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  1. xtexan

    Stumps Stretch vs. FEC100??

    Wow! It's been a long time since I have been on here and things have really changed. Web site is looking good! I hope everyone one is doing well. I was hoping to get some feedback from you all about a couple of smokers:fec100 vs stumps stretch. I have a big stick burner and am looking for a "...
  2. xtexan

    Certified Angus Brisket $1.49 Lb.!!!!!!!

    Hey guys long time no talk to...... Been very busy putting the final touches on the smoker to get my health certificate. I have been doing some "friendly" catering for some buddys. Anyway....here in Columbus,OH and many other cities there are Restaurant Depots. They have been running certified...
  3. xtexan

    Best Smoke Penetration?

    Yep another question..... I have always put my meat on the smoker at room temp. I have heard that putting the meat on cold and smoking at 200*(not 200*-225*) for a while will increase the smoke penetration. Is this true. I know smoke penetration does not directly relate to the size of the smoke...
  4. xtexan

    Best Bark??

    Hey guys long time no talk to. I switched jobs and things have been crazy... Anyway I have a "gig" in a couple of weeks and have some questions about bark??? I love the taste of my brisket and pork. However the one thing I am lacking is a good bark. I think this is because I smoke, then foil...
  5. xtexan

    Touch up paint on the "new" toy.....

    As most of you know I picked up a new smoker last November. Due to the weather I have only used it a couple of times, and at one point considered selling it. Well the weather is finally breaking here and it is time to do some smoking..... I went out to look at the smoker and noticed some...
  6. xtexan

    Crowning A Pork Butt/ Shoulder = faster cook times...

    Here is some info that I hope will help.....this is from another site and is intended to reduce cook times. Unfortunately the pics did not copy.... Cooking time for this 9 lb. pork butt: Approximately 10 – 12 hours @ 225 degrees. Dry Rub Ingredients: 1 tsp Brown Sugar 2 tsp Southwest...
  7. xtexan

    Looking at a Stoker...have questions

    I am looking at purchasing a Stoker for the custom rig. Anyone have any advice or experience they would like to share?? I would like to know how efficient they are? How hands free? What size I will need, etc,etc.... Thanks! A picture of the main smoke chamber and firebox
  8. xtexan

    Another Brining Question????

    How much does brining increase the amount of sodium in food? I am wondering if most of it is released in the cooking process, or does the meat hold most of it in?
  9. xtexan

    Did It Continue To Brine???

    I brined some chicken breasts for a few hours on Sat. evening. I rinsed them off and stuck them back in the fridge so I could smoke them on Sunday. Well they came out pretty salty. So I'm thinking that they continued to brine (internally) even though I had rinsed them off. Any thoughts??
  10. xtexan

    Smoking chicken w/out skin???

    I smoked a whole chicken and it turned out good. But not being a skin eater, I would like to find a way to get more rub/ smoke flavor on the chicken. Is removing the skin the best option or rubbing under the skin. I am afraid if I remove the skin before smoking I will lose moisture. Any advice?
  11. xtexan

    Anyone tried the high temp probes w/ hight temps??

    I have the Maverick ET 73 and need some replacement probes... I ruined one in the door and another while smoking @ 350*(?) Has anyone tried the high temp probes using high heat? I say w/ all the brains on this site we invent something to rival these thermos. that are basically designed to sell...
  12. xtexan

    Re-heating Chicken?

    Well the chicken wasnt quite done in time for dinner so we are having it tonight. What is the best way to re-heat a whole chicken? Cover, spray, ?? (I will be doing it in the oven, not the smoker) Thanks
  13. xtexan

    Do you trust the pop out timers on chickens?

    I am smoking a whole chicken tonight and was wondering how accurate the little plastic pop out timers are. I am using my thermo, but was just wondering if anyone has ever tested them to see exactly what temp they pop @?
  14. xtexan

    Need some help w/ chicken....PLEASE!

    I am getting ready to smoke my 1st whole chicken(beer can method, no I'm not having any beer.LOL) and bone in chicken breasts. I am going to brine for about 12-14 hrs, is this ok? Also, I will be cooking on my vertical. What temp do i need to smoke @? I have never smoked a whole chicken, so any...
  15. xtexan

    Not a know it all, just BORED!!

    If you guys have seen me posting on here and "jumping in" on alot of posts... Well its not because I am trying to be a "know it all" I am bored! The company has me in Indy on Mon and Tuesdays for 8 wks and not much to do here in this skeleton office.... Ive already counted all of the staples and...
  16. xtexan

    The best thing about SMF.....

    Ok from time to time I visit another site, mostly because it is more about the business side of smoking. But I have to say the folks on this site are sooooo.. much nicer and helpful. I can't believe how some of the guys on the other forum treat each other, one guy will say something and they...
  17. xtexan

    Keep Damaging probe wires!!!

    I have now damaged two probe wires on my Maverick thermo, at $12 a pop i'm not happy! How do you guys keep from doing this? I crimp them in my vertical door and they are ruined!! Also, last time I did a hi-heat cook I think I burned one?? Please help!!!
  18. xtexan

    Adding a shelf to a vertical??

    I was thinking about adding a shelf to the side of my vertical to hold my thermo and whatever else. Has anyone ever done this. I was gonna get simple shelving material (small) and screw it in to the side of the smoker. Any thoughts?
  19. xtexan

    Stickin' TO FLATS....

    Another piggy back post, to my last one.... I have always smoked packers cuts as I thought this was necessary to turn out a good product. Well after talking to some more experienced folkls i have decided to only smoke flats for family and small events. I can get decent untrimmed flats for the...
  20. xtexan

    Breaking Down Cartilage Or Connective Tissue In Brisket?

    This is a piggy back post to my last one. Does anyone know if the temps have to be low to break down the connective tissue in brisket???
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