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  1. ronbo

    Sad day for my family

    WoW....That's heavy.......What a beautiful story. Every once in a while I think about the day that my wife and I will have to say good-bye to our border collie/lab mix. It just tears me up. I will remember this story and I am sure it will soften the blow. Thank you for sharing...
  2. ronbo

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    My screen name??? Simple, I'm not very creative!!! Obviously, it's a take off from "Rambo" and it should be fairly easy to tell what my first name really is! I wear army jackets quite a bit and I consider myself a rogue of sorts. When I come to a fork in the road I usually take the high road and...
  3. ronbo

    Smoked eggs

    This sounds like something I have to try.....What kind of temps. are you talking? Have you ever had them explode?
  4. ronbo

    First posting...EVER

    Not far from there at all....I live just north of Camas.
  5. ronbo

    I want to make my own charcoal

    Thanks Grothe......It looks like good info!
  6. ronbo

    I want to make my own charcoal

    I want to make my own charcoal but all the info I find on the web seems to be directed towards making charcoal for blacksmithing or forging. In these applications they use any type of wood available and are probably not too worried about remaining substances in the charcoal as I am in using it...
  7. ronbo

    First posting...EVER

    And I mean...EVER! I have never been on a forum of any kind and to say I am a little nervous is an understatement!! Well, Here goes...... I live in Washington, the "Evergreen State". I like to fish, hunt, garden and raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and ONE goose! I take pride in recycling...
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