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  1. phrogs4ever

    Grilled Corn

    I've never soaked my corn.  I buy the whole ears, remove the husk and silk, spray around the ear with spray butter, dust with either chili powder or bbq rub (depends on what the meal is), and grill for 20 minutes.  I rotate them a quarter turn every five minutes and get thoroughly cooked, ever...
  2. phrogs4ever

    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    Well, I guess it's better to join a party late than to miss it completely... USMC 1993 - present, ten years active, ten more in the Reserves and still drilling.  I guess I still have a little something left in the tank.  I really appreciate some of the old timers sharing their experiences...
  3. phrogs4ever

    Hello from Sugar Land

    htrisna, that's all good information and I appreciate the effort in your response.  I'm over in League City and figure there's enough options for locally made smokers that I shouldn't have to pay for shipping to get what I want.  Since this will be a true patio smoker for me, I thought the...
  4. phrogs4ever

    Hello from Sugar Land

    htrisna, any updates on the square smoker?  I was wondering how well it holds temps for longer smokes, and your overall satisfaction with it using as a grill and as a smoker.  I'm looking at getting one, any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.
  5. phrogs4ever

    what brand vertical cabinet cookers are in the $1k range?

    http://www.backwoods-smoker.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=85 Depending on your size needs, the Chubby starts in your price range but for a few hundred dollars more the Party will give you a lot of versatility.
  6. phrogs4ever

    Smoking in Texas

    Welcome aboard, Doc.  I'm put out the "stop by and say hello" smoke signal to my neighbors about twice a month down here in League City.  Pretty close to a restaurant called T-Bone Tom's by the way.
  7. phrogs4ever

    Lone Star Grillz

    I was just browsing their products as well.  Especially tempting is the square grill and smoker hybrid, but I want to find out some first hand info before I consider buying.  I figure there's a good reason why the side fire box has been around so long and is the basic design of most smokers, I...
  8. phrogs4ever

    I Need Your Two Cents on this Center Mount Firebox from Lone Star Grillz....

    mds23, curious if you actually purchased the square grill and smoker.  I found myself researching it as well and sounds good, but was wondering if it performs as advertised.
  9. phrogs4ever

    My New Lang 36 Deluxe Hybrid with my first attempt at a mod (Q-view heavy)

    That thing looks huge for a 36.  Maybe it's the two doors/lids that make it look longer.
  10. phrogs4ever

    Do it yourself UDS Kit

    I was thinking not a bad deal until I read "drum not included."  Oh well.
  11. phrogs4ever

    Perfect Father's Day Gift

    So I'm having dinner with some friends Friday night and I mention that I just got an iPad issued to me from work.  Apparently, that sparked a whole silent conversation between my wife and her girlfriend because she just bought me a Nook for Father's Day and now felt like it was a wasted gift. ...
  12. phrogs4ever

    Not sure what to call this Q-View Heavy

    Cajun Rollup?  Bayou Fatty?  That definitely deserves a name!
  13. phrogs4ever

    UDS Plans

    http://issue1.smokesignalsmagazine.com/ Go to page 25 for UDS build.
  14. phrogs4ever

    Patio size offset smoker

    WSM = Weber Smokey Mountain SFB = Side FireBox MES = Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
  15. phrogs4ever

    WSM to SFB input...

    I just want a little info from anyone that's traded in a vertical bullet smoker and went to a side firebox smoker.  I'm actually using a Char-broiler double chef, no longer being made, but I learned to work that sucker like a champ.  Stable temps, easy to clean and maintain, 10-12 hours on one...
  16. phrogs4ever

    BBQ Pits by Klose

    Here's another reverse flow smoker made in the Houston area. www.oldbuzzardsmokers.com
  17. phrogs4ever

    ~Backwoods Style Build

    I don't want this thread to sit idle for too long, I'm real interested in how the finished product turned out.  What type of door latches used, what type of air intake installed, type of cook racks used, type and location of temp probe/thermometer, and most importantly, is it as efficient with...
  18. phrogs4ever

    Ok I am addicted to making these things

    I'm down in League City looking to build one this summer.  It will be my first.  Where are you getting your drums?
  19. phrogs4ever

    thebackyardbbqer.com is gone?

    Not the same site, thanks.
  20. phrogs4ever

    thebackyardbbqer.com is gone?

    Does anyone know the owner, or what happened to this website? http://www.thebackyardbbqer.com/index.html   I bookmarked it because it had good uds plans and videos.  I just got access to a drum and want to build my uds in the next couple of weeks but this website is down.  I know there are...
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