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  1. ozark rt

    The World Champion New Orleans Saints

    I just like seeing that.
  2. ozark rt

    I have a question for you.

    The dentist my wife works for has just built and moved into a new office. As an office warming present I was thinking of sending a food tray but wanted to be a bit more personal than just picking up the old deli/cheese tray from the grocery. So what would you guys recommend? Whether it is...
  3. ozark rt

    Thanksgiving dressing help?

    At my house my daughter and I are the only 2 people who like good old southern cornbread dressing. All of the others won't touch the stuff(ing) with a 10' pole. Some don't like celery, others don't like sage, etc. etc. etc. Do any of you have any dressing recipes that are away from the norm that...
  4. ozark rt

    Yet another question about meat loaf

    Got my first attempt at meat loaf sitting in a disposable pan at 250 right now. My questions are do any of you poke holes in the bottom to drain the juices while cooking? How does not draining vs. draining affect cooking times / internal temps?
  5. ozark rt

    One more time

    I know it's been posted before but before I hit the road I want to wish everyone here a very merry Christmas. I hope this blessed season finds each of you and your families at peace and joyful. May God bless you, Richard
  6. ozark rt

    Smoking a precooked ham

    How high should I take the internal temp on a precooked ham?
  7. ozark rt

    Tony Chachere's Injectable Marinade

    Have any of you used Tony Chachere's Praline Honey Ham injectable marinade? Pros/cons? I've yet to buy anything that they make I did not like but thought I would ask you gurus before trying. Thanks
  8. ozark rt

    Mops or spritzs?

    Do you baste or spray your bird when smoking and what do you use for turkey? Also if I were to wrap and place into the cooler would I spray it like I do a pork butt and brisket?
  9. ozark rt

    Mop/Spritz question

    Have any of y'all ever used grape juice, either alone or mixed with something else, as a mop or spritz?
  10. ozark rt


    I know it has been asked before, but I don't remember hearing whether or not if anyone has heard from Gunslinger. Anyone?
  11. ozark rt

    Chili Recipe?

    Do any of you fine and distinguished people have a good chili recipe you would be willing to share? With the coming of cooler weather I am starting to get a hankering for a pot of that delectable southwestern sauce. My problem is that I do not have any good tried and true recipes for chili, but...
  12. ozark rt

    Man I love this time of year!!!

    The weather has cooled, getting a few showers now and then, and it's football season. More importantly college football season!!! One can rent the smoker/grill below for tailgate parties at Fayetteville. One side opens & the thin blue exits thru the hogs snout. I really wish someone would throw...
  13. ozark rt

    Smokin in the boy's room

    Last Saturday was another good day of bonding between me and my smoker. We got to spend several hours of quality time together. Mostly it was about pork fat and all the goodness it brings. Started the day kind of late as it was around 10 a.m. before my temps settled in at 228°. Then it was add...
  14. ozark rt

    Tenderloin help please?

    The local market had tenderloins on sale when I went by to pick up some babybacks and a boston butt so I thought I might give it a shot. But the problem is I've never smoked a loin before, I've only wrapped them in bacon and indirect grilled a couple in the past. So my question is do any of you...
  15. ozark rt

    Dutch Oven Black Forest Cake

    Here is one I stole from the lady who got us started using dutch ovens for my wife's former girl scout troops. I will link the site I took this from if you want to check other recipes. http://www.aetn.org/arkansasoutdoors/archives.htm BTW I've done this one using Dr Pepper & it turned out very...
  16. ozark rt

    T Buckets And Blue Smoke

    The National T-Bucket Assoc. is headquartered in my home town & every year they have a ralley here with approx 150 or so T-buckets coming into town for a week. This year they added a BBQ contest to go along with the other activities. It was pretty cool to listen to good music, check out some hot...
  17. ozark rt

    Pic test

    picture test
  18. ozark rt

    Anyone here grow up in a small town?

    If you did then you might enjoy this: SMALL TOWNS Those who grew up in small towns will laugh when they read this. Those who didn't will be in disbelief and won't understand how true it is. 1) You can name everyone you graduated with. 2) You know what 4-H means. 3) You went to parties at...
  19. ozark rt

    Anybody get any new gadgets for Father's Day?

    No new gadgets here but the dog did get me a new book titled "Weber's Charcoal Grilling, The Art of Cooking With Live Fire". It's loaded with a lot of recipes that will be tried soon.
  20. ozark rt

    Cleaning your smoker

    Forgive me if this has already been posted, but do any of you offset smokers ever clean the walls inside your smoking chambers? If you do what cleaning agents do you use, how often do you clean it, etc.?
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