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  1. smoke_chef

    This years Turkey (times 6)

    Hello fellow smokers. I haven't posted in a while. It's great to be back. I did turkey's for the whole family. Thought I would share the pics. They turned out real pretty and tastes great. Here's my brine: 1 gallon water 1 cup Kosher salt 1 cup Brown Sugar 2 TBS Garlic powder 1 TBS Onion...
  2. smoke_chef

    Website that sales pre-fab door latches, air intakes, dampers?

    I know I have seen a site that several builders have recommended in their builds. But for the life of me I can't find one now and I can't think of what to search.
  3. smoke_chef

    Building a whole hog smoker on the cheap. What are your thoughts? (Q-view)

    Hello all... I've been doing a whole hog on a cinder block for about four years now. They turn out great but I'm looking to upgrade. A little bit. I have this tank that was given to me. It's 7 feet long and 3 feet 9 inches wide. I'm looking to keep the build very cheap and primitive...
  4. smoke_chef

    Always use cure?

    I have 5 pounds of beef sliced between 1/8 and 1/4 inch think sitting in my fridge waiting for marinade and then the food dehydrator. But, I did another batch from ground beef for my wife using LEM's original recipe mix. In the instructions, it says ALWAYS USE CURE when making jerky. Then it...
  5. smoke_chef

    A BBQ Grill question...

    Okay...some would say... why grill it when you can smoke it. But hey... I love to smoke meat but the grill has it's place too. I hope there is enough of you that agree so I'll get some feedback. I'm in the market for a new grill. It will be stainless steel and propane. Those two things I have...
  6. smoke_chef

    Smoked Halibut Taco's w/Q-view

    So, last July my two brother-in-laws and I went on a Alaska fishing trip. We had a blast. I decided to smoke some Halibut for taco's and they turned out great! Here we are on the charter. This was so fun! Here's our bounty for the day... Did I mention this was so fun! Here's the Halibut...
  7. smoke_chef

    Sausage 101

    I've smoked a good bit but haven't ventured in to sausage yet. I have the toys, grinder and stuffer... and I think I'm ready to give it a try. I used the search function to see if there was a tutorial of some sort for beginners but I can't find anything. I was hoping to find out a good sausage...
  8. smoke_chef

    Whole Hog Competition

    I saw where Myron Mixon smokes two hogs at every MBN competition so he has one if he makes the finals. Is that what most whole hog competitors do?
  9. smoke_chef

    Wow... It's amazing

    Wow.. It's amazing that no matter how many threads you look at of other peoples builds... when you sit down to start drawing up plans of your own... how many details there are that you just don't know the answer to. I thought the hardest part was going to be paying for it. I think now... if I...
  10. smoke_chef

    Fresh ham?

    I was watching BBQ pitmasters last night and they had to do a "fresh ham". Now,,, I always thought (and have read on this site) that it wasn't ham until it was cured. Until then, it was just the back shoulder. So what gives? Myron "the jerk" Mixon did say that fresh hams are a thing of the "deep...
  11. smoke_chef

    Walmart cheap-o.... is crap-o!

    Ugh... I'm so tired of not having thermo's that work. I did a smoke over the weekend and tested five of my six thermo's and NONE of them were right. Did the boil test. They should come up to 212 right? They were all over the place ranging between 178 and 245. I don't know if this worked... In...
  12. smoke_chef

    Father's Day Flat w Q-view (sort of)

    Well... flat with what I believe to be a little bit of the point still attached. We raise our own beef and our butcher sometimes gives us some unconventional cuts. I asked for the brisket to be left as a packer but he said his vacuum pack machine can't do it. Ugh! So, I got this flat and rest...
  13. smoke_chef

    Q-view of lunch

    This smoke turned out nice
  14. smoke_chef

    Memorial Day 2012 pork butts and loin (with q-view of course)

    Hello fellow smokers... It's been a while since I've been able to post anything. Life has been getting in the way of fun. I did however carve out some time last weekend to smoke up a couple of butts and a loin. For one of the butts I decided to ramp up the flavor by adding some veg to the...
  15. smoke_chef

    Poultry Yield... Raw weight vs. eatable finished product

    Hello all,    Just want to bounce something off this group. I understand beef and pork to have about a 50% yield. I've used that number many times and it seems to be close every time. However, I've never weighed my birds post smoke so I don't know this to be true but I googled poultry yield and...
  16. smoke_chef

    Happy birthday to the man that started it all.... TulsaJeff.

    Hey Jeff... I hope this is a very special day my friend. I wish you all the best today and every day.
  17. smoke_chef

    2 chickens, some CSR's, baked beans and coleslaw for lunch today w q-view

    Well,    I've had some construction people at my house for the last three days. I thought they did an extra good job so yesterday I told them they didn't need to pack a lunch. I'll feed them pulled chicken, CSR's, baked beans and coleslaw. They seemed pretty excited about that. It all turned...
  18. smoke_chef

    I think I may enter my first competition? Harrison, Arkansas (KCBS - link to website provided)

    http://cookinonthecreek.com/ It's $175.00. Is that about normal? I had no idea it was that expensive. I've been wanting to do one though and since this one is in my hometown. Seems like now may be the time to go for it. I sure wish I had my home built horizontal done. (cough.. wince... sigh...
  19. smoke_chef

    My toys have arrived... but I need some help.

    My Northern Tool Grinder and LEM foot switch came in. I also have some 32mm Collagen Casings. I'm ready to make some sort of sausage but I'm not sure what to make. Also, this package of casing doesn't have any type of instructions. It does say "DO NOT SOAK" which I thought was the first step...
  20. smoke_chef

    Labor Day Weekend Smoke for a friend - Brisket, Burnt Ends -- some Q-view

    This was my first time to try burnt ends. They tasted great but not totally sure I did it right? They were a bit chewy? The pic where it’s sitting in a casserole dish is a 9x13 so you can tell it’s a pretty small brisket. I took the whole thing to 175. Meant to pull it at 170 but it went from...
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