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  1. james1nc

    Friday Babybacks

    They just  went in for a 4 hours nap letting the rub sink in. putting them in the smoke at 2
  2. james1nc

    whole hog

    1st pic is applying rub 2nd pic is after 2.5 hours 3rd pic is finish product I already cut off one ham and tenderloin before I took the pic
  3. james1nc

    I;m confused ?

    I have the OK Joe's which the fire box is in the right side and the smoke stack is on the left, I have seen some smokers that the smoke stack is on the same side as the fire box. wouldn't you lose a lot of your smoke and temp if the smoke stack is on the same side as the FB?  or do you add a...
  4. james1nc

    Ribs not enough time

    Here's my problem, I need to cook ribs and sides the same day all will be smoked. The ribs will take up all my smokers surface and the side will take two hours. I'm thinking of smoking the ribs the  day before , should I cook the ribs till after the foil stage and then pick up the following day...
  5. james1nc

    I cheated

    The wife wanted chicken salad and I had some chicken so I figured I would make her some , I'm the worlds worst chicken cooker  unless I par-boil it first. I'm always worried about under cooked chicken. So I par- boil the chicken then put heavy smoke on it for 90 min then I grilled it . me par...
  6. james1nc

    St louis style ribs

    Just put on the smoker spritzing with apple cider before wrap first coat of sauce and added brauts, one one the left is spicy sauce final product dinner time , 5 hrs on 225
  7. james1nc

    Cord of wood

    I'm buying a cord of wood and have the option of buying Hickory or Oak for the same price. which would you choose for everyday burn? I'm thinking oak .
  8. james1nc

    Temp Problems

    Just installed my convection plate on my OK Joe's and I can't get my temp above 225. It stayed at 200  until I opened the firs box door then it finally got to 225. Before putting in the plate my temps today would of been over 300 easily . any suggestions?
  9. james1nc

    Need some input on quickies

    Having a big smoke out this weekend and main course is reverse sear rib eyes  . I'm wanting to smoke something in the line of bacon wrapped jalapeno for appetizers. I don't want anything that's going to take more than two hours. chime in guys lets see what you got. please give temp and time.  ...
  10. james1nc

    Reverse searing

    This was the first time I tried this and it wont be the last . 2'' thick New York strip. Smoked it on 200 for 45 min then a quick sear on both sides.
  11. james1nc

    When it's hot it's hot

    When is hot to hot , IMO smoking should be low n slow around 225-275. I know some of you smoke at 300 or even higher I think this is border line grilling even though your not turning your meat. IMO smoking is starting your coals or wood at 5 a.m and sitting around the smoker with friends and...
  12. james1nc

    Turning plate question

    I have an OK Joes smoker, I read a few threads on turning plates now im confused even more. I think it's a piece of metal either bolted or welded above the FB outlet onto the CC to redirect heat more evenly to avoid cold spots. I'm fairly mechanically incline so im sure I could do this mod...
  13. james1nc

    question for smoker builders

    I have the Oklahoma Joe I haven't done any mods as of yet. I have only used the smoker a few times the first time I had the fire box damper wide open most of the time and controlled heat by the smoke stack damper. By doing this I had fairly constant heat all the way across the grate , but I did...
  14. james1nc

    More consistant heat

    I have the OK joes smoker and im looking for some mod that will deliver more constant heat all the way in the smoker. did some research not sure if the baffle is the same thing as a turning plate? which one doi need to solve this problem and can I make it myself
  15. james1nc

    Monday Ribs

    just put the ribs on
  16. james1nc

    Fighting the weather and temps

    It's cold rainy and just nasty outside, I did manage to get my butts on the smoker for about 3 hours to get some good smoke in them . after fighting to keep my temps up to 240 I had t move them to the oven ''which I didn't want to do'' They have been in the oven on 230 since 8 a.m and the IT is...
  17. james1nc

    charcoal on sale

    Lowes has the blue bag Kingsford on sale 2-20# bags for $12.95 I just bought 100#
  18. james1nc

    Ribs and removing membrane

    Would like to know how many people remove the membrane on ribs ? I personally never do it anymore, Years ago I cooked about bunch of ribs and had friends over, half I removed the membrane the other half I did not . I did half in a sweet sauce and the rest in a little more spicy sauce. I ask my...
  19. james1nc

    should i freeze it ?

    Bought two 6lb butts and ribs yesterday plan on smoking them Sunday morning , should I freeze them or will they be ok in the fridge? if I should freeze them when should I take them out to defrost in the fridge slowly?
  20. james1nc

    Cooking butts the day before

    Ok now my grand daughter told me she wants some ribs for Easter also. Since im cooking butts and ribs I'm thinking about cooking the butts the day before and the reheating them. what's the best way to store these after they are done  and should I go ahead and pull them or wait till the next day?
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