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  1. codymcgee

    Corned Beef. first try

    no soak but i did test it in a frying pan and it wasnt too bad. its sittin at 160 right now. so i guess i should foil it.
  2. codymcgee

    Corned Beef. first try

    I got a corned beef flat from kroger and it's on the smoker stuck at about 140 right now. this is the first one i have done and Im wondering if i should just pull it at 165 or foil it like a pork butt? what do you guys think.
  3. codymcgee

    Our second Pulled Pork Ever Q view

    awesome post. like the hour by hour pics.
  4. codymcgee

    Bone-In Country Style Ribs

    I love CSRs. I pick them up at kroger all the time. i always do a 3-2-1 with them and they turn out awesome. nice lookin Q
  5. codymcgee

    Boston Butt: in a pan or on the grate?

    I cook them on the grate til 160 or so then foil to 205
  6. codymcgee

    First car.....

    1982 Cutlass Supreme. with a 350 chevy engine that i built myself. still have it sittin in the yard. i got drunk and wrecked it one night.
  7. codymcgee

    (30) 16 year olds this saturday what to make

    ^^^this Smoked burgers are my favorite and they only take an hour or so depending on how thick u make them. I like chopped onion in mine.
  8. codymcgee

    how do I make canadian bacon?

    you said to "Hot Smoke" 350-375. what about someone such as I with an electric ECB it has no temp adjustment and stays at about 250. would i still be able to do the CB?
  9. codymcgee

    Smoked 7-Up Stew

    Im tryin this stew today on the ECB. i added some red potatoes other then that i did everything the same
  10. codymcgee

    Any Bourbon drinkers here?

    whats up I live just north of u in bullitt county. I see you know your bourbon Im a big fan of knob creek but my all time favorite would have to be Wild Turkey 101. the fact that you listed Elijah Craig show's you got some class that has to be one of the smoothest bourbons in all of Kentucky.
  11. codymcgee

    Western Style Pork Ribs?

    western style and country style are the same thing. here in ky we use both names.
  12. codymcgee

    Mushy spare ribs?

    i cook at around 240-250 and i have also had this problem with the 3-2-1. best thing to do is cut the foil time down. i go at most 1 1/2hr's in the foil sometimes less.
  13. codymcgee

    This weekends ribs

    most people i know put ribs in the pressure cooker then throw them on the grill covered in BBQ sauce. my dad cracks me up. we had some country styles yesterday and he said he was gonna barbecue them. so he had my mom throw them in the pressure cooker then he threw them over some hot coals for...
  14. codymcgee

    boston butt cook time

    about the same for my brinkman electric. My last butt was about 8lbs and it took over 12 hours
  15. codymcgee

    7" of Snow vs 18 lbs of Butt

    nice lookin butts! always good to see more kentucky boys around here
  16. codymcgee


    the parkay thing works. I'll never smoke ribs without it again
  17. codymcgee

    Behold......the Quadruple.

    that thing is a monster!
  18. codymcgee

    Super Bowl Spares Ribs, not falling of the bone

    temp was too low and you seem to have done a 2-2-1. with spares you need to cook them longer, most people do 3-2-1. temp should have been 225 at least. I cook mine at about 250
  19. codymcgee

    what to do for big game

    well i went with what i was comfortable with. got a small butt(about 6lbs) and a nice rack of ribs. I injected the butt with creole butter and used some sweet smokey rub on both the ribs and butt. i figure if the butt aint done at least the family with have some ribs to chew on. thanks for...
  20. codymcgee

    what to do for big game

    ok it's now 9:38am here in KY and I need to put something on the smoker today for the game. my plan was to do some pulled pork but I drink a few too many brews before during and after the UK game and never went to the store to get my butt lol so I still want to do a butt but that takes about 12...
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