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  1. jmastera

    Lots of Delicious Piggy Piggy

    Money shots coming soon, just have to put the kids to bed.
  2. jmastera

    Lots of Delicious Piggy Piggy

    Que'ing up some Shoulder, Ribs, Sausage and Beans for dinner and some coworkers today.  Shoulder started at 5am, about 6 hours in dropped in the ribs.  Been running in the 230's with the new smoke chamber on the side. Close up. Tossed in the beans and sausage about 20 mins ago.
  3. beansandsausage.jpg


  4. smoker.jpg


  5. shoulderandribs2.jpg


  6. shoulderandribs1.jpg


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  8. jmastera

    My first smoke ring

    If you look at when I joined you might not believe the title, but today I really did get my first smoke ring.  I've been using my home built refrig smoker with hot plates for a while now, and always had amazing tasting flavor but never a smoke ring.  Last weekend I added a firebox (used an old...
  9. ribs2.JPG


  10. ribs1.JPG


  11. ribs1.JPG


  12. jmastera

    Turkey injector flavor

    Actually Lisa I have seen this in area King Soopers. Although I guess Denver would be "north" of you so maybe it is just a "Northern" thing.
  13. jmastera

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    Gypc, So about how long did the 6lber take. I am doing a 3lber on sunday and am trying to estimate.
  14. jmastera

    What should I do next?

    Smoked, So far I have $4.99 a lb for a Buffalo Roast. Not too bad for the other prices around here. It's a Chuck with some fat. I'd have to check on the tenderloin's and rib, I am sure they are a little more.
  15. jmastera

    What should I do next?

    Stars, Did you find out the name of the butcher. There is a place right down the street from me call Sir Loin. They are a little on the expensive side right out the case, but I have heard that if you special order\call in your cut it is cheaper. Haven't done it yet but then again i've never...
  16. jmastera

    A Mile High Hello

    Welcome aboard Toby. Glad to see another Denverite on the forum.
  17. jmastera

    What should I do next?

    We get the shaft out here. Cost of living isn't outrageous but it's high enough.
  18. jmastera

    What should I do next?

    Chickens must really turn out great if I being double dog dared. Still gonna hve to do the Buffalo roast first though. I had chicken again last night for dinner and i'm not sure I can handle it this weekend. I have yet to do a smoked fish. Knowing the benefits of salmon I wish I liked it...
  19. jmastera

    Mile High Rub and Sauce

    Have you ever been to America's on Illiff and Quebec (Evans and Yosemite - depending on which direction you come from). It's in the Big Lots shopping center. The have awesome wings, my favorite in town. They have a sauce called Dante's Inferno that is pretty hot and, depending on the cook...
  20. jmastera

    Mile High Rub and Sauce

    With everything else in there the cayenne really doesn't hold all that much heat. Don't get me wrong, it is spicey but not overpowering. Then again I love hot food so maybe my sense of heat is skewed.
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