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  1. elkhorn98

    Thighs on mini UDS with q-view

    Brined thighs for about 4 hours and rubbed with brown sugar rub. Cooking @ 275 on my mini UDS. Should take 1.5 to 2 hours.
  2. elkhorn98

    Amazingribs.com Brisket on UDS

    Trying a brisket fat cap down on my UDS. 13.3 lb choice packer from Cash & Carry trimmed to 10.5 lb. Injected with beef broth and using amazingribs.com Big Bad Beef Rub recipe. Trying 275 and plan to wrap in butcher paper. Through on some fatties and will put on some kielbasa and a small...
  3. elkhorn98

    Baby backs on UDS

    1st baby backs on the UDS. Came out great. Glazed some and some dry. Dry ones were the best. Did a 2-1-1.5 or so.
  4. elkhorn98

    UDS Adjustable Shelving Upgrade

    Finally got around to my adjustable shelving upgrade. Now I can have racks wherever I want.
  5. elkhorn98

    Thighs on mini UDS

    1st cook on my new 30 gal UDS I made. Thighs, kielbasa, fatty, and pork shots ~275 for ~2 hours. Cheers!
  6. elkhorn98

    30 gal UDS Build

    2nd UDS and wanted a smaller one for camping. Got a new unlined drum, drilled all my holes, used a torch, and then wire brushed it with a grinder. Went with 4 3\4" holes and one ball valve. Splurged and bought weber handles and WSM dampers as exhaust vents. Used lamp rod for a thermo port...
  7. elkhorn98

    Thighs on UDS

    Did some thighs, kielbasa, beans, and a fatty. Took about 1.75 hours at 275. Had a little trouble...shut it down to open it and had a hard time getting the temp up then it almost ran away. Lucky I was nearby to close off some intakes. Followed Myron Mixon's glaze recipe and it was pretty tasty.
  8. elkhorn98

    30 Gallon Build Questions

    Going to do a 30 gallon with domed lid for camping, etc.  I did a 55 gal with 4-3/4" pipes and it works fine.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/169956/1st-uds What do most people run in 30 gal drums for intakes?  And it sounds like the grates fit pretty tight so the grill bolts don't have to...
  9. elkhorn98

    Buckboard bacon on UDS with Q view

    Did a dry cure with tenderquick, brn sugar, salt, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper on a 6.25 lb boston butt for about 12 days. Did some with molasses and some with maple syrup. Smoked at 180 then 200 with apple and hickory.
  10. elkhorn98

    Boston butt on UDS

    Doing a 8 lb Boston butt for the first time on my UDS. Following Myron Mixon's recipe for injection, rub and glaze. Steady at 250. Plan to foil around 160-170.
  11. elkhorn98

    Smoked Onion Rings on UDS

    Threw on some frozen onion rings on my UDS and they came out great. Super easy appetizer.
  12. elkhorn98

    Beercan chicken on a UDS

    Did a chicken, fatty, and andouille sausages. Ran the uds about 300 and the bird was done in about 2 hours. Used 1/2 kingsford competition briquettes and RO lump with 6 hickory chunks. I rubbed it down with a basic rub and under the skin on the breast and added a little butter under the skin...
  13. elkhorn98

    Chuck Roast for Hillbilly Philly Samies

    Tomorrow going to smoke a 3.11 lb chuck roast for my first cook on my uds and first chuckie. After reading some posts about chuckies being dry I'm doing Myron Mixon's beef broth injection. Will take it to 160 foil then go to 205 or so. Will smoke at 250 so how long should it take? Also doing...
  14. elkhorn98

    1st UDS

    Picked up a food grade 55 gal drum that had blackberry puree in it for my 1st uds. Burned it out, used a grinder with a wire brush, high temp primer, high temp semi gloss black. Went with 4 3/4" nipples and 1 ball valve. Made a thermo port out of threaded lamp rod. Garage door handles. Weber...
  15. elkhorn98

    1st Brisket - Need some pointers

    Long time smoker but never done a brisket yet.  I've done pork butt, ribs, chicken, fatties, sausage, ABTs, cheese, beans, etc.  Picked up a 12.88 lb choice angus packer at Cash & Carry.   Here's my plan for a offset smoker/oven cook. 1.  Trim and inject with Myron Mixon's beef broth mixture...
  16. elkhorn98

    Buckboard Bacon Cures?

    I got 2 pork shoulders for buckboard bacon and was thinking to try a wet cure. Here is the only one I can find online 1 gallon ice cold water 1/3 cup kosher salt 1/3 cup molasses 1 teaspoon Cajun spice Cure Anyone have others? I have done a homemade dry cure before and it turned out...
  17. elkhorn98

    Anyone use food grade silicone to seal smoker?

    My Rutland High temperature sealant is not holding up on the firebox and smells when smoking. Has anyone used any food grade high temp silicone like this one? http://www.emisupply.com/catalog/sil...oz-p-2284.html
  18. elkhorn98

    Texas BBQ joint serves tri tip

    I was just watching a TV show on BBQ called Eat This. You can actually watch the show online although it is a few years old. http://www.baylor.edu/kwbu/index.php?id=26591 This BBQ place in Texas serves sirloin tri tip. During the interview with the owner he said it is a superior cut of beef...
  19. elkhorn98

    signature test

    test signature not showing up.
  20. elkhorn98

    First time smoking Tri Tip w/Q view

    Picked up some tri tips this morning at the local restuarant supply store. 2.92 per lb for 4 untrimmed ones in a pack. These are bigger tri tips than I usually see. About 4.5 lbs untrimmed and 3.5 lbs after I trimmed some of the fat. It was almost an inch thick on top. Untrimmed Trimmed...
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