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    help mortons tender cure and jerky

    ha ha , i have asked a few questions here this am... however, i made a mistake here , i just added 2 TBSP of MTC per pound of meat ( and i even knew better 1 TBSP per pound )...ouch ... is that gonna hurt , i realize it will probably be salty , but will this be a big health issue with this ...
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    mortons tender quick

    hey when using the Morton tender cure , do/can you still add their normal amount of salt as what the recipe calls for . you see i have some jerky going and i really never use use the any cure ... just the salt ... thank you basically what im asking for is if i can still use the cure with salt...
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    hamburger jerky

    hey there everyone I was wondering (crazy idea) if anyone had ever tried to marinade there hamburger before using the jerky blaster.or even marinade the meat first and then make hamburger jerky. yes I know crazy idea but has this been done before ?
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    smoking trout

    Hello everyone i was wondering if someone could give me some advice here on smoking some trout . you see i have smoked and made a lot of salmon candy , so i was wondering if i should do this the same way . Can a person actually do that and have it turn out good ( i mean the candy thing)...
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    hey people i was just wondering what were some of the better types of cheeses that everyone to go and smoke . thanks
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    just a question pork roast

    hello , i have a question for everyone.. i had a friend that suggested to me that he had just tried marinating a pork roast in a vacuum packed bag ,along with the marinade. then he had placed the bag in real hot water for a few minutes , then pulled out and let rest . he had said that all liquid...
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    smoking cheese

    Hey everyone , i need some advice here.. i have smoked cheese a few times ,however when it says they smoked it twice ..or double smoked ? what exactly is that . actually smoked once ... then let it sit cold in fridge for awhile ,then smoke again .. thanks and help for the advice
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    brown surgar and moisture

    hey there everyone , i have 2 questions for you guys. 1. how or what, do you do to keep brown sugar from clumping up when trying to add this to your meat recipes along with other spices ? do you go and add to a blender and then chop all up so they will hopefully go through a shaker ? 2. when...
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    smoked salmon ...

    hey everyone.. i have a few questions for you .. 1) i have a smoked a few salmon before with both a rub .. and liquid marinade . . , my question for you now is , how do i get some good carmilazation on these??? - is this so long at a set temp .. then turn up the temp . - you see i usually went...
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    beef and pork roasts when smoking

    Hi everyone , i just a few questions for everyone here , although i know this has been answered lots i assume .anyways, for a beef roast i want to go and smoke , besides the usual rub spgo . say go and inject with beef broth . has anyone tried , DR pepper or coke for injection, or maybe even...
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    I was wondering if there is a simple guide to direct you into what kind of spices will give certain flavors , with there amounts to add , for say both beef and pork which ever . thank you
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    smoking baron of moose

    hey there everyone ... i just have a simple question for you all .. (i hope ) anyways i have a baron of moose roast ( this moose is wild meat ).. and i was wanting how to go and smoke this... rub , and if so.. just salt and pepper ?.... injection , and if so... what type (beef broth ?) temp ...
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    making hambergur jerky

    hi all , i want to go and try to make /smoke some hamburger jerky. i would like a good recipe please ,and what kind of temperatures to go for, i believe final internal temp is 165 . you see i make a lot of muscle jerky with no problem using my own recipe,i Have also tried this type of jerky...
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    just a question for everyone , with salmon candy

    hey everyone , i am gonna be smoking some salmon candy here later , but my question here is : the way to store it with out losing some of its flavor. i have done this vacuum packaging ,, and although it looked good , it took away some flavor from the fish . yes it was packaged tight , and it...
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    pork ribs

    this is just a test , thank you
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    pork ribs with iced tea mix

    first i must say sorry as i cant seem to pictures on here , however this is what i just tried... i had went and rubbed down first set of pork ribs with ( miracle whip) and then added following spices to taste , salt,pepper onion ,garlic and of course the ice tea mix , ( i wanted the lemon...
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    pork ribs

    hey every one , i was just curious to see if any one has tried say ice tea mix on there ribs , yes i know this does sound kinda crazy , but to try this with a low temp say 225 so not to burn the sugar ? what does everyone think ? and thank you in advance
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    lemon juice and pork ribs??

    i'm just curious to see if anyone has done this (lemon juice on pork ribs) , and how low long did they let the lemon juice sit on the meat for ? and also how did they do this ... marinade over night ... or just wipe on and let sit for a few hours and then carry on ?? and then , what kind of rub...
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    salt versus salty ingreients

    when doing smoking , can a person smoke with SOME salt and then use the other salty ingredients as the same, instead of adding say the Morton powder or prauge powder .I do hope that this is under stand-able to what i am asking. thanks
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    marinated cheese..???

    has anyone ever tried this... and if so ,how was it... then what did you use for a marinate ... i have tried this before , but am looking at some different suggestions thanks every one
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