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  1. camocook

    Six shooters

    Should work this time
  2. camocook

    I didn't know there was more than one

    Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Oops....didn't work
  3. camocook

    Pics of a high caliber smoker

  4. camocook

    A new smoker,I want one

  5. camocook

    Another riddle

    What do you call a cow with no legs?
  6. camocook

    St.LOuis Style Ribs

    I noticed on some posts,pictures of St. Louie Style Ribs that were a little different than I thought. Found this at Hope it comes up right so you can just click.I like to use the the trimmings to grind or simmer in tomato sauce.(or gravy if you're from So.Philly)
  7. camocook

    need help with posting

    I don't know how to post a link to another thread. Such as,my ingredients from the other thread to my "finale fatty throwdown" post.Can someone direct me? Thank You..
  8. camocook

    small pun

    Did you hear the one about the stone masons daughter??? Everyone took her for granite (granted)
  9. camocook

    small problem rolling fatty

    I was using some home made sausage, put my ingredients in and tried to roll.The sausage started breaking up during the rolling process.Thanks to an earlier post by Seboke the light bulb went on.He mixed JD with other meats.I believe my own sausage was too lean.So I removed some of mine and added...
  10. camocook

    Happy hour

    A cowboy is riding down a back road in Texas,asign in front of a restaurant reads...... HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL LOBSTERTAIL AND BEER Lord Almighty he says to himself. My three favorite things.
  11. camocook

    Pecan Wood...Where to get it?

    Next friday I'm driving down to Datona Beach Fla. Does any one know where I could get some pecan wood not too far off of I-95.We are leaving from Philly around midnight so Sat. morning I should be in the Carolinas.I could even get it on the way home.How much should I pay? I'm not talkin' a...
  12. camocook

    Finally,my first QVIEW

    Pork butt has been on about 8 hrs.Temp at 240*.TBS.Nice bark.Meat temp at 158*. Getting ready to spritz with welch's white grape juice.Forgot to get some apple.I did it before ,it works.Gonna wrap it in foil soon.When ready gonna let Dolores do the shredding,she likes it and she's pretty good at...
  13. camocook

    Bbq Rib Art

    I saw this on another site this morning.I think it's worth watching.Hope you enjoy. This is the site,I'm not sure how to bring it up to just click on it.I hope this works.Help would be appreciated if it doesn't.
  14. camocook

    4th try

    here we go again
  15. camocook

    can't post pics

    I did everything in the post by glued2it and I get up to the paste part and it wont paste.The word paste is not highlighted.I thought my pictures might have been too large so I reduced them and it won't paste.I have a 10.2 megapixel,do I have to lower the resolution to post on the web? Maybe...
  16. camocook

    What wood to use?

    I have a butterflied leg and wanted some input on types of wood to use with lamb.I have black cherry,hickory,and mesquite.
  17. camocook


    Did anyone else see this yet? Go to monsterpig.com hopefully someone could download some pics.I'm not quite sure how to do it. I think it's simply amazing. Maybe I could have posted this under pork.
  18. camocook

    welcome to all newbies

    you're all gonna love it here. so many ideas and experiences you just can't get enough of.
  19. camocook

    shoulder: skin on or skin off?

    I've Read Several Threads On Pork Shoulder. None Of Which Mentioned Anything About The Skin. The Novice That I Am Thinks There Would Be Better Smoke Penetration With Out. Does It Matter That Much?
  20. camocook

    Who Smokes Venison ?

    I Still Have Several Different Cuts, Steaks, Chops, Small Roasts,even Some Shanks. I Use It All. Being Very Lean Would You Perhaps Lard It Or Wrap It In Bacon? I Know That Grinding About 20% Bacon With It Makes A Good Burger.
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