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  1. dacfan

    I have a new camp chef pellet grill/ smoker, how many pork butts can i fit on it

    I have a new camp chef pellet smoker, model # PG24.  How many pork butts can i fit on it, i need to fix enough pulled pork to feed  aprox 60-75 people. I calculate six eight pounders should do. I hope i can fix them all at the same time. Also i have never smoked so much meat on any of my old...
  2. dacfan

    2 chuck roasts with qview first try at chucky

    Well Its been a while since I posted some Qview. Heres a couple chuck roasts that Ive been Qing today. I injected them with BBQ sauce, garlic and beef broth last night and rubbed them down good with Meat Magic. Smoking at 235* using apple and hickory. Here are some pics from when I pulled them...
  3. dacfan

    2 chuck roasts with qview first try at chucky

    Well Its been a while since I posted some Qview
  4. dacfan

    First Brisket and a couple pork sholders

    Well todays the day, after putting it off for way to long I'm going to make a 5 pound brisket and around 10 pounds of pork picnic shoulder. Ive got everything in the smoker and its at around 235* and holding pretty steady. I'm using hickory and just a little bit of it at a time. I may run down...
  5. dacfan

    Brisket names

    I have noticed that most of the time you will see the brisket flat at the grocery store but never the point. Is there another name for the point and I'm just missing it? Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question.
  6. dacfan

    Picnic pork shoulder question

    Hey everybody I found boneless picnic shoulder at walmart well priced so I bought a couple to smoke on Monday. After I got home I realized the packaging said up to 12% solution. Will this affect the desired outcome of making pulled pork or is it going to be like ham? thanks
  7. dacfan

    Replacement GOSM Thermometer

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good exterior thermometer for my GOSM? I have a maverick with the duel probes one for meat and one for cooking surface temp? I want one thats permanent through the hole in the door.
  8. dacfan

    crab apple wood VS. apple wood

    I was wondering if there is any difference between the two? Does crab apple make a tart tasting smoke?
  9. dacfan

    Im back as well

    Hello from eastern KY, I joined a couple months ago and have had a few great smokes thanks to all the knowledge Ive received on this board. Its good to be back, really good.
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