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  1. swalker

    Smoked eggs

    Ok, I couldn't stand it any longer. I have read up on some that have taken eggs right out of their fridge and put on their Traeger at 275 degrees for two hours. I got about 15 minutes to go and they will be out there the 2 hours. Hoping for the best... Love my 2012 Lil Tex.
  2. swalker

    Smoking cheese on a Hot Day....

    Iced Cheese...Not really, but it has been too hot to smoke cheese lately. So I helped it out today. It was around 75 degrees when I put the cheese on. The pan of ice really helped. It has been on for about 4 hours. It is 90 degrees now. I just pulled it and have it cooling in the fridge. I was...
  3. swalker

    Smoking Tilapia

       Today is the first time for me to try my hand a smoking Tilapia. I made a brine with brown sugar, kosher salt, some garlic powder and some onion powder. Then mixed it all in apple juice. I let the fish soak for a couple hours and then put in on my Lil Tex at the smoke setting. Things appear...
  4. swalker

    Traeger Lil Tex

        Any one else using a Traeger Lil Tex? I bought mine in 2012. It had an analog temp control. All I have ever had to do was I installed an Ortech T100 controller because I wanted digital. It has by far been the best smoker I have ever owned. I got a 15lb turkey in it right now. Lol...
  5. swalker

    Smoked white cheddar cheese

    I bought this Amaz-n pellet tube smoker to use in my Treager. It is awesome for cold smoking. Put on some Cabot extra sharp white cheddar about an hour ago. Will let it set in there a couple more hours and should be ready to remove.
  6. swalker

    Bark, using a Traeger smoker

    Hi all,    I don't seem to get a good bark smoking ribs on my Traeger...Not sure why. I apply a rub and put in the smoker...But I don't seem to get a bark on the ribs. I put on two racks of ribs around 12 pm. They are getting close to being done...Just don't seem to have a good looking bark on...
  7. swalker

    Jeff's Rub

    My wife does not care for Jeff's rib rub. She says it is too hot for her. So I am removing the cayenne pepper for her. Has anyone else tweaked the recipe? Just wondering if I should add a spice back or just make it and leave the cayenne out. Thoughts  appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  8. swalker

    Pork Chops

    Sorry, but I did not take pictures. Got a couple 1 inch pork chops on my Treager smoker right now. Going to add a couple baked potatoes and a nice leafy green sald for tonights supper. I love my Treager smoker....Hope your weekend smoke was a good one. Steve...
  9. swalker

    15lb Bone-in Ham

    Gonna smoke a 15 lb bone in Ham for Sunday. From the chart I have, this is gonna take awhile. Thats ok, I want it good. So I have decided on a brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and mustard rub....Hoping for some input here. At 1.5 hours per pound, I am looking at a 22 hour smoke, give or take...
  10. swalker

    Treager Lil Tex

    Got the Lil Tex put together and seasoned. Ready for smoking now. I think I am going to love this grill.
  11. swalker

    Traeger wood pellet smoker.

    Hi Everyone...I have been away from the forum for awhile...But I have still been smoking all along. I just ordered me a Traeger Lil Tex wood pellet smoker. I can not hardly wait for it to arrive. Just wondering if any other members are using one? A buddy told me about them. I searched you tube...
  12. swalker

    Adding wood for smoking

       I Love my GOSM smoker...It works great...Now here is what I want to here from the experts...When you are running your smoker, do you continue to add wood to the smoker? My GOSM has a small pan for adding Hickory, Apple, etc. So when you are smoking and this burns out, do you keep adding wood...
  13. swalker

    Chicken Salad

    Not smoked, but ya got to try it... Chicken Salad 2 cans of chicken breast seedless red grapes sliced in half celery about 4 stalks sliced almonds 1 small package water chestnuts 1 can chopped craisins 1/2 bag mandarin oranges 1 small can pineapple tidbits 1 small can mix 1 cup of mayo 1 cup...
  14. swalker

    Arkansas pulled pork

       I smoked 25 lbs of pork shoulders and pulled them at 195 degrees...It took around 13 hours to reach this temperature...We served pulled pork and wicked baked beans with all  the trimmings for our 22nd Moto Guzzi campout at the Eureka Springs KOA Father's Day weekend...What a hit. Almost...
  15. swalker

    Landmann gas smoker

    Anyone using a Landmann gas smoker? Looking for thoughts on this one. I like the two pull out drawers for the water pan and smoke box...I run a GOSM now and really like it, but might be tempted to try one of the Landmann's. Please let me know. Steve
  16. swalker

    Baby Backs

    My wife has to work tomorrow, so I bought us a rack of baby backs today... Going to fire up the smoker tomorrow for her...Also gonna fix a mess of Dutch's wicked baked beans to go with them...Ribs are rubbed down now and will sit in the fridge till the morning...Then hit the smoker...Can't...
  17. swalker

    Meatloaf today...

    I smoked a meatloaf today...It is still in the smoker and just about ready...I got a couple of ears of sweet corn in there too...It is setting at 152 degrees now, so will fix some mashed potatoes and gravy shortly...My wife worked today so I figured the least I could do was fix her some...
  18. swalker

    Grow your own Veggies

       This year I bought 6 Garden patch grow boxes...They so far have been absolutely wonderful for growing our own veggies to add to our smoker or grill. Look them up on the net. They are self watering and have really produced for us this year. So am hoping you might be interested too...Really...
  19. swalker

    Two 15 lb butt roasts

       We are having our 21st annual moto guzzi rally next weekend. So my lovely wife brings me home two 15lb pork butt roasts...Rubbed em down yesterday afternoon and on the smoker this morning at 5:30am.   I like the 195 to 200 degree range for pulling. I also use 1part Captain Morgans spiced rum...
  20. swalker

    GOSM Help

    My GOSM smoker does not want to light on its own...Can you replace this striker or clean it or what. It has always worked good. Now you can turn the gas one and click the striker and it does not want to light the burner...Please help... Thanks, Steve
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