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  1. yrrndsmoker

    17 lb SRF's Wagyu Labor Day 2015 brisket

    Smoking a Snake River Farms American Wagyu brisket for this Labor Day 2015.  Smoking on my 22.5" WSM @225 degrees for  probably 20-24 hours. This behemoth barely fit in my smoker. Rubbed with 50% texas Salt Lick rub and 50% my own rub. Stay tuned!! All the trimmings to drip down and baste...
  2. yrrndsmoker

    Turkey sausage snack sticks

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this, and if it is even possible due to samonilla poisoning. Would using cure stop that risk? I have had duck and goose snack sticks but i know that meat can be eaten not fully cooked. Just asking because turkey is readily availible,  healthier, and cheaper...
  3. yrrndsmoker

    Freeeeeeeezzzzzzing...time for a cold smoke

    In Utah visiting my family so I decided to cold smoke some cheese and nuts for the holidays. For the cheese I used sharp extra aged cheddar, habenjero cheddar, fresh mozzarella, horseradish white cheddar, jarlesburg, and provolone.  For the nuts I used the mixed nuts from Costco and then after...
  4. yrrndsmoker

    Any mods to the new MES 40" yet?

    I just drove to Utah to pick up my new MES from Sams Club (well, and to visit my family for the holidays, hehe).  I love making a great product even better.  Seen a lot of Mods from the older units, but none yet to the new one.  For anyone that has jumped on the new MES, is there anything that...
  5. yrrndsmoker

    Last weekends Mac 'N Cheese w/ Q-Veiw

    Finally getting around to posting this.  Last weekend I made a batch of mac n cheese with a side of ribs and broccoli.   Mac n cheese included... Red bell pepper Pablano pepper Yellow onion Applewood smoked bacon Mozzarella cheese Extra sharp cheddar cheese The onion, peppers, and bacon...
  6. yrrndsmoker

    Columbus day Chuckie w/QV

    Had the day off so might as well do up some smoked goodness.  Started with a 3 1/2 lb chuck roast.  Injected with a mixture of Johnnys Au Jus Sauce and some pale ale beer. Then rubbed down in a mixture of my own spice blend and some crushed red pepper, and wrapped in saran wrap and put in the...
  7. yrrndsmoker

    Sunday night tri-tip Queeeeeeew Veiwwwwwwwww!!!

    So for dinner last night i decided to inject and smoke a 3 lb tri-tip.  I smoked it at about 340 degrees and it took about an hour or so.  I mixed up a batch of wooshy,bud light,yoshida's, garlic terriaki and injected the roast. Then put it in a vacuum container for about 1/2 hr before putting...
  8. yrrndsmoker

    Anyone else have Traeger T-stat issues

    I have a Traeger lil tex smoker with the 180 degree t-stat.  I'm having problems with the temp flux and being able to get a low temp.  Even on the smoke setting which is below 180 I cant get much lower than about 200.  I've called the customer service and they told me about the adjustment to the...
  9. yrrndsmoker

    Hey SMF peoples

    Just a thread to introduce myself.  After lurking on this forum for several weeks I realized that the skill level of ALOT of the people on here is amazing!  I have been BBQ'ing for about 15 yrs and smoking for about 8 yrs.  From reading/looking at SMF I realize there is so much more than just...
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