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    Yet another turkey help question.

    Well I did what you guys suggested and did it all at the same time. Max smoker temp is 250 which might have been a bit low, as it took about 4 hours to hit 160 in the breast. But it is spectacular! These will be the best sandwiches I will ever have had with turkey I can already tell. The pic...
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    Yet another turkey help question.

    Tis the season right. So, I am smoking a turkey tomorrow. That's right. Not for thanksgiving. We don't host a thanksgiving at our place but I was at the grocery store and they had fresh, never frozen butterball turkeys for $.98/lb which I thought was a pretty good deal. In my mind I was thinking...
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    Another round of bacon

    Should note that the bacon was cured for 10 days and in the past I have experimented with additional curing salt. Pink salt is very salty in my opinion soaking is a must
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    Another round of bacon

    Just thought I would post some pictures of the bacon I made this last week. I decided to try something a little different and on top of the regular cure #1 and brown sugar like I usually do, I added a whole lot of molasses. It turned the meat during curing a really interesting shade of red...
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    Smoking (Frozen) Wings

    Definitely wouldn’t smoke them frozen and I don’t think they’ll do much with the brine when frozen either. I also like the water trick, I do it with fish all the time. I usually freeze the filets completely covered in water in gallon ziplocks so they’re literally an ice block. 20 minutes in the...
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    Bacon wrapped brined stuffed chicken breasts

    extra, unused, never touched anything but a glass jar brine. Reusing brine sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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    Bacon wrapped brined stuffed chicken breasts

    i was at Menards today aimlessly walking around looking at lots of different home improvement project stuff I should be buying and working on. Instead I just kept thinking about Sunday dinner. It finally hit me that I have some brine made up in the fridge - leftovers from the last chicken I did...
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    Smoked Sloppy Joe

    Manwich?!?!? Sorry you just about killed me there... who the heck even buys manwich?! Sorry don’t mean to be a jerk lol. BBQs around here are the simplest food you can find. My grandma stuffed me with plenty as a kid. It’s ground beef browned up with SPG and minced onion then after browning add...
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    Cherrywood bacon

    hey everyone. I posted this before but because the thread was railroaded I deleted the content and the SMF staff subsequently deleted the thread which I do appreciate. At any rate I chose to go with a tenderquick cure because I am experimenting between that and #1. I’ve done both, I seem to told...
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    Smoked Sloppy Joe

    Alright everyone, I'm looking for help here because I want to attempt smoking bbqs. For some reason in Minnesota, or maybe other parts of the midwest are plagued by this as well, we don't really have sloppy joes, we call them bbqs. It's a weird thing. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how I go...
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    Smoked fish taco

    I make fish tacos at home all the time using the spicy breading method. I don't really care for "batter" so much in a fish taco as by nature they're supposed to be nice and light. In fact most of the time I fry fish, it's bluegill or crappie that is mostly surface dried and then tossed in my...
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    Pork belly burnt ends.....on a stick!

    That's a pretty decent price. Our Sam's rarely has them for under $4.50/lb. I just turned a 5lb half slab into bacon, I don't think there's any way I don't try your recipe with the other 5lbs...damn
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    Ready for Winter

    what is your preferred method for reheating your frozen pork? I've used stovetop, microwave (awful IMO) and waterbath and none seem to taste quite right. Although, I have used a crock pot with some added chicken stock, which works ok but it seems to mute the flavor a bit.
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    Smoked Pike got a little salty?

    Well, we had it on the vacation and it got pretty rave reviews. It wasn't near as salty as I thought it was straight from the smoker. Either that or it just went well with the beer I was drinking. I will, however use the 1% weight ratio from now on. I have a digital scale so it shouldn't be all...
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    Venison jerky recipes?

    hey all, Recently I cut down a bunch of trees in my yard and I was traded a deer hind quarter for the firewood. Pretty good trade maybe as I wanted the wood gone and off the yard. I would’ve taken nothing but the guy insisted. Anyway I decided to try my hand at breaking the meat down and took...
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    Smoked Pike got a little salty?

    So a bunch of recipes online use the same salt/sugar/water ratio that I used. But they either don’t specify brine time, or they’re around 8 hours. I’d really like to keep the 24hr brine time just because it’s easier to schedule. If I just lessen the salt amount from a half to a third will that...
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    Smoked Pike got a little salty?

    the family and I are taking a trip for the weekend to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. She doesn’t really know that, but that’s what we’re doing lol. I was told to “smoke something” for the trip and decided since she’s a wine and cheese fan that maybe a good compliment would be smoked fish...
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    Pizza Fatty with a New Weave

    I literally just did this over the weekend sans crescent dough weave, which looks absolutely amazing. I used a pound of beef and a pound of fresh italian pork sausage from the meat market. It was really good. Highly recommend. I am going to try the dough weave next time cuz got-dang that looks good!
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    Chicken Drums

    Nice, thanks everybody. Never a shortage of solutions to a problem around here! I'll let you know how they turn out. Thinking smoke to grill method for now, might get fancier another time with that butter pan method because that sounds amazing too.
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    Chicken Drums

    Need some advice on chicken drumsticks. I bought a package of about 15 full-size drums from Sam's awhile back. I'd like to smoke them. I have looked at tons of recipes online and almost all of them start with a smoker temp of 275 or higher. I'm assuming this is for skin crispiness. Unfortunately...
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