 15.  It is going to be at Kingfishcams house by Fowlerville.  (Heated garage but the pool is closed) Cam is in the snow plowing business so the date might change if there is a snow event. All members of SMF are invited to and welcome to join in...
  4. handymanstan

    Cabin air filter

    I know this is not a car forum but this is a health issue.   Let me say I have not worked on cars for the last 15-20 years and I thought I was keeping up but I had never heard of this before.  The heater blower in my grand prix started screaming so I took it out and found a filter above it.  I...
  5. handymanstan

    The 2015 Third Annual Michigan Get-Together (June 6th-7th)

    @kingfishcam, @hillbillyrkstr   and I  are starting to put together the next get-together. We are thinking the first weekend of June at Hillbillyrkstars “Way Out Ranch” In the Fowlerville area. If you think you would like to join us this year please jump in and let us know. We really don’t...
  6. handymanstan

    Mes 30 old style on sale at Tractor supply. $149.00

    Was sent a email today from tractor supply and there mes 30 with the controls in the back vent on top #20070910  are on sale.  $149.00 Stan
  7. handymanstan

    Maverick 732 Lightning deal at 1:00 ET today. 6-15-14

    It is priced at 59 now and at noon it goes on sale as a amazon lightning deal.
  8. handymanstan

    Stepping up my arsenal…Graigslist find of the day.

    Just went and picked up a Gen 1 SS 40 with window.  $250.00   I got home and plugged it in and it works but the remote has issues.      It was not used much from the looks of it.  The seller said he used it like 6 times and it just sat in his shed.     He even had the owners manual but...
  9. handymanstan

    Char-broil 10% coupon code

    I bought some replacement parts for my grill and Char-Broil sent me a coupon good till 5-31-14  10% off.  The code is  K14D15 Stan
  10. handymanstan

    2014 Michigan Get Together ( July 19 2014 )

    We are going to have a get together this year and I am looking for input on where and when. One day or two?   There are 157 Members in the Michigan group.  We should be able to get a nice group together. Last year was a great time with lots of food, fun and BS.  Lets outdo last year this...
  11. handymanstan

    How hot does your dishwasher get? My ET-732 says 160* Washing a probe.

    I have a probe I got from Todds site.  I have used it 20-25 times and it was getting a little nasty so I put it in the dishwasher to see what would happen.    It got clean and read the temp of the dishwasher the whole time.  Without putting it under water I don’t think you can get it any...
  12. handymanstan

    Stuffed ribs with sausage stuffing.

    Last Sunday we were going to have the cheese smoke but the weather struck again so no cheese.  I was planing on snacks. I did have three racks of BBR that were thawed so I made two racks of stuffed ribs and a rack of Wife ribs. I did not take pics of the prep or the smoke but you know how that...
  13. handymanstan

    Anyone ever use Garlic cloves instead of or with wood for smoke?

    I read on a food site where a guy puts cloves of fresh garlic in his charcoal for smoke.  Says it imparts a smoked garlic flavor on meat. Anyone ever try this?   I love garlic so I want to try doing this on some ribs with apple or cherry wood. Stan
  14. handymanstan

    Repairing a Maverick 732 probe with pictures.

    Today I just repaired my second bad probe.  Link to the first one I fixed.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/133733/whats-inside-the-mavrick-732-probes-easy-to-fix This second probe started going wild during a cook.  The pit temp was 225-230 and the probe started to read 350-400 and jumped...
  15. handymanstan

    Master Forge 36” bullet charcoal smoker mods and instructions with Q-view

    Master Forge 36-in H x 20.25-in W 376-sq in Baked Enamel Green Charcoal Vertical Smoker     $59.00 Let’s start at the bottom pan. See the hole.  This needs two mods. 1. Drill a 1 ½ “ hole in the  side in between two of the clamps.  2. Close off the hole in the bottom. Now on to the ash...
  16. handymanstan

    Winter Lansing Michigan Cheese Smoke 03/16/14

    There is interest in having a cheese smoke using multiple smokers and woods by several members so I am willing to put this on.      First I want to invite anyone who would like to come no matter where you are from.  Lansing has a international airport. Second we need to come up with a...
  17. handymanstan

    Ice storms

    I was awoke at 4:30 am this morning with the power out and trees coming down.  It's bad outside right now. Big tree split across the street from me. I will be using the chainsaw today for sure. Stan
  18. handymanstan

    Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1750 WH-1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog

    This grill is for sale at amazon.   If you go to the page and read the reviews they are not for the grill there for Todds  amps.  Amazing!! Stan
  19. handymanstan

    A true story.

    When I got married back in the 70s my brother gave me a bottle of wine with no advice or notes on the wine.  I was not a wine drinker back then and I put it up over a kitchen cabinet.  On our first anniversary we opened the wine and with cheers we tried it and both said uck this is not good.  We...
  20. handymanstan

    Smoking cheese with Mulberry dust.

    Its only 45 degrees out so should be a good day to smoke some cheese. About 5 lb.s of sharp cheddar. As I stated in a previous post I was able to save the trimmings off my Mulberry tree this spring and made some dust with a router.  I tried the dust in the AMNS and it seems to burn a...
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