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  1. justpassingthru

    Boykjo's Jalapeno & Cheese Kielbasa in Tahiti

    Some months ago Joe sent me some of his special Kielbasa seasoning to try, I finally "made" the time to try it last weekend. I made 5# following his directions but used fresh Jals rather than canned and we don't have Hi-temp cheese so I used a variety of Swiss cheese called Madrigal.  Last...
  2. justpassingthru

    Smoke Generator for my GOSM

    I have one of Todd's incredible inventions and it works great, my only problem is the sawdust, the Government just enacted a new law last year that ALL non-edible agricultural products entering the country must be sprayed, so my saw dust would be sprayed with some nasty chemicals that I don't...
  3. justpassingthru

    Dry-Aged Sirloin Roast w/ help from Chef JimmyJ

    I'm just getting around to posting this smoke from the first of November, dry-aging and making the jus were a first for me, ...we have the benefit of learning from some great chefs and cooks here at SMF so I must give credit where it is do to Chef JimmyJ for walking me through it, with all the...
  4. justpassingthru

    Smoked Lagoon Fish Fattie - thanks teeznuts

    Hey gang, it's been a while! Teeznuts posted a salmon fattie a whle back so I thought I would try one with the ground lagoon fish they sell here, I wasn't able to take pics of the actual grinding process, but he uses a meat grinder that is older that anyone here. Here's the ground fish, they...
  5. justpassingthru

    Turkey Question: what do I do?

    I went to the store today and picked out a nice sirloin roast to smoke this weekend, while I was there I cruised by the poultry section and they have turkeys!!! Here's the problem, they are Butterball already cooked, smoked turkeys, what do I do, just heat it up in the WSM?  Low and slow and...
  6. justpassingthru

    Non-Lethal ABT's for the Ladies in the house.

    Mrs JPT came home with a sack full of Bell Peppers from the Farmers Market, said she couldn't pass up such a good deal and also said I would find something to make with them, that reminded me of her last to good to pass up good deal and the 3 pounds of cream cheese sitting in the fridge. The...
  7. justpassingthru

    Peach Galette in the WSM

    Ever since OUFAN asked about smoked peach cobbler the wheels have been turning in my head, I was in the store this week and they had fresh peaches, I bought 3, but when I cut into them they were too green to be any good, so I went cruising in the canned fruit aisle and found some Del Monte...
  8. justpassingthru

    Need Help with Blower Placement

    I've installed a PID controlled 1200W heater strip in my GOSM to be able to have the lower temps for smoking sausage, I've installed a diffuser plate to bring the heat towards the door rather than just going straight up the back wall of the smoker which works great, the problem is I have a 18°...
  9. justpassingthru

    Artichoke-Spinach Chicken, Thai Chicken Sausage and Muebe's Nuggets

    This weekend was a sausage weekend for me, I ground and mixed 5 pounds SOB's Artichoke-Spinach Chicken Sausage last night and left it in the fridge overnight for the spices to meld. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110625/spinach-artichoke-chicken-sausage After that I ground and mixed...
  10. justpassingthru

    WSM Mango Smoked Chicken Nachos

    I've been craving some nachos so I decided to make a diner out of them, I brinned a whole chicken in taco spices for 8 hours and smoked it at 300° to 167°, shredded the meat and added more taco spices, made some salsa with my first cuttings of the cilantro growing on the back porch, cut up some...
  11. justpassingthru

    Lamb Chops & Pizza Maters

    The pizza maters we smoked were so good the family requested more, so Sunday Mrs JPT brought home a dozen ripe maters from the Farmer's Market, I was all prepared to smoke them last night and then I found I didn't have enough foil cups so the smoke was postponed. Today while I was at the store...
  12. justpassingthru

    PIZZA 'MATERS - Thank You meateater

    After seeing meateaters' I just had to try them, stuffed with Italian sausage, green olives, 'shrooms, pizza sauce and three cheeses, Emmenthal, Gruyere and Mozz, smoked for 45 minutes at 300° in the WSM, ...they were excellent! Here's the Q-view. I used disposable cups, didn't want to have to...
  13. justpassingthru

    Wood Too Dry???

    I was cleaning up my shop today and found a couple of sacks of mango and guava wood buried under stuff, it's dry, real dry, my question is can wood be too dry, it burns, but will it work in a low temp environment like a smoker?   Gene
  14. justpassingthru

    Chinese BBQ Chicken

    My smoking hiatus has come to an end, I can't lurk anymore late at night and just drool over all of your excellent Q-view, ...I need smoke, I need to smell smoke, I need to taste smoke, ...I need to build a fire! So here it is, Chinese BBQ chicken from a friend of a friend who is Chinese and...
  15. justpassingthru

    Chicken Jalapeno-Mango Sausage

    Hello friends, I have been real busy at work and no time to smoke, we've been living off of rabbit food (salad) and crock pot meals since I can't remember when, ...Mrs JPT was tired of that so she brought home some steaks to grill, sorry no pics and I grilled some Huli Huli chicken last...
  16. justpassingthru

    My New Toy

    Hey friends, I haven't been around much lately, been working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day so I 'lurk' late at night, ...y'all been puttin' out some fine looking grub, ...congrats to all. The auger in my "inexpensive" $45 meat grinder finally stripped out, so in desperation to grind some...
  17. justpassingthru

    Photo Test - New Camera

    My diabetic lunch, all the food groups on one plate,  playing with the new camera for close ups. Grilled turkey & cheese on garlic-blues (blue cheese)  bread. This is better. Oh yeah! I'm as tickled as a June bug in summer!!! Now I gotta figure out the lighting. Gene
  18. justpassingthru

    Tomato Pie - Awesome!!! Thank You Flash

    We were discussing what we could make with tomatoes over on dougmays chicken-tomato soup thread and Flash suggested a tomato pie, I've never heard of a tomato pie so I searched google and came up with an interesting recipe which I added some personal touches to. Mrs JPT bought some tomatoes at...
  19. justpassingthru

    Poisson Cru - Tahitian Raw Fish in Coconut Milk

    Big Twig asked for the recipe for Poisson Cru, here it is. Let’s start with the coconut milk, I imagine anyone making this that doesn’t have access to fresh coconuts will have to buy it in a can, but since they're numerous here we will chose a coconut that is full of water, it sloshes when you...
  20. justpassingthru

    A Local's View of Tahiti - Continued Part II

    The poi wrapped in banana leaves is poured into coconut milk and then cut up with two knives. Breadfruit. Breadfruit poi, this was the first time I have seen this. (Gary, see the gallon ice cream container) LOL Cutting up the pig. See the Mt Rotui tee shirt. Kiley had some...
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