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  1. muhkuhmuh


  2. muhkuhmuh

    Pork chops

  3. muhkuhmuh

    Fleischkäse/ Leberkäse

    800g pork 200g crushed ice or ice Cold mineral water spices for 1 kg 20g pickling salt 3-5g cutter process aid/sausage phosphates 3g White pepper 0,5g cardamon 2g mace/nutmeg optional edam cheese 10g fine chopped onion
  4. muhkuhmuh

    Wiener Würstchen

    Wiener Würstchen 600g pork 200g beef 200g crushed ice/ or ice Cold sparkling water spices for 1kg 20g pickling salt 3-5g cutter process aid 3g white pepper 1g mace/ or nutmeg 1g Paprika 2g onion powder i use caliber 22/24 sheep intestine smoke the sausage for 60 minutes at 60-70 °C. Then...
  5. muhkuhmuh

    baby turkey

    hello i smoked this Turkey 3 weeks ago. I put the turkey for 24 hours in a brine then smoked the turkey for 4-5 Hours at 130°C. In the end I raised the temperature a bit more.
  6. muhkuhmuh

    baby back ribs

    today i made ribs mith Pommes :) rub= magic dust mop Sauce= self made jack Daniels bbq Sauce
  7. muhkuhmuh

    Föhrer Vollkornbrot (Wholemeal bread)

    Hello I've been baking this bread for almost 9 months and it's my absolute favorite bread. The recipe comes from the Facebook group "Breadmania ". I have asked Peter Hülsmann for permission to publish the recipe here. I tried to translate the recipe. Tomorrow I can show you a cut picture of...
  8. muhkuhmuh

    Alabama white chicken

  9. muhkuhmuh

    Stremel Lachs

    Hallo I smoked the fish at 70 °c 45 hot. I took the charcoal out and still smoked about 60 min.
  10. muhkuhmuh

    Beef Ribs, Brisket and Beans

    Hallo Today I organized a little BBQ for some Friends. The meat was about 6 hours in the vertical smoker.
  11. muhkuhmuh

    48 Baguette

    Hallo i used this recipe https://brotdoc.com/2017/11/01/48-stunden-baguettes/ u can change the language on the right side to english
  12. muhkuhmuh

    "HBO" Holzbackofen Nummer 2

    Hallo i decieded bevor ab few months to build a new wood fired oven. The new oven shuld be bigger and insulated.
  13. muhkuhmuh

    some drumsticks

  14. muhkuhmuh

    flippin cricket burger

    Hallo i found this recipe in a burger book. The red pickled onions are fantastic.
  15. muhkuhmuh

    Pastrami sandwiches

    Hello This is my second pastrami I have smoked. From this we made some sandwiches.
  16. muhkuhmuh

    brisket and ribs and beans

  17. muhkuhmuh

    Chicken with Pommes

    Hello Last year I grilled this chicken in the UDS. I had some problems to get temperature over 180°C, but it has nice juicy remained.
  18. muhkuhmuh


  19. muhkuhmuh

    pane sera

    I found the recipe on this site http://www.homebaking.at/pane-sera/ T65 and T80 are French flour species
  20. muhkuhmuh

    grobe Bauern Mettwurst (smoked sausage)

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