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  1. AllAces

    Flat Iron Roast

    Got a flat iron roast on the Weber kettle. I have done plenty of flat iron steaks, but had never seen a roast. Marrinated in Trader Joe's Soy Sesame Ginger salad dressing. Photos and results to follow.
  2. AllAces

    FREE Double Smoked Ham Copy Kat

    I too got a free, or very nearly free ham right after Easter. Until Bear came along with his FREE Double Smoked Ham I was not sure what I was going to do with it. The ham is thawing today in anticipation of doing a Copy Kat of Bear's FREE Double Smoked Ham. The only change I'm making is adding...
  3. AllAces

    Prep for Baby Backs

    I'm preping a rack of baby back ribs for Monday night dinner. Here's the plan: Ribs in the fridge overnight with the below listed rub. Monday they go in the MES30 with two hours of smoke to infuse the hickory flavor. Out of the MES, foil for 30-45 minutes. Then onto the Weber for a finishing...
  4. AllAces

    SPOG Ratio

    For those of you who premix SPOG, what is your ratio of ingredients?
  5. AllAces

    Pigs in a Bacon Blanket??

    Picked some jalapenos from the garden, stuffed them with cream cheese and Little Smokies, then wrapped in a bacon blanket. I plan to grill and smoke these on the Weber for a small group of dudes at the sportsman club Saturday.
  6. AllAces

    Flat Iron Steak Into the MES30

    Here's the plan: On Thursday, Flat Iron Steak, rubbed down with EVOO and SPOG, and in the refrig overnight. Friday it goes in the MES30 with A-Maze-N Hickory Sawdust smoke to 130F, followed by a coating of Flat Iron Rub and foil to 180F internal. Will also smoke some jalapenos stuffed with...
  7. AllAces

    Question about drying chili peppers

    My garden is producing a lot of hot and mild peppers right now. In the past I have air dried followed by smoking on a Weber kettle. Has anyone tried drying in a MES 30? I'm thinking 200F for eight hours.
  8. AllAces

    Small Butt Going in the MES

    Here's the plan: Early tomorrow morning I plan to put this small 3 pound butt in the MES. It's thawing right now. Later I will add the following rub, wrap and leave in the fridge overnight. The rub consists of the following: Brown Sugar; Smoked Spanish Paprika; Kosher Salt; Course Black Pepper...
  9. AllAces

    Recommendations for adding a fan to MES 30

    I am considering adding a fan to my MES 30. Any recommendations?
  10. AllAces

    Hot meat gloves

    Need recomendations for gloves to handle handle hot meat out of the smoker or off the grill, such as a brisket or pork butt.
  11. AllAces

    Recommendations for Grilling Mats for Smoker

    I need some sort of grilling mat to use in my MES 30 to keep smaller items from falling through the grates. Any recommendations.
  12. AllAces

    Frozen Meat Shipping Containers

    Has anyone here shipped frozen meat, say three pounds of bacon? If so, where did you get your shipping container? Did you ship with dry ice? FedEx or UPS?
  13. AllAces

    First Time Doing Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Tomorrow will be my first try at pork belly burnt ends. After looking over what others here have done (and with my mouth watering), I decided to take the leap. Here's the plan: 1. Start with fresh pork belly sliced in 1 inch wide strips with skin removed (the skin will also go in the smoker)...
  14. AllAces

    1st Try At Smoking Bacon and a Question or Two

    This will be my first try at smoking bacon with my MES 30 using Pop's Brine, A-Maze-N smoker and either A-Maze-N Pitmasters Choice pellets or their hickory dust. The Ft Gordon Commissary had some pork belly sliced into one inch thick slabs. Some times they have single slabs but they sell out...
  15. AllAces

    SITREP: Flank Steak Ready for Grill

    Flank steak has been marinating overnight in Delmonte Cocktail Sauce. Ready to go in the Weber with a light hickory smoke. We've been doing 'em like this for 40 years. Next sitrep when it comes off the Weber.
  16. AllAces

    Next Up: Flank Steak in the Smoker

    For years I've been cooking flank steak for the family the following way: Marinate the flank steak over night in Delmonte Cocktail Sauce. Next day, fire the Weber, remove and reserve the cocktail sauce; cook on the grill to about medium; baste with the remaining sauce the last 15 minutes or so...
  17. AllAces

    Dan Doodles

    Anyone here smoke Dan doodles?
  18. AllAces

    Lodge comes though

    A couple weeks ago the black plastic know on my Lodge dutch oven broke, after 20 years of use. I email Lodge last week asking where to get a replacement. Today, I received a replacement metal knob, no charge.
  19. AllAces

    Lodge Dutch Oven Lid Knob Replacement

    I have tried the Lodge website and no luck. Where can I get a replacement knob for the lid to my Lodge enameled dutch oven?
  20. AllAces

    Need to Feed a Bunch of Dudes - Ideas??

    Next month I need to feed about 18-20 guys, mostly old Army buddies with a Marine or two thrown in. This will be outdoors and the weather will probably be in the high 50's low 60's. In the past I've done chili, but this time I want to try something a bit different. My idea is to smoke some...
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