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  1. fourashleys

    new smoker for a buddy of mine

    Got started on one of my buudy's smoker today. should be a fairly quick build depending on if the OT keeps up. Starting this one with a 25 gallon air compressor tank for the cookbox and a 30 lb. lp tank for the firebox.
  2. fourashleys

    30 gallon UDS

    I have  my plenty big BEVO baker now and have gotten hooked on building. I have a few smaller reverse flows in the works for friends that have had Q from mine. I love my stick burner and always will but I'm ready to try something new. I could use a smaller unit for single briskets or butts...
  3. fourashleys

    The word is out.... good or bad..... here we go!

    Word travels fast but that's why I built the new rig. Going to run a smoke Friday with some briskets and venison backstraps. I have been presented with two pork loins and two Wal-mart bags of boar and buffalo to add to the mix. My friends and neighbors have decided to see just how much meat this...
  4. fourashleys

    It's Trailer Time!!!

    The new rig was in the driveway for about 6 hrs. before momma said it had to go. I was lovingly instructed to build a trailer and get it moved. Well, here goes. I got a trailer kit at Harbor Frieght for $200 and started making what I needed.
  5. fourashleys

    First ribs on the new rig

    Rubbed down the day before. Sauced at 4 hrs. and 5 1/2 hrs. Smoked with pear and maple. Tender and tasty. It's amazing how many new neighbors I had introduce themselves while they were cooking. Glad I was prepared with burnt end BBQ candy for them.
  6. fourashleys

    Chicken breasts on the new rig

    Yardbird was rubbed and then sauces about 3 hrs. in. Smoked with pear and maple. No complaints from the girls and they were gone quick.
  7. fourashleys

    pollock on the new rig

    lemon juice and citrus grill spices on theses fillets. Smoked with pear and maple. They turned out tasty.
  8. fourashleys

    Windy fatties w/ Q-view

    25 degrees w/ 25 mph winds presents a challenge for keeping up temps but they were tasty. Pizza for me & momma. Cheeseburger macaroni for the youngun'. Some tater salad and we had a good winter meal.
  9. fourashleys

    Smokin' for gameday

    smoked butts on Thurs. Brisket and more butts on Fri. Spareribs and a fattie on Sat. morning before football. If I didn't enjoy it so much it would be work. Can't wait to get my trailer rig done so I can use it instead of so many burns with the brinkman. PP was awesome and I got to introduce...
  10. fourashleys

    First fatty attempt w/ Qview

    Made my first fatties last weekend. Two with egg, fried potatoes, bell peppers,onions, mushrooms and cheese. One with buffalo chicken and cheese.
  11. fourashleys

    Ribs and Chicken for dinner

    Ribs and chicken thighs rubbed and smoked. Great way to start my workweek!!!
  12. fourashleys

    New project as a humble beginning

    Picked up this 250 gallon diesel fuel tank for $100.00 yesterday. Trying to decide to go vertical or lay it over and put buttrfly lids on it. Should have a trailer by Sept. and a buddy is looking to give me his fried 30 gallon air compressor for a firebox.
  13. fourashleys

    smokin' for the 4th

    This is my injected and rubbed 12 lb. prime rib I'm smoking fora buddy for the fourth. As long as I don't do something silly it should be tasty.
  14. fourashleys

    Still learning

    I fell in love with smoking 2 years ago. Nothing better for football parties. I am starting my first trailer project soon and have already learned alot about where to start. Glad to share what little I know and look forward to learning even more.
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