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  1. beerbelly

    Speaking my mind----

    I'm about feeded up to my ears with this site also. When I first came across this place about a year ago, I was at least 25 lbs less than I am now! It all started with learning how to smoke a pork roast. Started eating a lot of pulled pork samies. Boy are they good eats. Then someone ( Ron...
  2. beerbelly

    Bad seed !!!

    Last night just as I was getting done eating a hamburger with some jalapeno I felt something small caught between a couple of my back teeth. Thinking nothing about it I went and got me a tooth pick to take care of the problem. This is something that happens all the time to me, no big deal at...
  3. beerbelly

    New bag of beans

    Just finished up my last bag of pinto beans, so I picked up a new bag while I was out and about. Aren't these Anasazi beans cool looking?? A little closer look--- Sorted 2 cups, washed and into the pot-- Cover with a couple inches of water-- Soak over night to tender-- Soaked...
  4. beerbelly

    Wal Mart or Sams ?

    I get most of my meat and smoking supplies at Wal Mart. I do get some from Safeway when they have what I am needing on sale. My question is would it be worth the cost of membership at Sams to buy my meat there? Would I get a better deal at Sams? thanks
  5. beerbelly

    Snows a coming your way --

    Hi from Northwest New Mexico. Been snowing since early this morning, still snowing, expecting more. So if you live east of me, well, it's coming--
  6. beerbelly

    Cheese with new toy--

    Just got this in the mail today. So boy did I try it out. Got my fingers crossed. Had my 2.5 year old grand son over to baby set. Man does he ever have energy. lol So I stayed pretty busy all afternoon. Came a long way to get to my house-- came with some dust-- missed a bunch of...
  7. beerbelly

    No more smoke at my house--

    Just past the one year mark since my last Marlboro. Started smoking when I was 16, fixing to turn 59, so that about 42 years of one nasty habit. I did some figuring-- 42 yrs x 1.5 packs ( average ) a day = 22,995 packs x 20 per pack = 459,900 cigs I quit cold turkey. Just told myself...
  8. beerbelly

    Different Dude

    I water bathed a corned beef for a couple of hours to bring out some of the salt. Patted dry, then rubbed it with some left over Jeffs rub and into the frig overnite. I did add some Hot New Mexico Chile powder to the rub to give it a little kick. Sorry no pics, loaned out camera. Smoked with...
  9. beerbelly

    Another new toy to play with--

    Well I got my slicer around Christmas, so I thought that I had better get a grinder also-- this looks like the business end to me-- something kinda screwie going on down there--
  10. beerbelly

    First CB

    Picked up this loin for CB trimmed off fat used TQ and brown sugar for cure, then put them in food saver bag for long sleep in frig After a week in frig, smoked with a little brown sugar and CBP Santa brought me a new slicer Thanks for following along--
  11. beerbelly

    Curing loin for CB ?

    When the directions say cure the loin in frig for 3-5 days, how do you know when it is ready? thanks guys
  12. beerbelly

    Smokeing a turkey ?

    Do I have this right? I have a 30 " MES, which I think only goes to 275 *. So this is to low of temp to smoke a turkey? Thanks
  13. beerbelly

    Winter smoke?

    I have a 30 inch MES , was wondering if we can still smoke threw out the winter ? Just got mine in the spring so I have not had it during winter. If I can not smoke in the cold weather I will need to start stocking up my freezer with PP which I use alot of. thanks
  14. beerbelly

    How to cancel

    I was going to place a reply to a post on the board, went to add a couple of pictures, I messed up then tried to correct it. Now the old pics that I put on earlier won't go away. I can't find anyway to delete the post or pics?? Anyone understand what I am trying to ask??? thanks
  15. beerbelly

    Love this stuff

    These pulled pork butts are great. They have to be some of the best tasting meat that I have ever had. The bark was wonderful, I could not have been more pleased. thanks for all the help
  16. beerbelly

    First fattie!!

    Started with rolling out jd sauage and pulled pork w/red chile sauce. Added smoked Gouda cheese. then got the bacon ready, laid out the loaf, topped with a little rub, wrapped her up and in the frig she went. Pulled out of frig this morning, put into my MES on wheels ( got a bad...
  17. beerbelly

    test pic

    Testing , this is pic of new MES on wheels
  18. beerbelly

    Hi from Beerbelly

    Hello folks, my name is Les-but I go by Beerbelly. Got me a MES a couple of weeks back and got online to find out how to smoke and ended up here. Sure seems to be the right place to learn about smoking meat. I spent a couple of hours the other day reading the posts and really learned a lot...
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