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  1. krusher

    some good info on the searing subject

    I got this in my e-mail yesterday and thought it would be some good info for you all to read, it addresses the myth that searing hold juices in. It also talks about the carmelization that occurs that gives us the taste we that sear love. It's also got a link for temps for meat and fish at the...
  2. krusher

    I just got a huge smoker , I cant afford to fill it up

    I have been talking to the owner at a little bbq spot down here where I live and he has replaced his old smoker, and bought a couple more, I asked him what he was going to do with his old one and he said I could work out a deal with him on it. I thought kool, hadnt even seen it till yesterday...
  3. krusher

    thanks alot monty !! canadian bacon w/q-view

    last weekend when you were talking about canadian bacon with eggs and hasbrowns with those cinnamon rolls, you got me thinking, then wanting. So I got a loin out of the freezer and thawed it and it was just over 3 lbs. So I used 3 tbs of tenderquick and 4 tsp. of brown sugar. It's been sitting...
  4. krusher

    14 lbs. of butt, with q-viewI bet you thought I was done

    Well we got a family reunion this weekend so I decided to so some pork for it. I'm gonna try a new rub that have been working on, basically just a memphis rub, so I'm gonna do one with jeffs rub and one with my new rub and see which I like better. Here are some before pics: here is the one...
  5. krusher

    9.70 sirloin tip with q-view

    I saw smoking gun do one of these and knew it had to be done here, I made his rub putty and poured on jeffs rub, let it sit overnight and onto the smoker this morning. I'm using oak, apple and cherry, and I'm gonna take it to 200-210 for lots of pulled beef!! I took all the drippings from the...
  6. krusher

    the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had

    I got this recipe a few years back and they are by far the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had, they are time consuming, but is'nt smoking meat? Besides you can do it while you'r smokin and have a delicious desert. I am going to throw in some pics just for the fun of it, here are the...
  7. krusher

    smoking the point w/q-view

    Well I got that monster brisket all cut up this morning and tossed the flat in the freez, but decided to do the point, and try out my luck. I seared it pretty good and made some my favorite memphis rub to throw on after the sear. Using apple juice to mop and applewood. Gonna take it to 200 and...
  8. krusher

    I Finally Found One!! A Packer That Is.

    I have been looking all over for one and also at a decent price, and I finally did it. I have been driveing past this little processing plant my entire life where local farmers take pig and cow, and it never dawned on me to give them a call and found out that they would order a case and see what...
  9. krusher

    whats your opinion on jeffs rub for beef ??

    Hello all, I have done three chuck roast to date and all three I had jeffs rub on. The FIRST one that I did, I used mustard jeffs rub and smoked with mesquite, and sprayed with apple juice and put apple juice in when it was foiled. It was excellent. The SECOND one that I did same as first except...
  10. krusher

    chuck roast for dinner tonight

    We got the flu goin round the house down here, kids had it during the week and now me and the wife have it. IT SUCKS !! Last night we had all the kids out of the house for the night and me and the wife went to sleep at 8:00 ! Anyway enough griping, I got a chuck roast out of the freezzer and put...
  11. krusher

    Pecos Pest was my favorite cartoon. what was yours?

    Do you remember the pecos pest? He was in Tom and Jerry. Here is the song he sang:http://unclepecos.ytmnd.com/ adn if you really want to go back here is a link for the full cartoon: . Well there ya have it, my favorite cartoon, what is yours,,you know ya got one, share it.
  12. krusher

    Chicken Alfredo Fattie

    I am making me and the lovely wife some lunch, started with some ground chicken, then a nice layer of fire roasted garlic alfredo sauce, then a layer of cooked crumbled bacon, then four slices of munster, and then topped it all off with some shaved parmesan. Then I brushed on a little more...
  13. krusher

    here is my first attempt at a brisket ( with a little help from my friend )

    I have been wanting to do a brisket since I got my smoker, but the prices I have been seeing were 4.50-5.50 per pound. Sam's had them cheaper but they were always out. My wife went yesterday and they finally had them, she said they were all pretty small, she dug through 21 of them to find the...
  14. krusher

    jerky on the gosm gasser ( with lump )

    hey everybody, I need to get rid of the last of my deer burger from last year before the freezer gets filled up again so I decided to try my jeky recipe in the smoker. I know the gosm wont get low enough to do it so I have been experimenting with lump, and have figured out that with 12 pieces...
  15. krusher

    butt for her 97th birthday.

    One of the ladies we take care of is turning 97 tommorow and she loves the bbq I make. All of her family will be down tommorow for lunch so I decided to make her favorite, boston butt. I took it tuesday and made an injection of apple juice, worchestershire sauce, chili powder, onion powder...
  16. krusher

    8lb. butt and three racks of st louis

    here is what I have been doin, I was gonna do just ribs, but when the in laws heard we were smokin, they started asking to come here for lunch, so I decided to do a butt to. here is some pics I finished the butt last night, and started the ribs this morning, they are in foil now. I show the...
  17. krusher

    just playin around

    twas the night before labor day and all through the house the smell of BBQ was killin my spouse the wife and kids are nestled in there bed while I am thinkin bout the next smoke that lies ahead got a butt restin now and startin ribs at seven and I cant help but wonder will they serve this...
  18. krusher

    mojo butt chicken with q-view

    well, I have decided to try my hand at the beer butt style chicken. I dont really like the flavor of beer in pork, so I figured I would'nt care for it in chicken either, so here i my twist, gott 2 chickens and brushed with evoo and put garlic powder, cbp, and kosher salt. Then took empty diet...
  19. krusher

    canadian bacon first, with q-view

    well thanks to ron and to cowgirl, for help on this, friday I trimmed all the fat off of a three pound loin, and used three tablespoons of tenderquick, and rubbed it in and then 6 tablespoons of brown sugar. I cured it for three days, and sliced off a little and fryed it, real good and not too...
  20. krusher

    canadian bacon how to

    hello, I was looking at this process of making canadian bacon and had a few questions, I figured you all could answer http://stores.homestead.com/TCurley/...n%20Recipe.pdf what I was wondering is when they say pump in the cure does that mean to use my injector, or do I need to get some sort of...
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