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  1. buddy

    Spare Ribs

    I have an idea that I wonder would be any good.My son and I ordered some food from the chinese place the other night , and what he had was the orange chicken , he said.It was excellent. I'm thinking about trying to figure out how they make that orange sauce that they put on there , and try it as...
  2. buddy

    Tip roast

    I have a question here not smoke related. I have cooked several roasts in the crock pot on low , pretty much for several hours, and I have always used a chuck roast, and they always come out excellent and very tender. This time I bought a sirloin tip roast and I'm not going to smoke it. This...
  3. buddy


    I have heard about and read about a few times in the last month or so about people using some stuff called MSG in thier rubs. I understand its supposed to enhance the flavor of your rub?? Does anyone have any experience with this stuff , and what exactly is it , and where do you get it?
  4. buddy

    Another picture posting question

    O.K , I learned how to post pictures on a thread over the weekend, which are in the successful smoke thread.I went to photobucket and downsized them to thumbnail size and it worked. But then I tried to move one of the pictures of my smoker to my avatar and it said the picture was to big. I went...
  5. buddy

    The rest of the pics

    I was only able to put 5 pics on the other thread, so heres a few more,from last weekends smoke.I won't be back on the computer until Mon. morning,so everybody have a good whats left of the weekend. I probably posted this in the wrong place.
  6. buddy

    Successful smoke

    I'm trying again to post pictures of last weekends smoke which was really good. I did 6 slabs of spare ribs that I trimmed down ST. Louis style and used Jeff's rub. Some salmon with lemon pepper(I was'nt real sure what to put on the salmon),chicken thighs that I used Ole Bobs maple sugar rub...
  7. buddy

    Pic posting problem

    I tried posting some pics yesterday and it did'nt work.I'm new at the digital camera thing,so this may be a dumb question.Its a samsung digital camera and I installed the software on my sisters comp., and loaded the pics to a file that I called Buddys BBQ, I think it saved them to (my documents)...
  8. buddy

    Successful smoke

    I had a pretty good smoke this past weekend,and I just got a digital camera finally,so I'm trying to learn how to post pictures. I hope to have them in the next day or so. My only computer is at work. I did 6 slabs of spare ribs , some salmon, some chicken thighs , a couple of fatties ,(one of...
  9. buddy

    Where to eat on a road trip

    I have'nt posted on SMF in a while because I don't have access to the computer as much at my job , and that is the only one I have for now. Here's what I'm wondering. I'm leaving Saturday morning on vacation going to see some family in N. Carolina about a year ago , and I've never made this...
  10. buddy

    Smoking a roast

    I've seen on here a couple of times where someone smoked a roast. I'm going to try that this weekend , but I was wondering what internal temp. to take it to before I take it out of the smoker. Thanks for any advice. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.
  11. buddy

    Butt or picnic shoulder

    Well I smoked my first butt last week and it turned out ok. I'll get it a little better next time , I had trouble maintaing a constant temperature. But I want to make sure I had the right cut of meat.The butcher told me it was a boston butt,and it was about 7 pounds , but I've read on this forum...
  12. buddy

    Stuffed peppers question

    I have a couple questions about the ABT'S , that maybe someone could help me out with . First of all , are you supposed to blanch or boil them a little to soften them up before you put them on the smoker or does that happen while thier cooking. Also , where is the best place to cut them open for...
  13. buddy


    My sister and her husband have asked me to smoke some ribs for a get together they are having on tuesday afternoon(4th). My work schedule is such that I will be pressed for time on getting them done in time. My question is , If I smoke them on Sunday and have them ready by Sunday eve. , can I...
  14. buddy

    Digital probe question

    This may be a stupid question , but I have a horizontal smoker with a side firebox , and I'm interested in getting one of those maverick probes. I assume the digital readout sits outside of your smoker and the leads to the probe going into the smoker. My smoker is pretty good size and the door...
  15. buddy

    Beef tenderloin

    I,m interested in smoking a whole beef tenderloin . I had some that was smoked a few weeks ago and man it was good , and very tender. I was'nt able to find out exactly that person smoked it , and I understand this is a pretty expensive cut of meat . I was told about 70 dollars for the whole...
  16. buddy

    Using foil Question

    I have a question maybe some of you can help me with. During the time my smoker was being built , I was getting some coaching on how to smoke meat from a friend who has been smoking meat for several years.He told me that after 4 hours of smoking , your not going to get any more smoke flavor , so...
  17. buddy

    Another new guy

    Hey ,my name is Buddy and I'm pretty new at smoking meat. I had a smoker built about 7 months ago and have been experimenting and trying to learn . I've had stuff turn out bad and some come pretty good. I really enjoy smoking meat and I just recently learned about this web site, and I have...
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