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    Rhubarb Habanero Beef Jerky

    Have any of you tried marinating your beef strips in rhubarb Habanero sauce for making jerky, I just put 3 pounds in the fridge to marinate over night.
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    Do you use an AMNPS in your pellet smokers

    I just bought a new Pit Boss 700D & I was wondering if I should try using my AMNPS for more smoke. I just did some chicken breasts & they didn't seem to have as much smoke as I would like. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Tryed out my now AMNPS, Question?

    I got my AMNPS last week and decided to give it a try this weekend. I filled the tray about 3/4 full of apple pellets & lit one end, it burned about 1/2 the pellets then went out. I had the smoker (MES 30) running at 230º & had water pan 3/4 full of apple cider vinegar. Is it possible that the...
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    Pellet tube or tray?

    I have a Masterbuilt 30" digital smoker & need more smoke, which do you all recommend, the pellet tube or pellet tray?
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    A-Maz-N Smoker & Pellets

    Will an A-Maz-N Smoker made for sawdust work with pellets?
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    Just bought a new Masterbuilt Pro electric smoker

    Just bought a new Masterbuilt Pro electric smoker, it's currently seasoning @ 300º. I am going to do some boneless chicken breasts and some bacon wrapped drumsticks for tonight. The chicken is brining now. my question is, how long do you brine & what temp is best, I have heard everything from...
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    How long is too long?

    I prepared a 10# brisket for smoking tomorrow but our company just called & told us they couldn't make it. How long will a brisket that has been rubbed with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub keep in the fridge. We are getting more company on Friday, so I was wondering if that was too long to keep it in the...
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    15# Rib Roast $4.99/lb for Christmas Dinner

    Picked up a 15 lb Rib Roast for Christmas Dinner, what do you guys use for a rub, just salt & pepper or do you go for more spices?
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    How long in fridge vacuum packed?

    How long can I keep a 15lb rib roast in the fridge that is vacuum packed from the market? I just picked it up today, do I need to freeze it?
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    My New UDS

    I just finished building my new UDS. I lit it about 15 min ago, so we will see how it operates. Inside I used a washing machine tub, it may be to large, if so I will put another insert in it to reduce the diameter. I used a bundt pan for holding the pellets or chips, not too sure about that.
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    Brisket in Boise W/Qview

    It's 4am, 38º and raining here in Boise, ID. I just put a 12lb Brisket in the smoker, I have had the smoker @ 225º for about 1hr & it's putting out nice TBH. I marinated the Brisket in a Dr. Pepper, Pomegranet/ Cranberry Juice, Soy Sauce, Teriyaki, Garlic Pepper, Beef Bullion, and McCormick...
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    15# Brined Turkey Approx. Cook Time?

    I am smoking a 15# turkey for a family friend today. I brined for 24hrs in Tip's brine, then rubbed & let sit overnight in the refer. I need to have this bird done at around 4:00pm today & was wondering what time to put the bird in the smoker @ about 325º. I also plan on sprizing with cherry juice.
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    Smokeing an smoked turkey breast?

    I bought an 11# skinless boneless turkey brease & was thinking of giving it another smoke, suggestions anyone?
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    CHOINKS, with Qview

    I have a rack of what I call CHOINKS, bacon wrapped chicken tenders. How do you all get your bacon to crisp up, do you let them crisp in the smoker or do you do it in the oven?
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    Nee temp suggestions for Round Roast

    I put a 15# Round Roast in the smoker this morning @ 5:30, I just checked it and the IT is @ 125º. I would like the meat to be medium rare, but I also want to give the meat a chance to get tender. I am going to slice the meat then vaccum pack it for freezing. I am looking for suggestions on when...
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    Ribeye or Rib Roast?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 cuts of meat? Both are available locally & both look good, but one is a lot cheaper. I will admit right now that I am meat cut challenged
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    NY Strip Steaks Tonight

    I am going to smoke a couple of NY Strips for dinner tonight & while I am at it I am going to do a practice run on some bacon wrapped chicken tenders. What I need to find out is the timing on the steaks versus chicken. Both ate ready to go now or I should say both are in the fridge ready to go...
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    Celery Seed

    Where does everyone get thier celery seed, I have look all over in the local markets & resturaunt supply & haven't been able to find it, all they carry is celery salt
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    First Pork Butt Pulled OMG!! Qview

    First pork butt ever, first smoke in the new home built plywood propane smoker. After an hour wrapped in the cooler The bark was like eating candy, got a big smile from momma & the dogs.
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    Ordered my new AMS

    Oredered my new AMS today, I am stoked to not have to stoke anymore
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