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  1. que-ball

    An A-Maze-N Review

    Good review, Richoso.  I just got my 6x6 AMNS, and was pleasantly surprised at how sturdily made this thing is.  Empty, it weighs 3/4 pound, and not a sharp edge anywhere.
  2. que-ball

    Need advice on making sausage for first time.

    SmokinAl--Any chance you can borrow a vertical stuffer from somebody for your first go-round? Nepas--Your recipe for 5# Italian sausage calls for 3.5# lean meat plus 3.5# pork.  What's up with that?  Thanks for the recipe.
  3. que-ball

    Hi Gang

    Sorry to hear it, Silverwolf.  I was wondering why you hadn't posted.  I hope things work out for you.
  4. que-ball

    Going to try Venison SS this weekend

    Sorry I missed this thread until now.  Hopefully you got the bugs worked out.  I thought one of your thermometers had to be off, but you proved that wasn't the case. Did you have probes in any sausages on lower shelves, and did those show higher temps?  If so, I think you are losing too much...
  5. que-ball

    Venison Back Straps

    I never close my exhaust vent even a little bit while the smoke is rolling.  If I'm doing something like summer sausage that gets cold smoke and then a higher temp to cook to temperature, I will close the exhaust vent if necessary after removing the smoke pan in order to get the higher chamber...
  6. que-ball

    Good Deal on a Vacuum Sealer

    Thanks for the links, both of you.
  7. que-ball

    Case Qty....

    Assuming you're going into the store as opposed to ordering online, those are questions to ask the guy behind the meat counter.  No doubt there is some variation in the case weight.
  8. que-ball

    I Did It..............First Time Venison Summer Sausage....WOW

    Looks great, especially for a first try.  Keep it up!
  9. que-ball

    Bacon weave issues

    Don't get too close to the edge of your sausage with the fillings, then the totsie-roll twist in saran wrap should tighten it right up on the ends. Don't forget the qview, so we can see how you are doing it now, and you can get more specific advice. 
  10. que-ball

    FINALLY got my new computer today!

    Welcome back.  That first qview post is bound to be a doozie!
  11. que-ball

    My TIP of the Winter

    Glad you're back! Got qview to back up your tip?
  12. que-ball

    Vacuum sealing to marinate

    I do it in a canister when I'm making whole muscle jerky.  Works great if you don't want to wait overnight between slicing and dehydrating! 
  13. que-ball

    SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY !!! Are you prepared

    Glad you're back! If you ask me, every day should be Squirrel appreciation day. 
  14. que-ball

    Legg's Old Plantation seasoning

    You probably want hog casings, and you will need a cure salt (Instacure#1 or Tenderquick) to add if you're going to smoke it.  Morton's tenderquick should be available in the seasoning/spice section of your local grocery store, depending on where you live.  Instacure#1 (sometimes called pink...
  15. que-ball

    Pure Venison

    If you want pure venison sausage, I recommend not adding vegetable oil either and make snack sticks.  Just don't overdry them.  Vegetable oil will stay liquid, and what doesn't run right out of your sausage mix and make a mess of your smoker will give your sausage a greasy texture.  You will be...
  16. que-ball

    Deer Summer Sausage

    Looks good. but why use seasoned sausage instead of pork to mix with your venison?  The seasoning kit is proportioned to season all the meat, not just the venison.
  17. que-ball

    summer sausage Q view, new pic

    Yeah, you can read quite a bit into some of these comments.  I guess I should have said "complete stuffer". Yours is just a smaller version of mine.  In your original post of just the bottom, it looked to me like a wood frame, and an oversized spout on the bottom that wasn't threaded to accept...
  18. que-ball

    summer sausage Q view, new pic

    It looks from here like your summer sausage turned out great.  What's the "painful experience" you referred to? I always grind my venison and pork together, once coarse, and once fine, after weighing out the amount of each I will use in the recipe.  For summer sausage, stuff the casings as...
  19. que-ball

    Meat Processing

    I'd like to see it, too.  Adding pictures to your definition post would be a great way to do it.
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