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  1. timberjet

    A little sunday Butt

    Well, I found a little 3.5 pound Butt at the local market so I decided to do some PP on the Kettle. It was pretty windy and I had a little trouble keeping the temps down but it turned out excellent. Just a couple of pics. All slathered up in Jeff's rub. I caught some nice light for this...
  2. timberjet


    Just some burgers smoked and reverse seared with the first Walla Walla sweets of the year looks like the pictures didn't make it. Dang. I will work on that I hope this is working. some weird stuff here. Nothing too fancy. I could not get all the pictures to load. Last time I try to post from...
  3. timberjet

    Needle for sewing up chickens

    Hey everybody, hope your Thursday is going well for ya. I was just wondering what kind of needle I need to look for that will work with cooking twine to sew up chickens. I have had it on the top of my noggin for several weeks that I want to do a deboned stuffed chicken cordon bleu. Is there an...
  4. timberjet

    Chucky sunday

    Well it's a little chilly here in the PNW and I am getting a late start on this fine looking Chuck roast. This Beef is locally raised and without hormones, steroids etc... It smells sweet when you thaw a chunk out. So I injected it full of Creole butter and rubbed it down with SPOG. The Kettle...
  5. timberjet

    super duper hot chicken and stuff

    Well I threw together a Jerk marinade with all the usual suspects included. Of course I had to fill all the empty spaces on the grill grate too. Wouldn't you? Of course I had to take jeff's bacon wrapped oyster theme a little further. Haha. More later as things progress. If anyone wants the...
  6. timberjet

    Simple Brats & Beer

    Well, nothing too special here just darn good grub. Fired up and ready. There is a Walla Walla sweet onion in the foil pouch. I love this pan soooo much. After 2 hours at 225 with apple and cherry smoke. So this is where the beer comes into play. I moved the charcoal baskets to...
  7. timberjet

    subscriptions dissapeared

    Hey, I was just wondering if once you hit a certain number of subscriptions they vanish? I just wondered because mine just did. Is there any way to get them back? I have some active threads there that I wanted to keep track of. Thanks in advance. timber
  8. timberjet

    substandard charcoal

    I bet this has been covered many many times but I am up in arms. I ran out of KBB which I swear by and had my dad pick me up some Charcoal today. Well, he brought me Western family briquettes. Man oh man I am just about to pull the damned chicken out of the smoker and head for the oven. This...
  9. timberjet


    Well, I figured I better just join this group since I am having a nice glass of le ecole no. 41 and looking at all of leah's fancy dinners. Cheers.
  10. timberjet

    Beautiful day for a Butt

    Well, I blew off all my other stuff today and decided to smoke the Steelhead and a 6 pound Butt. The steelhead smoke is over in the fish section. I put this on at noon today and it is a balmy 45 degrees outside. Here is the UGly DrUm SmoKeR. Kicking out some TBS. I used Jeff's rub of course...
  11. timberjet


    Well, I had a pretty good morning. Hooked 5 and got these all the way in. Time for some brine. My brine recipe is an old one some of you might recognize. 1 gallon water 2 cups salt 2 cups Brown sugar 4 tbsp. garlic powder 8 tbsp. onion powder 1/2 cup molasses 2 oz bottle Mapeline Heat...
  12. timberjet

    got lucky

    Well, I was just gifted all of these. A few are missing lids. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Any one have any info on this big dutch oven just looking at it? It had a crack in the bottom and is welded up pretty darn well. Do you think it will still be usable?
  13. timberjet

    CSRibs for the Seahawks game.

    Pretty short post here. I took some country style boneless ribs out of the freezer yesterday and after thawing I put mustard and jeff's rub on them. Overnight they soaked up all that flavor. Then into the smoker with the usual.  The Jalapeno's I soaked in Margarita mix and Tequila for a half...
  14. timberjet

    Meatballs for my chilli

    Ok Here is the stuff I have and I decided to make Black bean chipotle chili and meatballs. I know there is some pork involved here but it is mostly beef. I threw it all together minus the brats with some eggs, milk soaked bread crumbs, diced jalapeno's and sweet onion, salt, pepper, cumin...
  15. timberjet

    Need some ideas for something different

    What would you make with this stuff? I was thinking meatballs in the smoker with the GB and Chorizo. Brats ala??? Ideas. What say you? I need something new for the playoff weekend starting tomorrow.
  16. timberjet

    chicken courdon bleu fatties

    I hope this is in the right place. Merry christmas all. All lined up and ready to smoke. Nothing fancy in there just ham and swiss. jeffs rub. On the weber kettle with apple wood. I couldn't be bothered with the uds today. raining cats and dogs. I just had to. ABT's with a little smokey...
  17. timberjet

    southwest jerk chicken

    I have not posted anything for a while so I thought I would step up to the plate and fire up the Weber Kettle for some low and slow inderect smoked chicken. I saw all the cool kids were doing it so I thought I would share mine. This is my take on Jerk Chicken. I would have made the exact recipe...
  18. timberjet

    Venison Jalepeno summer sausage help

    I am making A ten pound batch of SS for a friend from last years deer. I was hoping someone had a good from scratch recipe for me. I have 6 lb game meat all trimmed up and 4 lb butt. I have cure #1 and loads of spices. Just need a tried and true recipe. edit... I came up with a tentative spice...
  19. timberjet

    pork loin ideas for the football game today

    I have a pork loin that I stuffed with Keilbasa yesterday and smoked to 135. That is as far as my plan went. Now I need to figure out how to serve it in some interesting and yummy fashion for the Seahawks game this afternoon. Any ideas??? I was thinking sliders maybe. Just thought I would throw...
  20. timberjet

    Flank steak hot and fast or low and slow, some other way?

    Hey everybody. I have two flank steaks in KC masterpiece teriyaki marinade right now for the game tonight. I usually do flank hot and fast on the kettle but am open to any other ideas as I like to try new things. Have any tricks you would like to share for some flank? Maybe flank Kabobs or ??? I...
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