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  1. Murray

    Old Featured Threads

    How does a person find old threads that were once featured on the carousel?
  2. Murray


  3. Murray

    Starlink Satellites

    I have been watching this in the evening/pre dawn sky, not as spectacular as they were when first launched but still pretty cool to see. https://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=starlink&fbclid=IwAR13cpl8BBH-jz7v0pR_n3pgS4NqDhvfUqqK9FruJpwPvcIHLnoaWtlUPNM#MAP
  4. Murray

    Smoking with Hops

    Was at this Brew Pub and noticed on the menu their bacon is smoked using hops.Back in my home brewing days I used hops in pellet form so smoking with hops in pellet form would be easy. A couple of decades ago I planted some hop plants along a fence, now I have hop cones coming out the wazoo in...
  5. Murray

    TP19 Availability in Canada

    I reached out to ThermoPro asking why their Instant Read TP19 wasn’t available in Canada, their reply was: Hello, The TP19 should be available in Amazon Canada in the near future. Sincerely, Customer Service Representative ThermoPro
  6. Murray

    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Helped my wife out today with Christmas preparations. Drained in the fridge overnight. Wrapped in fondant Dipped in chocolate. and finished these off, 15 hours of TBS of Bradley Pucks ground to sawdust.
  7. Murray

    Fried Turkey

  8. Murray

    Doctor’s Orders

  9. Murray

    I would anything for you

  10. Murray

    Making Bacon

  11. Murray


  12. Murray

    Outside Round Cooking Temperature

    I have a small 1.5 lb. Outside Round Roast I’m smoking today to an IT 135F. Since it is such a small roast I was thinking of starting the smoke at a lower temperature, say 175F. By starting at 175F this should give the roast more time absorb more smoke. Any thoughts, especially food safety wise...
  13. Murray


    Anyone have any ideas on how to discourage seagulls from hanging around. We have hundreds hanging around on the water making a heck of a racket at daybreak. We are in a provincial park so firearms are out of the question.
  14. Murray

    Salmon Question re Oil

    Smoked my first Salmon this weekend. Used 4:1 brown sugar to salt, dry brine for 13 hours in the fridge, Started at 130F and increased smoker temperature by 10F each hour until 170F. Maximum temperature as per TP-08 was 177F. Pulled fish at IT 150F-155F. The fish had oil pooling on top and...
  15. Murray

    Nesco FG-100 #5 Meat Grinder

    Was given this entry level grinder/sausage stuffer, cleaned it up and tested, it works! I have never made sausage nor owned a grinder until now so my sausage making experience is zero unless you count YouTube. The pictured cone/funnel dimensions are top outside diameter is 7/8” and the bottom...
  16. Murray

    Partlow 1160 PID

    Recently salvaged 3 Partlow 1160 PID, having issues getting into the Setup and Configure menus. All three power up and do a self check which appears to be okay. Lots of info on the internet on the newer 1160 Plus which has helped somewhat but they have changed the programming(so I’m guessing)...
  17. Murray

    Moisture on cheese?

    I have only smoked cheese 3 times. I'm following the thread https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/cheese-lots-of-pics.286031/ When I do cheese the cheddar will come out of the MES with small cracks around the edges, I assume from moisture loss. The cheese's with a higher fat/moisture do not...
  18. Murray

    My Mailbox Mod

    Most of this mod. is from salvage, have about $20 invested. The 4” dryer vent and 4”-3” reducer were purchased new. Please excuse the red high temperature silicone as a door seal, next trip to the dump I’ll grab some high heat door seal from a stove and fix that mess. I went with a 4” exhaust...
  19. Murray

    MES 30 Temp. Overrun

    MES new at Christmas, 8 smokes, cold climate. I now have a reoccurring issue with the unit surpassing the temperature set point and keeps heating. Happened once when I first got the MES, cleared it’s self up and hasn’t happened until today. Applied the hairdryer to start it up, set temperature...
  20. Murray

    First Cold Smoke at -22C

    First cold smoke with the MES, once I got a handle on how little heat was needed to maintain a 32F-80F temperature the smoke went pretty good. I read on here many people have to wait till the temperature is just right, not too hot! No problem in Canada, I have to use heat to keep the cheese...
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