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  1. Dunstablegrizzly

    Newb BB Ribs Weber Kettle

    Hey those look good to me. I bet they taste great!
  2. Dunstablegrizzly

    Spritzing Necessary?

    So I will be trying it maybe this weekend when I do my thighs. I will keep track of it and post how it comes out. I'll pick up a 10 to 12 pound packer to try it. Now I know pork has a ton of fat so I can see why it isn't a problem. But I'm not too sure of brisket.
  3. Dunstablegrizzly

    First Smoked Chicken Quarters 18.5 wsm

    Thanks Bear, So since this is my first time with quarters I was wondering if these have the thighs as well? It seemed like such little meat after the drum. Still tasty though! I have some thighs in the freezer for next weekend cook.
  4. Dunstablegrizzly

    First Smoked Chicken Quarters 18.5 wsm

    Thanks Al!
  5. Dunstablegrizzly

    Spritzing Necessary?

    So I have transitioned to using no water in my pan and have noticed no issues with meat being moist. Now water does provide that insurance of keeping temps from getting out of control but I have no issues with my wsm keeping temps without that heatsink. So this brings me to another conclusion...
  6. Dunstablegrizzly

    First Smoked Chicken Quarters 18.5 wsm

    Yes, I will definitely eat more of these. They were so delicious and most importantly moist. I never liked them before but I never tried them smoked. Smoking gives it a whole new flavor profile which I enjoyed. I can't wait to try the thighs soon. Will keep you posted for sure. Thanks for the...
  7. Dunstablegrizzly

    Sigh...thighs again

    Same here, slim pickings at the supermarket. Wife bought me some quarter and thighs as I had been saying I wanted to try and smoke some for the first time. Thighs next weekend though unless work stops for quarantine. That case would be sooner.
  8. Dunstablegrizzly

    First Smoked Chicken Quarters 18.5 wsm

    Tried my first chicken quarters today and I must say it was better than I thought. I'm usually a chicken breast guy but I have seen some really good looking posts here with quarters and thighs. Rubbed with my own poultry rub I typically use for turkey and set in the fridge for about an hour or...
  9. Dunstablegrizzly

    Chicken 1/4's

    Looks great
  10. Dunstablegrizzly

    Weber Kettle vs WalMart brand

    They perform pretty well. My brother has one and it performs just as well. Get the best you can afford is my suggestion. Before getting a wsm I built one for 17 bucks. Walmart had their water smoker clearance for 9 bucks each. I bought two of them and used them to make one. The rest was simple...
  11. Dunstablegrizzly

    Boston butt, keep it or toss it?

    What DanMcG said.
  12. Dunstablegrizzly

    First time no water in pan

    Yeah I tried it and it works well. I have a smoker I built that I switched out the water with sand for when I do high temp cooking like chicken. I just tried the empty water pan on the wsm because it struggles when it's cold out where I live. It performed well and the food was good. I was a...
  13. Dunstablegrizzly

    First time no water in pan

    So woke up around 6am today and started on pulled pork. Rubbed the 4lb boneless butt, shoulder, and let it sit while I got the wsm up and going. I decided to run the water pan empty since it was going to be in the low 40s to high 30s. Placed a pizza pan I bought cheap at walmart on top of the...
  14. Dunstablegrizzly

    SUCCESS! pulled pork shoulder

    That looks great! Love the bark formation
  15. Dunstablegrizzly

    Newbie 1st butt

    That looks perfect! Nice work.
  16. Dunstablegrizzly

    First Turkey Breast

    Awesome bird! The first time I smoked a turkey, half a bird, last year to try it wife loved it too. So she said from now on I'm in charge of the turkey for Thanksgiving Day and so forth. Haha. Nice job my friend!
  17. Dunstablegrizzly

    Hello dear Smokers!

    Welcome from MA. I have smoked on my kettle and it's worked out awesomely. Those charcoal baskets work great. I use one to keep it low and slow, 225 to 250, and use both baskets to get 300 plus. I just did a Turkey breast yesterday with some pecan wood. Anyway glad your here and there is a...
  18. Dunstablegrizzly

    Smoked Turkey Half Breast

    No I didn't brine. Just rub and let it sit in the fridge for a few. Right before I put it in the kettle I injected with melted butter seasoning I made. The breast was very moist and had flavor throughout. I've never really bothered with brine mainly because I'm lazy. Looking forward to hear...
  19. Dunstablegrizzly

    Smoked Turkey Half Breast

    Wife picked up a half turkey breast as that's all they had at the grocerie store as everyone is panic buying again. Anyway added some herbs and spices from the cupboard and let it sit in the fridge for 3 hours. Dont know why the pick of the seasoned bird looked so bright in the pic! Also melted...
  20. Dunstablegrizzly

    Some St Louis styles

    They look great! Pork ribs are my all time favorite.
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