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  1. starsfaninco

    Repainting a GOSM big block

    Anyone done this, have suggestions? Mine is starting to see some weather damage and I'd like to proactively fix any problems before they start. Do I need to take it down to bare metal? Prime it? High heat paint? I'm not a painter and the best I've ever done is krylon stuff, so any...
  2. starsfaninco

    I'm back

    Been away from the forums for a while due to some major changes in my life. I bought my first house, and I'm getting married. While I still smoked during this time, I just haven't had the time to get online much. Anyway, things are slowing down for me and I found this was one of the places I...
  3. starsfaninco

    Happily unemployed :)

    Well I finally got my wish. I took a lay off package from the hell hole that was my job on Tuesday a week ago. I really don't know how you retired people do it. I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger doing all the stuff I never had time to do when I was working. I've got 7 months of...
  4. starsfaninco

    Red Wings Fans

    All I'm gonna say is Def Leppard. Welcome to the new season, let's hope it's broadcast in HD for every game :)
  5. starsfaninco

    Help with a movie title

    I know this is a smoking forum, but I'm at wits end. I'm trying to remember a movie title from a movie I remember watching as a young boy (sometime in the mid to late 70's). The plot was something like this: The story was told mostly in flashback. The main character was a young boy and his...
  6. starsfaninco

    HAM field day cook out.

    I think some of you are Ham's (the radio variety Rich). Our repeater association is participating in the Field day the weekend of the 27, 28, 29th and I've been asked to bring the smoker. I think we're going to do several butts and some brisket and probably some ribs. This kind of goes along...
  7. starsfaninco

    Need help choosing a new smoker

    Ok, the fiance' is wanting to get me a new smoker for my 40th b-day next month. We've talked about getting two or three different brands in the past but never got to the details. Here's the list in no particular order. 1) BGE XL 1100.00 2) Primo equivalent (oval style) 899.00 without...
  8. starsfaninco

    Wings and Stars???

    Wings fans it's beginning to look like our teams are heading at each other pretty quickly. I was sure hoping the Av's would take you to 7 but it's looking a lot more like a sweep :) I've said for a long time my favorite team(s) is the Dallas Stars and whomever is playing the Avalanche...
  9. starsfaninco

    Don't look now RichTree :)

    Stars are closing in on yer Dead Things :)
  10. starsfaninco

    Truck Drive Joke

    I heard this joke when I was in high school and it's been a favorite ever since. EDIT: "R"'s are expensive where I'm from, so I try not to use too many of em :) Frank was a truckdriver who had to go in to upgrade his CDL (Commercial Driver License) because of some new hazardous cargo he...
  11. starsfaninco

    Is 18-1 a perfect season??

    Man I can't stop laughing at one of the top 5 chokes of all time. In all seriousness, as I really had no vested interest (except, I just really don't like the pats--except Wes Welker TTU alumni), it was a great game. It wasn't the blow out I expected to see, and to Kewl el, great season man...
  12. starsfaninco

    A Seriously PO'd Cowboys Fan (PG-language)

    Also Hitler references
  13. starsfaninco

    Need a little help

    I'm doing a brisket today, and I think I used a tad too much black pepper in the rub. I'm about 164* into the process, and I'm spritzing with apple juice/bourbon mixture. The bark looks good and the whole cook is going well, but I'm concerned about the pepper. I'm planning on pulling/chopping...
  14. starsfaninco

    Interesting thread on et-73 mods

    http://tvwbb.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a...7290051153/p/1 I've had poor range problems since day one. The only way I've been able to get it to work inside the house is by setting the reciever in an open window. Maverick has sent me 2 replacements but I still have poor range. I opened it up this...
  15. starsfaninco

    First time for everything

    For the first time, I actually let the weather keep me from getting up early and smoking. I rubbed and prepped two pork butts last night in anticipation of getting up early and cranking up the smoker. However, as I was going to bed last night, it was snowing/raining. When the alarm went off...
  16. starsfaninco

    Special thanks to ColeySmokinBBQ

    One our members (ColeySmokinBBQ), has been kind enough to create a very nice image for the OTBS members. Not only does it have the OTBS signature but he takes the trouble to add your number as well. So, as he sent it to me a week or so ago, and I've just tonight been able to spend enough time...
  17. starsfaninco

    Colorado Rockies??

    Anyone following this team? 21 of 22 game streak. back to back sweeps in the post season to go to the world series. 23 yr olds are your 'veterans'. Friggin amazing story. I'm not a baseball fan but this is pretty special.
  18. starsfaninco

    Excellent Gun Op-ED

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,301040,00.html Now, the main issue of this OP-ED is that pediatricians are being advised to interrogate their children patients "Does daddy own a gun?" and then make reports to the police. This is just plain wrong. Gestapo type stuff. Discuss
  19. starsfaninco

    Stumps smokers combining with Viking?

  20. starsfaninco

    Just bought a new Recipie application for my Mac

    It's called "A Cooks Book" and it seems to be pretty friendly. I'm wondering if any on here have recipies in an application format (cooks books, MasterCook, etc) that they'd be willing to share with me in an export file. IE, actually export it to a data file rather than print off a bunch of...
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