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  1. blackout

    Can't find a decent fire pan.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice....I'm going to look into a basket
  2. blackout

    Can't find a decent fire pan.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    what about when I'm adding more wood and/or charcoal? B/c the fire pan is really a bowl without holes for the ash to fall out I'm trying a simple aluminum pan that I've put holes in.  My electric drill isn't working as well as I thought it would to drill holes in the original fire pan....idk...
  3. blackout

    Can't find a decent fire pan.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    My wife just bought me a cheap little Char-Broil vertical smoker. I know it needs a few mods to work effectively....I am having the hardest time finding a mod for the fire pan....PLEASE HELP.....ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Also, How can I prevent the ashes from flowing up to...
  4. blackout

    New to SMF and still learning how to really smoke

    What's up SMF! I'm Curtis. From Tennessee and I just purchased my first "real smoker". I've always used my grill and just "rigged" it (burned my charcoal on one side and placed meat on the other side) but I just got a Char-Broil vertical smoker and can't wait to use it. I've done chicken...
  5. blackout

    seasoned or fresh cut wood

    I just got a Char-Broil vertical yesterday and plan on seasoning it and using it within the next week. Does soaking the wood (in water or apple juice, etc) for any period of time prior to your cook have any effect? And if I'm understanding some of ya'll you're suggesting NOT to use water in the...
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