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  1. kansasqueball

    My first brisky, and a butt to boot

    So, with the old MES I couldn't fit a whole brisky into the dang thing.  I did a flat twice, and neither time was too satisfied with the results.  I talked about this with both of my brothers who are both old smoking pros, and they both concurred that flats rarely turn out as nice as packers...
  2. kansasqueball


  3. kansasqueball

    Stupid question about ribs

    O.K., I'm feeling really dumb for asking this, but are the "pork loin back ribs" on sale at Costco baby backs? The place where I usually buy my meat just calls them baby backs, but Costco wants to confuse me. Feeling dumb, QueBall
  4. kansasqueball

    Tri-Tip and Turkey Breasts

    Today I'm doing my favorite cut of beef: the Tri-Tip. So tender, juicy and flavorful. I actually was planning on doing my first full packer brisket smoke, but got to Costco (just got a membership yesterday) and saw that they had Tri-Tip for $4.99/lb, and just couldn't pass that up; besides...
  5. kansasqueball

    GOSM - water in the pan or not?

    For those of you who have a GOSM, do you add water to the drip pan or not? I've done two smokes on mine. The first was a pork butt, fatty and two slabs of spares, and I put water in the pan. The second was a couple of beer can chickens, and I didn't put water in the pan. I guess if I really...
  6. kansasqueball

    Sassafras wood?

    I went to my wood supplier the other day to replenish my stock of pecan chunks, and they had Sassafras for sale. I've never heard of this wood being used before, so decided to give it a pass. Some research on this site and other corners of the internet give mixed reviews. Some sources say it...
  7. kansasqueball

    First run at Hot Smokey Hens

    First things first. I have to apologize for the poor photo quality. We had been at our daughters horse show yesterday, and noticed almost all of the pictures came out blurry. We're needing a new camera. So, I took the pics for this post with my camera phone, and they didn't really come out...
  8. kansasqueball

    GOSM maiden voyage w/ Q-View

    Alright kiddos, I've got my first smoke under way on the new GOSM. Here's a picture of the new smoker with the now dead MES that it's replacing: I'm doing two racks of St. Louis style spare ribs, a Boston Butt, and a one pound chub of Jimmy Dean sausage. Here they are all rubbed up and...
  9. kansasqueball

    Q-view test

    This a test, and only a test. If this were a real emergency you would be directed to the nearest bar-b-que pit with a cooler of cold long necks.
  10. kansasqueball

    Hello everybody

    Hey all, I've been smoking meat for about a year and a half now. My first smoker was a MES, but it died about 6 weeks ago. The electric heating element just went belly up right in the middle of a pork butt smoke. Thankfully, it happened right when I was ready to foil it, so I was able to...
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