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  1. orng95bagdacord

    wing rub and sauce

    anyone have a REALLY good rub .i usally just use some store bought rub and then use frnaks hot sauce.looking to make my own rub and a really good  sauce,i like things spicy.....I have jeffs rub and love it. its just not spicy enough...thanks a bunch for the help. cant wait to use the BGE this...
  2. orng95bagdacord

    off topic ..GUMBO

    does any one have a good gumbo recipie. wanting to make some and i want it to be good!.
  3. orng95bagdacord

    char broil double door

    So I have had this for a few yaers now and am thinking it is time for some good mods....any one got any ideas pics suggestions what I could do to this to help keep my temp regulated and just all around a better smoker>  open to anything .....thanks a lot yall!
  4. orng95bagdacord

    Ribs for kids

    My little girl fell in love with ribs over the weekend is not a fan on spicy food. My rubs has some spice to it.anyone have a good"not spicy rub..... Gonna do some baby back. Or spare ribs any suggestions on a easy mop with no spices in it?
  5. orng95bagdacord

    KID friendly rub

    last weekend i made some ribs on the smoker and my little girl finnaly wanted to try some she is  now is in love with ribs. the rub i make is a little to spicy for her so i was wonderign if anyone had a kid friendly rub they use or any ideas on whcih rub to use.    thanks forur help
  6. orng95bagdacord

    Pork shots

    Gonna give these a try this weekend,any type of sausage work or is one better then the other? Any got any suggestion or pointers they wanna share.
  7. orng95bagdacord

    jeffs rub

    i purhcased jeffs rub around amonth ago and still have not reiceved it in the mail...any idears?
  8. orng95bagdacord

    the best rub

    ok ive tried alot of rubs and i just havent found the "one"...any one i got any good ones they either buy or make there own?......for pork!!!
  9. orng95bagdacord

    grilled wings elp

    hey guys im goin to grill some chiken wings and i need a good rub anyone got any good ones or ideas?
  10. orng95bagdacord

    baby back quickie

    hey guys i have usally done my ribs in 3-2-1 method i wanna try no foil how long should i smoke for at what temp. i kno this answer is on here some were but im only around this computer for liek 25 min thanks alot guys
  11. orng95bagdacord

    2010 owensboro ky bbq festival!

  12. orng95bagdacord

    Is it ruined

    Smoked a butt yesterday put it n the ove. To finish took it out n fell asleep put it in the fridge abooouuut 8 hours after it came out am i ok?????
  13. orng95bagdacord

    butt rub

    got me the new cajun injector electric smoker gonna be a a very nice weekend and wanna do a butt anyone got a good rub recipie mines just not what im looking for!
  14. orng95bagdacord

    cajun injector electric smoker

    i was thinking about getting one of these and using it this year. has anyone ever uses one or hear any pros n cons about it...if some let me know! ......they have them on sale at a store near me CHEAP http://www.cajuninjector.com/cajun-i...ic-smoker.html
  15. orng95bagdacord

    charbroil double door smoker

    was just wondering if anyone has one of these smokers and if so what mods have ya done to it and if ya got pics.....its summer time again and im tryin to up the anty on gettin better at smoking meat!
  16. orng95bagdacord

    charcoal to electric

    ok so my dad gimme a vertical smoker this weekend he never used to its n great shpae but i already have one charcoal smoker. i want to turn this into and electric smoker do i just need to get an element for the botton of this?.....also waht do i do whit the water pan when i do the conversion do...
  17. orng95bagdacord

    my lil creation....

    so i was at the store today lookin around at sum meats for labor day n came across a big roll of bologna.after thinkin about it i came up with this......i gonna take a 1/2 inch piece of pvc run it threw the center of the bologna fill the hole with sum onion green pepers a lil garlic.cap the...
  18. orng95bagdacord

    Grill for the Thrill Evansville, IN

    is anyone goin to be goin the this or competing in it?
  19. orng95bagdacord


    so like i said in other poist imnew to the smoking things and this "fatty dlea" looks mm mmm mm good.......wat is it exactly...i can kinda tell its sausuge rolled out with pretty much wat ever u wana put in it?
  20. orng95bagdacord

    to brine or not to brine

    im smoking my first butt this weekend and i was wondering if i shoudl brine it or jus rub it down with sum rub rap it and put it in the fridge over night ?
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