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  1. smokenharley

    Dry Beef - Bearcarver Method

    I have been wanting to do some dry beef for quite a while and if successful, venison dry beef. I figured I would begin with beef since it's a little easier to replace than my venison if I screw it up. Most of the dry beef I buy from farmers in my area (PA Dutch Country) is brined, very dry, and...
  2. smokenharley

    Batch of OFG Jerky

    I saw Disco's post and I thought; this is just the jerky texture I was after. Most of the jerky I have made in the past was thinner and definitely more tough. I was looking for something chewy but not like shoe leather. I picked up 3# of top round and went to work - sliced the meat a bit thicker...
  3. smokenharley

    Buttermilk Asiago Cheese Bread

    This is my favorite bread of all the breads I make. It goes extremely well with spicy foods since it tends to mellow the flavor a bit. On it's own, with real butter, it melts in your mouth. A bit of tang from the buttermilk and the sweetness of the Asiago make a wonderful marriage. And in the...
  4. smokenharley

    Jeff's Stuffed Meatballs - Venison

    These are directly from Jeff's Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Meatballs recipe. The only change I made was to use venison instead of beef. For the sausage, I used Jimmy Dean's hot sausage. The meatballs are slightly larger than Jeff's simply because I find them easier to stuff. Apple was my wood of...
  5. smokenharley

    Summer Sausage - Vension & Cheese

    Time for some summer sausage. Maybe it would be more appropriately called Winter or Spring sausage given the time of the year. I haven't made this in a few years so with my venison party coming up in about a month I thought I would make a ten pound batch. Here is the mix with added high temp...
  6. smokenharley

    1st Pork Belly Bacon

    Well my smoking brethren, I tried pork belly bacon for the first time. And it was a success. I must say that of all things I have smoked, outside of cheese, this has got to be one of the easiest I have done. If you are considering giving it a try I would highly suggest that you do and you will...
  7. smokenharley

    Digital Control Panel - Smoke Hollow ES230B/MES 130B

    Brand new never used digital control panel from a Smoke Hollow ES230B. I did plug it in to check it out before I modified the smoker so I know it works fine. I understand it also fits an MES 130B and several other MES. I cannot guarantee that but a parts supplier told me it should. $40 with free...
  8. smokenharley

    Venison Wieners/Hot Dogs

    It was a rainy, cold, and blustery weekend - perfect time to make a batch of venison doggies. I like the AC Legg seasoning but I embellish it with some fresh garlic and a tiny bit of Mace. I decided to go small (5#) on this batch with no cheese or other additional add-ins. My favorite ratio is...
  9. smokenharley

    Another Successful Brisket

    Smaller sized brisket, it took about 14 hours and of course Jeff's rub. I haven't posted for a while so I thought it was about time.
  10. smokenharley

    Most Moist Delectable Venison tenderloin Roll

    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Most Moist Delectable Venison Roll I love venison and I have a venison party for all my hunting friends every year. We all contribute backstrap (tenderloin). This year it was a combination of Delaware and Pennsylvania deer. For those of you not familiar with...
  11. smokenharley

    Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb

    After receiving Jeff's email concerning a Leg O' Lamb for Easter I decided to give it a shot. Mine was maybe a bit bigger than Jeff's; about 4.5#. I used his recipe sans peppers simply because my mother-in-law does not like anything with spice - I feel sorry for her but, it is what it is. I...
  12. smokenharley

    First Venison Tenderloin with Bacon w/QView

    Well, I wish I had some pictures of the before but things got a little crazy getting ready for a party so I can only show you you the after so to speak. I had a bunch of tenderloin vacuum packed from last year's deer(s) and I thought I would do a first smoke with venison. I had already sliced...
  13. smokenharley

    Two Brisket Smoke and Burnt Ends with QView

    An interesting and frustrating smoke; but all turned out well. Fourteen people were headed to my place for a smoked brisket that I had been raving about for some weeks. I decided to smoke the day before just in case something happened. And it did! For the most part we have a bit of a breeze but...
  14. smokenharley

    Help with reheating - or waiting 24 hours to serve

    Firstly I need to say that this forum has been "the" best source of information about smoking on the entire web. As a newbe I have not had one smoke so far that has failed thanks to this forum. And I would suggest that any person new to smoking spend some time surfing the site. With that said...
  15. smokenharley

    First Fatties with a twist - turkey sausage

    We eat a lot of turkey sausage and I was pondering a fattie and thought, why not use turkey sausage. I’m fortunate to have a poultry processor nearby who makes some of the best sausage from free range organic turkeys and it can be purchased in bulk (without casings). I figured I would make two...
  16. smokenharley

    Second Smoke and First Brisket w/Qview

    I’m probably crazy for jumping into a brisket after only one other smoke with chicken but the addiction blindsided me and I had to jump in feet first. I followed some advice on the forum – keep it simple – and did not go the marinade or injection route. I used a simple rub with mustard and...
  17. smokenharley

    Howdy from SE PA

    What a great site. I have been lurking for a while and decided to join and even purchased the rub recipe to help out the site. I recently decided to purchase the Char-Broil Offset smoker to get my feet wet so to speak. I figured this is more in line with a "real" smoker rather than the bullet...
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