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  1. redingtonb

    Smoking at the beach

    Hey all -  Yes, I am a smoker and home brewer. Wort is the meal I cook up for the yeast. I think I answered my own question - here it is: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/260106/starts-out-with-beautiful-blue-flame-then-gets-ugly-yellow-after-5-minutes
  2. redingtonb

    Starts out with beautiful blue flame, then gets ugly yellow after 5 minutes

    I recently purchased a new propane fired Masterbilt 7in1 smoker.  FYI, these units were recalled late last year due to fire risk, and Masterbilt replaced the burner and regulator assemblies, which was completed before I purchased it new. So if you purchased one prior to 2107, you need to contact...
  3. redingtonb

    seasoning new smoker

    I am presently seasoning a Masterbilt 7in1. Instructions indicate to coat inside of smoker with vegetable oil, then heat to 200 F, add wood, and maintain 2-4 hours. Cool, wipe down, then coat again with vegetable oil. Ready to smoke!
  4. redingtonb

    Smoking at the beach

    Just joined the site today as I have a question that I have not been able to resolve by searching the site, well at least I have not found a direct answer for it. Call me red, or flo. My wife and I both recently retired, so we can spend more time here in Redington Beach FL in the winter. I am...
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