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  1. jarjarchef

    Mini Meltdown

    I received a crazy text from my dad about a week ago. It went like this..... Dad: Melted the whole smoker. Pics will not send Me: You melted the smoker? Dad: Yes So I am at work and not able to call and talk with him...... at this point still no pictures...... it was about an hour or so...
  2. jarjarchef

    Sous Vide Brisket w/pics

    We found a brisket buried in the freezer at work. So I decided we needed to do a sous vide brisket, just because we could...... Those that use an MES understand the pain of having to breakdown a brisket. I also wanted to make sure it was not too thick for the sous vide process.... Seasoned...
  3. jarjarchef

    Reverse Seared Wagyu NY Strip w/pics

    I am fortunate enough to be able to work with some incredible products in our Chef's Table. Today I hosted a Chef Table for a potential client. I was allowed to order in an entire Wagyu Strip Loin, so I could cut NY Strips. I will say at $30 a pound I will not be doing this at home, but I did...
  4. jarjarchef

    Soda Can Burger w/Pics

    My AWESOME sister shared a BBQ link on Facebook today for Beer Can Burgers. So, I had to make it my way..... Enjoy the ride.... we enjoyed the meal. Burger: 80/20 Burger  Filled with Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Bacon and BBQ Sauce Wrapped in Bacon Topped with Dill Pickle Chips...
  5. jarjarchef

    A Tale of Two Mini's w/Pics

    So this post is just a little late. I made these early December 2014. One was for a friend and the other was for my Dad for Christmas. The supplies: Nothing really out of the norm from others. Have the circles marked. We cut 3 little holes with the dremel for the jig saw blade, then cut all...
  6. jarjarchef

    Not your normal Grilled Cheese! w/pics

    Caution Read At Your Own Risk!!!!!! Tonight was leftover night, so I figured I would just make a sandwich out of what would normally be on the plate and end up together anyways....... So after the money shot, here is how we got there..... On the griddle I browned one side of the garlic...
  7. jarjarchef

    Reverse Sear Explained Video

    So someone shared this video on my Facebook and it seems to be a good explanation of what happens and why it is a better way to cook a steak. I am sorry if I broke a rule, but it is the best explanation i have ever seen.
  8. jarjarchef

    Pulled Pork Stuffed Potato w/Pics

    So I made a planned leftover dish tonight for dinner. I made a beer a cheddar soup the other night for dinner. What is lovely about the soup it has bacon...... had a bit of pulled pork, broccoli and potatoes left from other meals. So why not? :dunno Lets get to the good stuff.... I cut a wedge...
  9. jarjarchef

    Smoked Beef Stroganoff w/ Pics

    Earlier this week my youngest told me she wanted beef stroganoff. So I told her we would, but everything including the noodles. I was talking with her yesterday and made mention of smoking the meat first. She was all in........ so here is our adventure. ..... Warning there are a lot of photos...
  10. jarjarchef

    Cook Shack SmartSmoker SM160

    We are looking to get a new smoker for my work location. We do not use it daily or really for large groups. It is more for small things and just to play with. At this time we have been using a MES30 and wanted to go to a MES40, however we need one that is commercial, company new rules. So the...
  11. jarjarchef

    Jumbo Mini Cheese w/ Pics (Semi Fail)

    So I pulled a bone head move today. I decided to smoke a bunch of cheese and I did not take into account the weather and how hot it was going to get. I think it is good to show the bad as well as the good. So enjoy the show........ I will do this same process again, when it is cooler...
  12. jarjarchef

    Jumbo Mini Tri Tip w/Pics

    As part of my learning what my new toy can do, I have to cook a variety of things. So for education I have to do this..... I picked up a tri tip today and decided to do a variation of a reverse sear, but it is really not. I got the smoker to 185 and placed the trip tip in. I seasoned it with a...
  13. jarjarchef

    Maxed Out Jumbo Mini w/Pics

    I like to know how much my gear can handle. So I will push it early in my uses to see what is the max for it. So today I am pushing my new Jumbo Mini to see what it can do. Soooooo, in this corner we have the Jumbo Mini. A humble new little smoker..... And in this corner we have the gift...
  14. jarjarchef

    First Cook On The Mini Jumbo w/ Pics

    Finally got some time to break in my new toy. I little bit of rain was not going to deter me from breaking it in today. Warming up for the cook. 8 way chicken marinaded over night with evoo, white wine and spog. And we are done. Cooked at 325 for about 90 min. Here is the thread...
  15. jarjarchef

    JarJar Mini (Jumbo ) Build w/Pics

    I was finally able to get things together to do my build. I will put as much details into the thread as I can think of. if I miss something you want info on please ask. The only reason i was able to complete and do this build was because others helped me. I will have a couple things that are...
  16. jarjarchef

    Caramelized Rib Bite Salad w/Pics

    Last weekend our church wanted to sell some BBQ Pork sandwiches at a local event. In order for them to be able to sell, they had to compete as well. So they asked me and another member with food service background to compete. I also cooked all the pork with a few other memebers. Today I found...
  17. jarjarchef

    Pecan Shells for smoking???

    I was given a couple bags of pecan shells by the in laws. They heard you could use them to smoke with. Has anyone used them before? Any tips or tricks to using them? Things to avoid? My concern is a burnt bitter taste like you get when you burn the nuts..... Thank you
  18. jarjarchef

    Tri-Tip Salad w/pics

    Been a while since I posted, so figured I would share a little something I threw together tonight. Tri-Tip was seasoned with an off the shelf seasoning blend. Smoked at 275 till 130it. Then a quick sear in the cast iron skillet. I allowed it to rest for about 30 min before slicing. You can...
  19. jarjarchef

    Para Cord Dog Leash

    Got a new dog a couple weeks ago. He is a rescue 3x...... My stepson has friend that rescued him and parents freaked out, so my son adopted him and he had to move and one of the roommates has a cat and it did not work, so we were watching him till he figured out what to do. Well after some...
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