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  1. squatch

    Bless Me Lord, For I Have Sinned! Smoker Is Worth More Than Our Deck..

    In my own defense I’ve been researching and saving for over two years! Still, I do feel a bit guilty... but I also feel like a proud new father! Say hello to my new Mak 1 Star General! I’m so excited I just needed to share with some like-minded friends who would appreciate what’s really going...
  2. squatch

    Smoke'd Grenade's

     I was trying to come up with an idea for something new and a bit different to bring as an easy-to-make appetizer to a recent camping trip to be my contribution for the potluck... after some thought this is the new recipe I came up with, and boy were they a big hit!  My version shown here were...
  3. squatch

    Trying To Keep Track Of Multiple Items/Flavors

    Maybe this has been discussed before and I missed that class! This has probably already been figured out by now I would imagine.. If so I apologize haha!      I needed to keep 4 different rubs on 4 different half-racks of pork ribs separate for the purpose of "testing" new potential...
  4. squatch

    Shrimp 'N Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers!

      These turned out sooooo good... they are probably illegal in Ca.! I can't take all the credit for these delectably tasty morsels, as I received the original recipe in my monthly "Smoking Meat Newsletter" email I get from Jeff of http://www.smoking-meat.com/ Here is the link to the original...
  5. squatch

    Asian Inspired Country Style Pork - Recipe & Q.View

    This is a marinade recipe I have fine-tuned to suit our families taste. It is very similar to authentic marinade used for Kalbi, Galbi, or Korean BBQ... normally it would be used to marinate flanken cut beef ribs, but that cut of meat is nearly impossible for me to find locally, and expensive...
  6. squatch

    Tri-Tip's,Asian Style Country Pork Rib's,Sweet-N-Spicy Beans - Q.View

    I have GRILLED several hundred Tri Tip, but being fairly new to the wonderful art of smoking meat this will be my first attempt doing them on the smoker... I keep reading through all these Tri Tip threads so I had to give it a go! How bad can it possibly be? 
  7. squatch

    I'd Just Like To Share My Appretiation And Say THANK's!!

    I love this place.  Like a sponge, I have absorbed a TON of great knowledge browsing through various thread's, throughout several different sub-forum's, covering a multitude of crazy-good smoking creation's that I honestly never before realized existed... until now! Thank you Tulsa Jeff, for...
  8. squatch

    Crazy-Good Pork Butt... Mmmm!!

    Well, I hope it is anyway! ... it smell's pretty dang good!! Wont get to try it until around midnight or so though. Anyone like to "brine" their butt before smoking? I am going to give it a go with this one...
  9. squatch

    Chili Made With Leftover Smoked Tri Tip! Q'View!

    Disclaimer:  I created this outstanding batch of chili after combining ideas from several recipe's... All the ingredient's listed were thing's that I already had on hand... I didn't actually measure most of the dried ingredients, so I gave my best guess as to the approximate amount's used for...
  10. squatch

    Help Needed With Chili Recipe's Using Leftover Tri-Tip

    I ended up bringing back the leftovers of 4 Tri Tip's from a recent group fishing/camping trip in effort to not allow them to go to waste, and I am thinking I would like to make a batch of chili or maybe chili soup (or a batch of each?) to bring to another upcoming Fest in 2 weeks!    I have...
  11. squatch

    Bringing Back The 14.5" Weber Smokey Mountain!

    It's official, Weber has re-released the 14.5" WSM  This may be old news, but it's the first I've heard of it... I just received Cabelas  "Outdoor Cooking" mini-catalog in the mail today and it had a photo of it, so I just jumped on their web site and it is currently listed as being available...
  12. squatch

    Second Fatty, Pizza Style!

    Threw this together last min. to fill up some otherwise-would-be wasted rack space while I attempt to smoke my first Pork Butt... and I am glad I did! Simple list of ingredients used for Pizza Fatty:Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Pizza Sauce, Oregano, home-made...
  13. squatch

    First Butt, Second Fatty! - With Q'View

    Have I mentioned how much I love my new smoker and this awesome forum!?!    Today's smoke will be breaking into new territory for me... doin' a 5 pound boneless Pork Shoulder Roast low and slow for some pulled pork sandwich's... and to make proper use of some of the extra rack space I am also...
  14. squatch

    Ribs: Wet, Dry, Sweet, Spicy... Something For Everyone

    Guess what I'm doing today...    3 full rack's, each one is going to be different
  15. squatch

    Cutting "Notch" In WSM Drum For Temp Probe Wires

     I like the idea of being able to remove meat from the smoker without having to remove the temp probe from the meat so I am planning to cut a notch in the top edge of the center section on my 3 week old 22.5" WSM, but the thought of messing it up does make me a bit skeptical! Has anyone here...
  16. squatch

    First Attempt, Introducing The Bacon Bleu Cheese Buffalo Burger Fatty! Qview

    Well... like the title say's, this is my very first attempt to "SMOKE A FATTY"!    And to make things interesting I have come up with an idea for my own version that as far as I could find has never been mentioned on-line! That's no guarantee this has never before been tried, but I would like...
  17. squatch

    First Pork Rib's, First Q'View

     A successful first burn on the new smoker with chicken quarters gave me enough confidence to move on to some ribs!  After reading through a bunch of recipes and watching 23 pre-recorded episodes of BBQ Pitmasters I figured I had a good handle on things    I incorporated ideas from several...
  18. squatch

    Finally Pulled The Trigger

    I've been researching as to which first smoker I should purchase for a couple month's now... I had pretty much narrowed it down between either a "old gen" Stainless MES40, or a WSM... you can probably guess which one I finally decided to go with since I am posting this here in the Charcoal...
  19. squatch

    More Than 1 Way To Grill A Tri Tip!

    I am fairly new around here and unfortunately I do not have any "smoking" experience worth sharing (yet)... though I have been "grilling" for year's, and I see a lot of Tri Tip threads on SMF so I figured I would share a couple unique but easily replicated versions of my own T.T.! If you like...
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