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  1. hinds90

    Weber kettle mountain

    Been loving my master built 560 but finally completed a WSM setup I've been wanting to do for a while partly because I wanted a stacker for my 26 but couldn't find one and the one I did find shipping was crazy. I saw this setup on facebook a few years ago and had to try it. NOTHING beats the...
  2. hinds90

    Pellet grill in apartment

    I have been using my Weber since December of last year with no issues from landlord. Several people have various different grills/smoker on their balcony but I'm pretty sure I'm the most frequent user. Now my issues is the start up of the pellet grill (pit boss). It creates a crap ton of smoke...
  3. hinds90

    Frist UDS build

    Will be gathering parts for my UDS. Not trying to do anything fancy just using what I have for the most part. My Weber lid fit the bottom of my drum so I'll be going that route. I have some weber legs that I can use the axle from to have a hunsaker type setup if I can figure a way to make it...
  4. hinds90

    Weber kettle mountain

    Did a few cooks on it so far and it's working good. Did my first brisket yesterday.
  5. hinds90

    18 1/2 diameter drum

    Anyone know what size drum would be around 18 1/4 to 18 1/2 diameter trying to find a center section for my jumbo joe.
  6. hinds90


    Wanting to try a small brisket on my mini wsm today. Haven't picked anything up from the store yet. Just curious what size would I need to be done around 9 or 10 tonight. Just me and my wife plus kinda last minute lol so I figured we don't need a huge brisket.
  7. hinds90

    Turkey day is almost upon us

    Curious what size turkey have you guys been able to fit in your mini WSM if you've been able to fit one at all?
  8. hinds90

    Curious about digital probe/analog

    I made a mini wsm and have been using a river country analog temp gauge on the smoker itself and have been using the thermopro tp08 dual digital probe to monitor meat and a back up to inside temps of the smoker. This past weekend I smoked a meatloaf and it seemed my temps where all over the...
  9. hinds90

    Smoking ribs temp

    2hat temp do you guys smoke baby back ribs at?
  10. hinds90

    Smoking 2 small chickens tomorrow

    This will be my 2nd(hopefully I can fit both) cook on my mini wsm. Just keeping the brine simple with salt and water. Open to any advice for crispy skin. Was thinking starting it off at 250 then 300 350 to finish it off
  11. hinds90

    AMNPS with galvanized smoke stack

    I'm doing the mail box mod to my electric smoker and the only elbow I could find to connect the smoker to the mail box is a galvanized steel. Will this be a issue? The smoker nor the amnps should reach temps high enough?
  12. hinds90

    Mailbox mod question

    I have a rangemaster electric smoker and will be doing the mailbox mod this weekend. My smoker doesn't have the hole for the chip loader. How would you guys go about cutting and setting the hole up for the duct with the double walls?
  13. hinds90

    Wood chip box and Temperature

    Will putting the wood chip box directly on heating element drastically affect temp? Also for those with heat probes to monitor the temp inside the smoker how many degrees does your smoker fluctuate when you have it set to the sweet spot?
  14. hinds90

    New mini owner

    I have been lurking this forum and others reading about the mini wsm and grill/smoking. Was just as simple as the how to's made it look. The screws I purchased from home Depot are zinc plated. Will that be okay or should I switch them.
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