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  1. thatcho

    Assistance please

    I am purchasing a smoker from a church and have zero knowledge of building a smoker. So with that said where would you modify first? It is propane fueled so tossing in wood chunks is how they got the smoke. I obviously would want a firebox ASAP and use the propane to rig up as a log lighter...
  2. thatcho

    First time brining some Hocks

    Had to make a quick run to the grocery storeembefore the Broncos game. The wife had to have my smoked ham so I grabbed some fresh hocks to try curing and smoking. I will be using Excalibur maple cure Here are the first batch of hocks goin in the brine. I will on keep ya about all posted.
  3. thatcho

    First Canadian Loin Bacon with Q view

    So first off i want to say Thank You to DaveOmak for the assist. It just goes to show how helpful this forum is and speaks volumes of its members! So luckily me and Dave use the samme cure (Excalibur blue ribbon maple). So took 2 pork loins averaged out to 6 lbs total. Worked out to 10 days in...
  4. thatcho

    10 pounds of Colorado Trout

    Doing some trout for my friend and some of mine. Currently in the brine (bearcarver brine). Will keep ya posted with more pics.
  5. thatcho

    help with cure calculation

    So just purchased some of Waltons bacon cures one says 2lbs to on 100lbs of bellies. I only do small quantities of bellies and try to keep em to 5lb slabs. Any assistance would be great.
  6. thatcho

    1st year Garlic grower question

    I decided to plant a small batch of hardneck garlic this past winter. Well it is getting closer to harvest day and we are having unprecedented rain fall. How will this affect my bulbs so close to harvest? Will they split? I o have them lightly mulched. Any help will be great
  7. thatcho

    Squeezin in last opprotunity for cold smoking w/ Q-View

    When given the chance to do Cold smoke in May Do IT. So here is some cheese. Peach and touch of Hickory.   All done and packed up. Did two batches the other was Maple smoke all in for 3 hours. Did mainly Mild Cheddar and Colby and a couple Colby Jack. 
  8. thatcho

    This Mornings Breakfast Fattie

    Well the daughter had a friend spend the night just so she could have a FATTIE. So trying to be the ideal host rolled up a couple. Whatcha think? Hit the FATTIES with Hickory for 3 hours for a IT of 160 ran the smoker at 260.
  9. thatcho

    Cold Smoking Cheese while weather permitting with Q view

    Picked up a couple different kinds of cheese.. This is just a preview as i bring em up to room temp tonight. I will be cold smoking in the morning with Peach pellets with a AMNPT in my MB 30 dual fuel. Pics will follow. Oh can not forget the Mild Cheddar.
  10. thatcho

    First Attempt a BUCKBOARD

    Ok here is my first attempt at dry cured (w/pink salt) Buckboard bacon. Instead of cutting in half i cut into thirds and cold smoked for 6 Hours using Todd's pellets( Hickory & Peach) and AMNPT in my MB 30 dual fuel. Did not get alot of color but turned out great just sweet enough but with a...
  11. thatcho

    MAXING out the MB30Propane for a family spread W/Q view

    Had a visit from some family and decided to show em my new smoking skills. Stacked the MB30dual/fuel with a pork butt and 4 slabs of Spareribs. Hoping to finally get some good pullback. MMMM...Pork butt done at IT of 200, took 7hrs at 220. There they are finally got some descent pull back...
  12. thatcho

    Bronco's and Patriot playoff smoke with Q-view

    Finally got a smoke in been extra busy at work. So i did some Spare rib tips, and smoked baked beans first attempt doing baked beans on the smoker. I have started to venture into making my own BBQ sauce also. Did I mention I love this site and All who contribute their knowledge.  All food was...
  13. thatcho

    3rd Brisket following all S.M.F knowledge with Q-View

    So here is my Third Beef brisket following this forums advice from very knowledgeable members. To start this is a 13 pound packer from local Sam's Club. Smoker used was the MB 30 dual fuel propane, Woods were Hickory with a lil leftover Peach mixed in the AMNPS. Last night temp was mid to low...
  14. thatcho

    Another first for Me with Q/View

     Well after reading MR. T's Cheese sticky I partook in my adventure of my First Cheese Smoke. The looks I got from my wife when I told her I was gonna smoke cheese.  ROTF...  Then she smelled the great smoke from Todd's AMNPS and pellets. In the above pic i have some Colby and Mild Cheddar...
  15. thatcho

    Results of following a recipe on SMF by Bearcarver w/Q view

    Well had a couple snow day's here and decided to smoke the heck outta some Trout using a brine recipe from Bear. The following Q view is the result. Used a MB 30" Dual fuel propane smoker. Outside temps were 20 deg and humidity around 75 percent. Trout supplied by my wife and kids. Out of...
  16. thatcho

    When given a snow day MAKE A FATTY W/Qview

    K, Boss gave us a snow day and the following is a result of the SMF. Scrambled egg, potato and shredded cheddar. Chilling in the fridge for a hour. Pulled off Peach and hickory smoke after two and a half hours at 240. IT was 166 Shot out to Todd for his simply A-MAZE-N Pellets and...
  17. thatcho

    When given a snow day this is how i spend it.

    Ok went into work today and we were BLESSED with 15mph wind, Snow and temp with windchill 6 deg. So boss had us call it a day after a short attempt of trying to work. The following is how i am spending the rest of my day. #1- Attempt first fatty. Stuffed with egg, potato and cheddar. #2-...
  18. thatcho

    Bacon Help.

    Hello all i am in need of some information. I have a Dry brine/curing pork belly in the fridge (34 deg). It has been in the fridge six days and is a inch and a half thick. When i flipped last night the belly felt soft and has not toughened up. Can i save this? I planned on pulling Sunday to...
  19. thatcho

    First set of smoked Chicken

    So spent a couple hours on the "Poultry" section and got some ideas but most importantly Temps. Here is some Q view. Oh boy was this the juiciest chicken ever perfect smoke flavor...MMMM
  20. thatcho

    First St.Louis sparerib attempt with JJ's foil sauce Q view

    Here it is SMF first batch of St. Louis style spareribs complete with JJ's foil sauce and Q view. Hope you enjoy Plated with a lil foil sauce ( Thanks JJ) Two down and great choice of beverage too. Thanks for looking
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