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  1. jlloyd99

    Busy, Busy, Busy

    Wow, it's been forever since either Ben or I have been on here and it'll take forever to catch back up. We've had a very busy month including a trip to South Dakota to visit my family and see some of the sites of the Black Hills. Ben really enjoyed Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, and the big open sky...
  2. jlloyd99

    Anniversary Dinner

    Our first time cooking for a large group is turning out to be a resounding success! We're cooking the meat for some friends 25th wedding anniversary dinner tonight, the menu called for 12 chickens and 4 large pork loins. A big THANK YOU to everyone who gave tips and advice on the pork and...
  3. jlloyd99

    Anyone have a good green chili recipe?

    While reminising about the good old day's with my sister the other day we started trying to find a green chili recipe and have had no luck. Let me better explain what we're looking for. When young we would go to a freinds Superbowl party and he always served a dish that he called green chili...
  4. jlloyd99

    Bun in the Oven

    I have some exciting news that we wanted to share with our smoking family. Ben and I are expecting a little meat mopper in early January '07. It's great to know that we'll be able to pass this love of smoking meat onto a new generation.
  5. jlloyd99

    Second Attempt at Short Ribs

    This weekend Ben and I made another attempt at Beef Short Ribs. These definatly turned out better thant our first try. We left them on the smoker much longer. I wrapped in foil along with some italian marinade after the meat had pulled away from the bone and left them braising in the foil for...
  6. jlloyd99

    Wild Turkey

    Hello all, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ben had a lot of fun, he got a turkey while out hunting! This brings me to my question. I've read alot on here about smoking a domestic, butterball type turkey, but has anyone ever smoked a wild turkey? The main thing I'm concerned about is the...
  7. jlloyd99

    Spare Ribs on the Menu

    This weekend we're cooking some Spare Ribs and a deer roast. I'm planning on doing the spares 3-2-1 style. I'll rub them the night before and during the foil stage use a little apple juice and then glaze them during the last 30 min. or so with the Danny Guldens Glaze I've heard about. This is...
  8. jlloyd99

    Easy Skillet Breads

    I was going through a bunch of my Moms old recipes today and I found a bunch of Skillet Bread recipes that I remember as being absolutly wonderful. I thought that ya'll might enjoy them as well. For all of the variations use a canned biscuit like Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. Preheat oven to...
  9. jlloyd99

    Spring Chickens

    It was a great weekend for smoking here in NC MO. Ben and I (well mostly Ben) smoked a couple of chickens this weekend for a family get together. I rubbed the birds down with some EVOO and Old Bay the night before then went off to hawk my Pampered Chef wares the next day while Ben smoked them...
  10. jlloyd99

    April Showers Bring...Tornados!

    It's been a crazy couple of days here in NC Missouri. Lots of sever weather and a few Tornado Warnings. We had our latest one tonight which brought golf ball sized hail and strong winds. Thankfully I was luck and there is no major damage. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have not...
  11. jlloyd99

    Chicken Taco Soup

    It seems that I am always in need of a new way to use leftover chicken after we've smoked a couple. Here is my recip for Chicken Taco Soup, it can also be made with beef. 1 lb. smoked, chopped chicken meat (or ground beef/turkey/roast/etc.) Med. onion, chopped 1 can chili beans 1 can pinto or...
  12. jlloyd99

    Smoked Salmon Pizza

    I was watching one of my favorite shows the other day, Rachle Ray's 30 Minute Meals, and saw a great recipe. She did a smoked salmon pizza that would be a great use of any leftover salmon you may have. Or simply smoke a salmon filet for this purpose. Anyway, here is the link to the recipe on...
  13. jlloyd99

    Roasted Pecan Rub

    This recipe was actually intended as a breading for venison cutlets but I modified it a bit and used it as a rub on my deer roast this weekend. It turned out wonderful and adds a nice nutty flavor to the meat. 2 cups of pecans, roasted and then chopped fine 1/2 cup bread crumbs 3 Tbls. of...
  14. jlloyd99

    Brining Confusion Solved

    Okay, I don't know if there is anyone else out there a bit mystified by the brining debate, but I was. So I went in search of answers as to why I should brine, when I should brine, what I should brine, can I compleatly say bollocks to this and continue on my merry way and not brine ever? I...
  15. jlloyd99

    Brining Venison?

    Ben and I have decided to christen the new smoker this weekend by doing a couple of deer roasts. Normaly we soak a deer roast in a couple of changes of water to get all the blood out and help with any gamey taste (though when your eating these corn fed MO deer there's hardly any gamey taste...
  16. jlloyd99

    Stuffed Baked Apples

    Even though I serve this as a dessert I'm going to put it here in the fruit section, since it can also be a side item or appitizer I suppose. Anyway I was watching Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals and saw this and thought wouldn't that be a perfect campfire food (it was) and the other day decided...
  17. jlloyd99

    Bourban Mustard Dipping Sauce

    I found a new favorite for pork this weekend. It's a Bourbon Mustard dipping sauce, we used it on the pork loin we smoked and it was very tasty. I've also used this in the past with my fireside sausage wraps. It's so easy, just take about a 1/4 cup of spicy mustard, 1/4 cup of honey, and 1 to...
  18. jlloyd99

    Beef and Pork

    We had such a great smoke this weekend. Ben and I have finally worked out most of the kinks with smoker mods, rubs, sauces, etc. So we celebrated by smoking a beef chuck roast, a pork loin, and stuffed apples. We smoked the beef and loin with thin blue oak smoke and the apples with Maple...
  19. jlloyd99

    Question about Brisket

    As I know there are some brisket lovers out there I'm hoping I get good response to my question. I was pondering the meat case the other day and saw something new to me. It was a partial brisket. I'm used to seeing them whole, usually a packer cut. This however looked more like someone had...
  20. jlloyd99

    Chicken Enchilada Casserole

    I've mentioned this in passing in a few other posts and have been asked for the recipe so I'll go ahead and post it here. This is a great way to use leftover chicken that you've smoked. You can also use turkey or beef (if you use beef use 2 cans of mushroom soup intead of the chicken) 1 small...
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