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  1. rohfan2112

    Question about finishing Kielbasa

    So I ground up 5 lbs. of pork butt for Kielbasa and tonight I will stuff into casings. I don't have a way to reliably cook at 180F to bring the IT up to 155 for hot smoking so I'm considering options. I have a charcoal/propane grill with too many hot/cold spots to cook consistently even. And the...
  2. rohfan2112

    What the heck is bloom??

    And why do I need to do it??  :) I'll be smoking a kielbasa tomorrow and a lot of the recipes call for poaching it in a heated water bath after smoking and then letting it "bloom." What does that do, and what does it look like. What happens if I don't bloom it?
  3. rohfan2112

    Kielbasa--cold smoked or hot smoked?

    Kielbasa will be my first sausage recipe as I just got my grinder and the stuffer comes in a coupla days. I've read that it can be smoked either way, but is there a consensus? Is either way considered "traditional?" Is cure always used? Thanks for your help, gang.
  4. rohfan2112

    Noob needs guidance sharpening knives

    I recently bought a Smith's Tri-Hone sharpener, which is 3 stones--coarse, medium and fine. Using them, I was able to sharpen a dull knife with the tri-hone and I figured a higher grit and a strop would make my knife even sharper. I was wrong, and now I'm in the process of trying to figure out...
  5. rohfan2112

    Kitchener #12 vs. LEM #8. Which one? Help... I'm researched-out!

    Been doing exhaustive research on grinders and narrowed it down to these two. They are both in my price range and I'll only be using it for about 5 lbs at a time. So, if you're on a deserted island with a limitless supply of pork butt for sausage and chuck roasts for hamburger and had to choose...
  6. rohfan2112

    Ordering an STX Internatioal STX-300-TF grinder. Any opinions?

    Before I submit my order I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this grinder. It has great reviews on Amazon and the company regularly responds to its customers in the review section which I like. They seem very connected to their customer base. Here are the specs: Features a...
  7. rohfan2112

    Butchered (and not in a good way) belly from supermarket. What to do with it?

    Picked up about a 4lb. belly from a supermarket. I was in a hurry and didn't inspect their "butchering" until I got home (my bad) so, well, after they removed the skin and ribs there's not much left of the thing. They must have trimmed the fat and discarded it and took off way too much fat when...
  8. rohfan2112

    Pastrami. Be More Moister! Q View.

    Been tinkering with pastrami via the corned beef from the supermarket method. I coat the corned beef liberally with pepper and coriander, and other spices, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Next day I take it out and cold smoke it for 2 hours and then finish it in...
  9. rohfan2112

    LEM 575 Watt #8 Grinder. Jump on it?

    I don't have experience with grinders but this one gets good reviews on Amazon: Right now the price is at $69.99 down from 99.99 and I have an Amazon credit for $30 bringing the cost of the grinder down to $40. Should I jump on it before the price goes up? The few negative reviews stated that...
  10. rohfan2112

    Knife I want. Good? No good?

    Been jonesing for a slicer for some time to cut my bacon and pastrami, etc., and I like this one by Forshner: I don't want to spend tons of cash so this looks like a decent option for me. Anybody using this knife? Would like to hear opinions since I don't have much experience. Also...are the...
  11. rohfan2112

    Preferred methodology of smoking CB

    Got a pork loin in the wet cure to smoke this weekend for Canadian bacon. I've read about different methods for smoking but what is the general consensus here? Should it be cold smoked only, or cold smoked then hot smoked, hot smoked only? I was intending to do the cold then hot method to bring...
  12. rohfan2112

    Need speedy feedback on this slicer...have to order tonight. UPDATED.

    I'm ready to pull the trigger. My Amazon Prime runs out in a few hours and I'd like to order this to get the free 2-day shipping. Does anyone have this slicer and do you like it? The construction is aluminum and stainless and has almost all positive reviews. I will be using this to cut my...
  13. rohfan2112

    Combining different pork cuts in one brine?

    I plan to use Pop's brine recipe for my next batch of bacon. I'd also like to try some CB and I'm wondering if I can put the pork loin in the the belly or is that a no-no? Or should I just use two different containers?
  14. rohfan2112

    Okay, Curing bacon. How much?

    I just joined the forum yesterday and have been reading up on curing pork bellies for bacon. I have a 5-lb belly but I can't find a consensus on how much cure #1 to use. One article I read said 1 TB per #, another said 1/4 tsp per #. Needless to say, I'm a little confused. Any input would be...
  15. rohfan2112

    New member from Long Island.

    Longtime home cook, not new to wood cooking, just to cold smoking. Always up for a cooking challenge. I just cured and smoked my first batch of homemade bacon. It was so good I told the wife I wanted to build a smokehouse in the backyard. I also told her I need to get a meat grinder, sausage...
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