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  1. bbqluvtoo

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Around here we are lucky enough that Costco carries the top cap in USDA Prime at $7.00 /lb - needless to say this in on our table many a nights - this cut is great alone or for fajitas , tacos and many other recipes - might just have to cook some up tonight now after seeing this post - although...
  2. bbqluvtoo

    Best way to freeze fresh fish?

    yes - I would put water into the freezer bag with the fillets and freeze this takes up less room and can be froze flat so stacking is not an issue - otherwise I also have done fish froze in Tupperware and water or milk jugs with the top cut off and filled with water - these of course take up a...
  3. bbqluvtoo

    Best way to freeze fresh fish?

    clean , fillet and freeze your fish in water - do not vacuum seal - at least this is the best method I have found
  4. bbqluvtoo

    Beer Brats

    To expand on Tom's post above a great beer bath needs to have butter added prior to putting the seared brats back in - 9 times out of 10 it's the way I make our brats for family, friends and strangers *** fantastic***
  5. bbqluvtoo

    Corned Beef Pastrami ~ Foamheart

    2nd the request on the homemade mustard recipe
  6. bbqluvtoo

    Anyone have a simple recipe for smoked BBQ beans?

    I agree with Dave above. The jalapenos do take a lot of the sweetness away - I too am not one looking for a lot of heat. When I make this recipe I use a full 2-3 medium jalapeno peppers but remove most of the seeds and ribs within the peppers this levels out the sweetness along with the heat...
  7. bbqluvtoo

    Anyone have a simple recipe for smoked BBQ beans?

    DUTCHES RECIPE - THESE ARE GREAT WICKED BAKED BEANS (Beans that will even make Chili Heads happy) 6-8 strips of bacon cut into 1/2 inch squares 1/2 Medium onion, diced 1/2 Bell pepper, diced 1 - 2 Jalapeno Peppers, diced (seeding is optional) 1 - 55 ounce can Bushs Baked Beans 1-8 ounce can of...
  8. bbqluvtoo

    dont know what to BBQ??,need new recipes/ meats!

    enjoy - share your cook and let us know how it goes - pictures would make it even sweeter
  9. bbqluvtoo

    dont know what to BBQ??,need new recipes/ meats!

    "I thought of meatloaf , but nothing really is "Jumping" out at me". Try the meatloaf you can't go wrong - this is one great meal - stuff the loaf with any type of cheese and prepare to be awwwwwed - you might even come out on the other end not understanding why you didn't try it earlier. PS -...
  10. bbqluvtoo

    New smoker - store bought vs custom barrel

    Not familiar with any of these. I would consider the material thickness in each and go with the heavier of the two. Right now it looks like the Landmann is the better unit. I only mention it as I don't even see an exhaust on the other. The roll formed ribs on the other one also indicate to me it...
  11. bbqluvtoo

    Just testing a multiple photo upload

    I think I'm leaning a little this way for dinner tonight - them sure look good Al
  12. bbqluvtoo


  13. bbqluvtoo

    1939 Frigidaire Build.....Wife is pissed!

    Honestly no idea - I just know that I would not be a big fan of them fumes and I would think burning all that would make a runny mess (could be wrong). If it was me I would try and scrap it out best I could and then clean it up after that. I have done this on a old refrigerator that I have...
  14. bbqluvtoo

    1939 Frigidaire Build.....Wife is pissed!

    To remove the last of the black tar gasoline , toluene or any other petroleum based product on a rag will clean that right up after the bigger chunks have been removed. just be sure to air it out good
  15. bbqluvtoo

    Dry aging chuck?

    Very interested in this idea - thinking this would make GREAT burger meat - if anyone else has done this I hope they speak up - otherwise if either of you two do it please post results - I do think I will get around to this just not anytime soon - busy doing other things right now
  16. bbqluvtoo

    Need help, first brisket!

    Looks good from here - enjoyed by all I would think
  17. bbqluvtoo

    Need help, first brisket!

    Stay the course - patience - and you will be rewarded -  everything will come together
  18. bbqluvtoo

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Hey neighbor - you will find a lot of great ideas on here 
  19. bbqluvtoo

    Draft Day burnt ends. Q-View

    I'm in for this - these look like they will turn out fantastic - enjoy the ride - looking forward to the end results
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