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  1. bigorangesmoker

    Baby backs-My first Q-view

    I did three racks of baby back ribs today for my wife's birthday. I bought them from Costco and cut each rack in half. This is my first effort at Q-view. Hope it all works out. I used apple wood chips at 225 degrees. I used the 2-2-1 method but it really worked out to 2, 1-3/4, 1-1/4. They...
  2. bigorangesmoker

    Questions about smoking fresh sausage

    I am going to smoke a pork butt on Friday so I decided I also want to try some fresh sausage. I have never smoked sausage before. I live in Central Florida so I will buy some fresh sausage at my local Publix supermarket. I have no idea how long it should take to smoke the sausage. I average...
  3. bigorangesmoker

    Amount of pulled pork for a group of 25

    I'm doing pulled pork for a group of about 25. I've never done PP for more than about 8 of us and I always did about a 7-8 lb. Boston butt and it was plenty. But, I really don't know how much to smoke per person for a group. About how much uncooked Boston butt do I need? I was thinking about 3/4...
  4. bigorangesmoker

    What temp for fresh store-bought bratwurst?

    I bought some fresh bratwurst at Publix and am not sure what internal temperature to take it to. For some reason, 160 seems right but I don't want to be too low for health reasons or too high for taste reasons. Thanks for any help!
  5. bigorangesmoker

    Whole round tip?

    I was looking for a top round roast at Costco, but, instead, saw whole round tip roasts. Is that the top and bottom round roasts together? These were 7-10 lbs. each and were literally round or close to it. I really want to get a roast on my GOSM to slice for sammies and wondering if this will...
  6. bigorangesmoker

    GOSM model with drawers for pan, chip box

    Today (Sat., Jan. 9), I bought the medium-size GOSM at the Bass Pro Shop in Orlando. It was a new model that they literally put out on the floor as I was looking at the older floor model. (The salesman said they had just received it earlier today.) I had gone to Bass Pro Shop fully intending to...
  7. bigorangesmoker

    My first turkey -- a few questions

    I've been reading a lot here and still have a few questions about smoking my first turkey, which I want to do tomorrow. Here are my variables: 1. 13-lb. fresh turkey. 2. I have the Brinkmann electric smoker and I use mesquite chunks for smoke. I am in Central Florida, so cool weather is not a...
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