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  1. corn cob

    Pulled Pork, what is the secret to crispy bark?

    Sounds good Eman!!! Good Job!
  2. corn cob

    New Wiki "All about Ham"

    Excellent information.....Thanks for posting!!!!
  3. corn cob

    Smoking a Ham this morning (first one in a while) Need Feedback.

    Pre-Cooked to 140* ~~~ Cook before eating to160* ~~~ Check several different spots! HTH Fun!
  4. corn cob

    I ordered a Klose BYC 40" today

    I've cooked on Klose cookers for years. Excellent designs and Craftmanship! ~~  They Cook! ~~ They Win! Have Fun & Enjoy!
  5. corn cob

    Safe meat temperatures is the USDA right?

    Thanks for that....I never knew I was "at risk" cooking/eating pork tenderloin, loins, p-chops etc to "medium" 140* http://whatscookingamerica.net/Information/MeatTemperatureChart.htm
  6. corn cob

    Safe meat temperatures is the USDA right?

    The USDA is mostly  gonna err on the high side..... Pork is "safe" anywhere North of 137*.....145* Seems perfect for me Poultry is "safe" at 165*  Some may want it a little hotter in the thigh ...You will find numerous "charts" for cooking beef....Personally I don't want any piece of beef over...
  7. corn cob

    whats your favorite smoker?

    I would have to say the Klose 48 X 20 ....
  8. corn cob

    Pulled Pork... Best time to foil? and more importantly WHY??

    For those who understand, no explanation is needed For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible...... Cheers!
  9. corn cob

    Pulled Pork... Best time to foil? and more importantly WHY??

    Naw...go ahead and use you Car/Truck, but on your way back, you may as well stop by the grocery store and pick up your Canned Biscuits, Instant Grits, Imitation Cheese, Instant Mashed Potatoes, and for dessert, a Chocolate Cake in a box...... Don't forget the canned icing.... Enjoy!
  10. corn cob

    Pulled Pork... Best time to foil? and more importantly WHY??

    Man has been cooking meats with fire for almost a Million years...."Modern Day" BBQ (whole Hogs etc) is usually traced back to Colonial times...400 plus years ago...generally in/to the Carolina Colonies..  To my knowledge the use of tin foil in BBQ (As A Crutch) is a modern "fast food"...
  11. corn cob

    #10 LEM Grinder/stuffer from Bass Pro Shops - Whats the "star" for

    You answered your own question...When switching from grinding to stuffing it is used to stabilize the auger...It is not the cutting blade..
  12. corn cob

    Stop the basting, mopping, and spritzing. Just cut it out.

    The article is full of holes ~~ Misinformation, opinion, myths, some elementary truths that have nothing to do with basting/mopping. To keep my blood pressure under control...My last comment on the diatribe will be.... Kool-Aid...THINK before you drink!! Cheers!
  13. corn cob

    What is the general concensus as to the safety of cooking food this way?

    Tell your wife she is right...There are carcinogenic compounds in wood smoke, and burned fats (regardless of cooking method) ~~ If you plan to eat this type of food 3 times a day, 7 days a week for the next 40 years then your risk will be pretty high for developing some form of cancer...
  14. corn cob

    London Broil Q-view

    London Broil is a cooking method/dish...Not a cut of beef.  The cuts of beef that most grocers label as London Broil...Top Round, flank etc are best suited for grilling hot and fast!.....If you choose to cook it slowly.. watch your internal temperatures closely or it will over cook, dry out, and...
  15. corn cob

    Is pulled pork better reheated the next day? -----POLL

    Both....... Vacuum Sealing is good.... When you know you are going to freeze...Consider not pulling that part....Less Surface area exposed is better....
  16. corn cob

    Bitter Smoke?

    From your limited information...two things. You are over smoking your meat....cut back on the amount of wood and the amount of time you apply smoke to the meat. Try a different wood...Hickory, while delicious, can over power....Try one of the milder flavoring woods...Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Oak...
  17. corn cob

    heat baffle for offset smoker?

    How about using less fuel...charcoal/wood etc....Easier to add than to take away....... Learn to control your fire using the air intake adjustment....More air..hotter fire....Less air...cooler fire... Leave the smokestack fully open......... It takes time and practice....Hang in there! Fun!
  18. corn cob

    I need some advice!

    A Restaurant/Cafe/Diner/etc That offers One Meat...(usually has a choice of two or three), and a choice 3 Vegetables/Starches out of maybe 6 or 8.......Often times a roll or cornbread muffin, and a glass of tea is thrown in on the deal.....HTH Fried Chicken ~~ Rice & Gravy, Turnip Greens, and...
  19. corn cob

    Best Charcoal Smoker under $500.00???

      Now in the less than $500 price range... the Weber WSM is the lead dog!
  20. corn cob

    I need some advice!

    If you're serious about getting into the business...Start with the Southern Pride Line or the Cook Shack Commercial cookers  ~~~ Consistency in product is key! Have Fun
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