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  1. buzzard

    Buzzard Is Back .... Again

    Howdy all.  I was on here a lot when the site first started.  Then I got married.  Then divorced so I came back.  Then Married.  Now Im back again! o_0. Just wanted to say howdy and good to see everyone again.  Hopefully I did not lose my spot in OTBS.   I have lost two smokers to divorces but...
  2. buzzard

    Saying Hello again

    I wanted to say hello to everyone again.  I was on this site when it first started, which happened to be when I started smoking for the first time.   But divorce got the best of me and I lost my smoker in the process but the yearning for smoking held strong in my blood and I am back to the...
  3. buzzard

    Where White Man Went Wrong

  4. buzzard

    new site i found Man Tested Recipes . com

    http://mantestedrecipes.com/ some friends and myself have tried several recipes from here and so far they are all good. i want to try this burger sometime when my bank will loan me some money to afford all the stuff that goes into it...
  5. buzzard

    Marinade for fish?

    i realize this should be moved to the fish section, i was hoping i would get a faster response here in general. i, out of no where, got a hankering for shark. went to the store but they did not have any not frozen so i got swordfish (on sale from 9.99 a lb to 4.99lb). a friend of mine marinates...
  6. buzzard

    Marinade for fish?

    i realize this should be moved to the fish section, i was hoping i would get a faster response here in general. i, out of no where, got a hankering for shark. went to the store but they did not have any not frozen so i got swordfish (on sale from 9.99 a lb to 4.99lb). a friend of mine...
  7. buzzard

    The Perfect Fire

    i just learned, today, how to start the perfect fire. i always, of course, start my fire with a pyramid of small twigs i find around my yard. but this time i used my bills to get the fire started. funny how nice it was to watch the fire grow. how do you all find the perfect fire?
  8. buzzard

    your stuck with me all day

    im back a little like i said and im doing a brisket today for the whoop arsing ohio is about to give lsu (loosers to a superior university). to make it worse when the so called friends who are comming over (all lsu, so called fans, band waggoners if you ask me including my so called soon to be...
  9. buzzard

    Prime Rib/Standing Rib Roast

    First off the only reason i am asking this question is for some reason as i am searching this site it keeps freezing on me and i can not find the information i need before it freezes. as i get responses it will at least send me the information to my email. thank you all for your time. i have a...
  10. buzzard

    aju sauce?

    howdy all, long time since i have been on here but i am back now almost full time. missed all of you. gosh this site has gotten big since i have been gone...i see the otbs is up to 125+!!!! that is amazing....i love it. so here is my story. i got me a new home and me and this woman finally...
  11. buzzard

    AAAAA two months.....i see no light

    howdy all, just thought i would drop a line and say hello to the friends i have neglected. the move went sorta well, buying a older home that was not lived in for over a year had a lot of problems (like no one could of guessed that). the worst is the yard, talking to the neighbors i discovered...
  12. buzzard

    picaza myspace posting

    <div style="text-align:center;width:194px;font-family:arial,sans-serif;font-size:83%"><div style="height:194px;background:url(http://picasaweb.google.com/f/img/tr...background.gif) no-repeat left"></div><div style="color:#4D4D4D;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;">superbowl sunday 2007...
  13. buzzard

    my biggest smoke ever

    ok this is the biggest smoke i have ever done. and i am doing this today, super bowl sunday 2007. i do not have a big smoker so i am working this in stages. i will be posting pics as the day goes on so you all get an idea of what i am doing 2 racks of ribs 5.4 lbs (most likly 3-2-1 method...
  14. buzzard

    Thank you and happy Holidays

    i wanted to take the time and let you know how much i appreciate the friends i have made here, the old, the new and the ones to be. it is not everyday you meet such a large group of good souled people in one place. it is only on the web but i do value the friendships i have made here and take...
  15. buzzard

    Must have sweet potato casserole

    Sweet potato casserole INGREDIENTS •4 1/2 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes •1/2 cup butter, melted •1/3 cup milk •1 cup white sugar (or brown if you prefer, I do) •1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract •2 eggs, beaten •1 cup light brown sugar •1/2 cup all-purpose flour...
  16. buzzard

    Buzzard's Texas Style Spinich Dip

    Buzzard's Texas Style Spinach Cheese Dip Serves 5 INGREDIENTS • 1 onion, chopped (med to large) • A little Olive Oil for cooking • A big can (maybe one big and one small, it is your choice) of rotel tomatoes with chilies, drained • 1 (10 ounce) package frozen chopped spinach...
  17. buzzard

    Voting time......on my new pic

    the funny thing is, i was trying to change my pic to a new one i got the same day UIS sent me my new style......so i asked him to doctor up that one and i figured i would let you all decide witch mug shot you all wanted to stare at every day!!! i am going to run this for 5 days, this should get...
  18. buzzard

    Look at what Up In Smoke did for me!!

    i would like to take this time to thank brother Up In Smoke for making my picture soooooo much better. if someone can take the pic from 131x136 down to 120x120 please let me know. im not sure how, when he used the same pic i have posted, it grew in size! This is awsome!!!!
  19. buzzard

    i may have to convert

    i cant believe i am saying this but here goes. i am an old school person i believe in doing things the old way i cook with wood. we just got a new roomate, and he brought along a brinkman vertical propane smoker. he has cooked a few times and it was good. but i stick with my good old wood...
  20. buzzard

    where is dutch?

    i havent seen him in a while. i thought maybe he was on vacation but its been longer then a few weeks. hope he is all right
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