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  1. camocook

    Breakfast sausage question?

    Before I had a scale I would measure the meat and fat in a cup. The end product was a little dry. Fat has a little more volume per pound than meat. Also,add just a little water to your recipe to help the flavors blend.store in fridg for several hrs. , mix again, then process. Roll,stuff in...
  2. camocook

    Forum Login is funky

    Not far from the truth.
  3. camocook

    Whiskey wood.....

    I bought a small bag at K-Mart last year just to try it..I like it. Don't remember the price but I know it was too much.
  4. camocook

    First attempt.......

    onedragon221...what part of town are you from...don't want to jack the thread....tried to send a PM but wouldn't go through
  5. camocook

    Goodbye Kingsford

    I just now went out to the truck to check.Seems I did the same thing 2 days ago.Thats what I get for leaving those readers on the dash board.All I could read on the bag was Royal Oak,the biggest letters.They had Cowboy brand,I passed it up.This was going to be my first try w/Royal Oak.OOOPS.
  6. camocook

    Turkey Legs, State Fair style? Not Sweet!

    Lime is great w/chicken,The possibilities are endless.Do herbs or spices with it.We even go with jerk seasoning and lime juice.I think I'm gonna try it w/turkey next chance I get.Started smoking almost 2yrs. ago and never did turkey.
  7. camocook

    Obama and the kittens

    BBQGODESS, You go girl...... I didn't quite have your words in my head, but I was wondering where the freedom of speech went.I didn't get to read the joke either to form an opinion.I believe there is no prejudice in comedy.You see a joke, SLAM 'EM. I have enough people picking away at my rights...
  8. camocook

    approx time for chicken?

    I like to rinse my bird in hot water and then dry it before I put it the smoker. Cuts down on some time.Small whole fryers....about 3 hrs.
  9. camocook

    Six shooters

    I think I get it.You mean .....my gun is bigger than your gun??? LOL
  10. camocook

    My stuffed pork loin

    Do I Smell A Throwdown Evolving ??
  11. camocook

    Six shooters

    Should work this time
  12. camocook

    I didn't know there was more than one

    Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Report | Post #: 2 RE: Now this is an awesome BBQ.... - 8/8/2008 Oops....didn't work
  13. camocook

    Thermometer's on clearance

    Thanks,gonna check it out in a little while.
  14. camocook

    Most Obvvious ECB Mod

    Good Idea.I made a basket with heavy screen with 1/4" square holes. four 2" bolts with large washers for legs.My first couple batches of coals go in the pan.Then I use the basket to keep the additional coals out of the ash.
  15. camocook

    I Want One

    That pic really gets around.I first saw it on a hunting site.then here.and again.
  16. camocook

    Pics of a high caliber smoker

    SorryI missed that.I just saw it today on another site.OOPS
  17. camocook

    Meat sticking to Porcelain Cooking Grates

    Hot grill /cold meat .Dont try to turn your stuff too soon . It will lift.Oil the grill first.
  18. camocook

    Pics of a high caliber smoker

  19. camocook

    A new smoker,I want one

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