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  1. woody

    BBQ for the Cause! (With Q-View)

    Folks, going to interject a little politics into my barbeque. I'm a teacher in Ohio. I, along with 300,000 other people in this state are under attack by our legislators who seek to destroy my union's ability to advocate for me so I can advocate for my students. As teachers, we're the first to...
  2. woody

    Picnic shoulder...first time..

    Went to the store yesterday, no pork butts to be had! So I picked up a picnic shoulder. On the smoker since about 5 am. Anyone have any experience with it? How does it pull?
  3. woody

    Chicken Wings, smoking how long?

    Doing one piece chicken wings, smokin' em with some cherry wood. How long should I do it? Got em' closer to the firebox (brinkman with an offset)
  4. woody

    Smokin' on a Sunday

    Butt went on at 5:15 this AM. TBS coming through the chimmney. Haven't smoked in looong time.....feels good.
  5. woody

    Have you ever used Frontier Brand Charcoal?

    HOwdy folks, just threw on a butt, and I've been picking up Frontier brand Charcoal for a while now. It's lump and the stuff is heavy, natural hardwood. It's very dense, they sell the stuff in 10lb bags, but the bags aren't as packed as Royal Oak or Cowboy Charcoal, for example. Some of the...
  6. woody

    I need help (Brisket Rub)

    I saw a recipe for a brisket rub earlier on here today, can't seem to find it, even with the search function, it had old bay, chili powder, kosher salt and stuff. Help!
  7. woody

    Flat vs. Point

    Hey folks-- I'm going to do my first REAL brisket (the unreal one was on the ECB and wasn't much of anything, had to pop it in the oven 'cause it wasn't reaching proper temperature so it doesn't count) tomorrow. I've looked over the trimming tips, thank you to everyone and I will be doing it...
  8. woody

    Chicken Turkey

    So I've got an 7.94 lb chicken in the smoker...hence the name chicken turkey. How long do you think it'll take. I've got the probe in it....but I was wondering baseline time per pound on this. Thanks.
  9. woody

    Pork Butt Rubs?

    You know, I told myself, I'll keep smokin' when school starts (I'm a teacher) and I'll do it every weekend, and I'll be on the board every week....and I was wrong. I log back in and it's been TWO MONTHS since I've been here. Yikes. So, uh, Happy Holidays, including Halloween, Turkey Day and...
  10. woody

    Butt got put in at 5:13 AM

    After a long smoke drought....I'm baaack. Pictures to follow, the butt's like 7#. Biggest ever for me, plus it's bone-in. Usually I get the deboned. I'm in for the long haul on this one, I guess.
  11. woody

    Pork Shoulder Roast

    Saw this on sale at Kroger's. Is it the same thing as a butt? Does it Q in a similar manner? Or would I be better off buying a butt? It's bone-in, BTW.
  12. woody

    replacement pyrex probes.

    I have a pyrex professional digi thermo, any idea where I could pick up extra probes for it?
  13. woody

    It's in!

    Just got the butt in.
  14. woody

    Help with my first butt...

    I've done butts before, but this will be a completely on the smoker butt as opposed to throwing it in the oven. First, I started it at 9 AM, so it's not going to be ready for a while. It's a 3 lb butt (boned) so will that affect the cooking time for me? (like shorten it) Anyone know a good...
  15. woody

    NC vinegar based sauce...

    Not too big on tomato based sauces or sweet sauces... Wife's from NC, went to her hometown, had great pulled pork w/ a vinegar based sauce..... Anyone have any good carolina-style sauce recipes out there? Please share.
  16. woody

    First Spareribs smoking....

    Got my first spareribs on right now. (I'm a teacher, so I have a few weeks left of smoky freedom heh!) I've proved my ability with BC chicken, figured I would move on. I will post pics and updates as things progress, going to use the 3 2 1 method. Already I've had a fiasco...more later.
  17. woody

    Pics from last weekend...

    Did another bird and my first fattie, though it was a "Pilgrim's Pride" turkey sausage from Walmart, I think. It wasn't too bad and had a nice smoke ring. Unfortunately I couldn't get a pic of it (Got eaten too dang quick).
  18. woody

    Stupid question about lump & chimney use...

    Alright. I said it was a stupid question, but here I go anyways. When I use (gasp) briquets in my chimney, common wisdom says don't put 'em in until they ash over. Right? Also, they pretty much hold their shape while they burn in the chimney. When I use lump & get it started, I fill the...
  19. woody

    Apple Wood Chips!!!! You'll never guess where I got 'em!

    First, let me just say I've only smoked with Mesquite and Hickory. They're great, but man are they....smoky. I was looking around the local Mejiers and I found a bag of apple wood chips! It was about $2.99. I threw some in a foil packet in the good 'ol silver smoker....and whew...that is the...
  20. woody

    First Smoke EVER!

    Alright, it wasn't my first smoke ever, first smoke on the new rig, a Charbroil Silver Smoker. The old rig was a Brinkman electric water smoker. The bird was about 5 lbs, and in the past I used a molasses/ pickling salt brine...this time I didn't brine it at all. I filled a Canada Dry Gingerale...
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